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OsmAnd 1.9, highway=traffic_signals

Posted by Roland Pallai on 12 December 2014 in Hungarian (Magyar)

Az OsmAnd 1.9 offline tervezője már figyelembe veszi a közlekedési lámpák (highway=traffic_signals) számát az útvonalon, emiatt a hiányosan feltérképezett utakat előrébb sorolja, hiszen ott kevesebb lámpát talál. Bp több forgalmas útján is hiányosak ezek a jelölések, ami eléggé megborította a tervezőt, a rutinos közlekedők szemében elássa magát, pedig ez csak a térkép könnyen pótolható hiányossága.

Szóval elkezdtem felvinni a jelzőlámpákat Pest forgalmasabb útjain hogy helyreálljon a rend, örülök ha más is besegít. :)

Telenav Signpost Mapping Project Completed!

Posted by mvexel on 12 December 2014 in English (English)

signpost example

Image credit: AARoads

Here at Telenav, our editing team has been working tirelessly on adding signposts to OSM for the past months. Today, I am happy and excited to report that we have completed this major editing project! We added signpost information to over 9,500 exits across the United States, covering more than 25 major metropolitan areas and a few important connecting freeways as well:


Wait - that is not 'complete', is it? Well, you are right. We haven't covered every exit in the United States, not by a long shot. We have only a limited number of in house mappers, and a lot of things we want to achieve. So we prioritize the areas where we believe most people will benefit from our work. (On a personal note: that leaves me empty-handed out here in Salt Lake City - I guess I have to go out and map myself!)

We have learned a lot in the process, and we hope to contribute some of these learnings back as well. We already made quite a few improvements to the wiki pages for the exit_to and destination tags. Now that this project is complete, we will sit down and revisit these pages and add more clarification where needed. If you are interested in more tagging specifics, please see my earlier blog post on exit_to versus destination. (And don't forget to read through the comments!)


I want to thank a few folks for making this happen. First and foremost our Telenav Mappers team, with lots of guidance from our resident road geek Robert. But also all of you in the community for giving feedback, calling us out on the occasional errors, and working with us to improve signpost mapping conventions. I feel proud to be a member of a great mapping community!


Posted by imzzy on 12 December 2014 in Chinese (China) (‪中文(中国大陆)‬)

第一次接触openstreetmap 虽然很多功能还没有用,喜欢。

Location: Shunsha Lu, 昌平区, 北京市, 中华人民共和国


Posted by Naylifa on 12 December 2014 in English (English)

Haiii.. Hari ini kelas gue UAS Survey dan Pemetaan. dengan menggunakan laptop dan harus tersedia ArcGIS dan Google Earth.. eh iseng iseng jelajah google earth nemu ginian. Diary pake petaa. uuuw~ love love dah

Bismillah Surtanyaaa

Location: Jalan Prof. Dr. Mahar Mardjono, Pondok Cina, West Java, 16424, Indonesia

Now Live: Notes Posted By Scout Users

Posted by mvexel on 11 December 2014 in English (English)

Scout (USA) has been powered by OpenStreetMap data for about 5 months now. From day one, Scout users have been able to report navigation errors to us:


We have since received thousands of reports and we have worked hard to review them and learn from the feedback we get from our users. We have manually submitted OSM notes where we could not resolve the issue ourselves, and we have fixed dozens of map issues based on the incoming reports. But we felt that we could do a better job closing the feedback loop between Scout users and the OSM community. We have now taken another big step towards this goal with direct OSM Notes creation from Scout US.

Some Scout Feedback will automatically become OSM Notes

As of last week, certain kinds of feedback we get from our Scout US community will be posted to OSM Notes automatically. We apply a smart filter to make sure that only reports that we think the OSM community can fix get posted. For example, 'Destination Incorrect' reports will not make it to OSM, because Scout does not use OSM data to locate addresses and businesses. And we will only forward reports where the Scout user entered a sensible looking comment.

What happens when a Scout user posts a note that passes our filter? Let me walk you through the process. The screenshots are from an actual note posted by a Scout user a few days ago.

Post to OSM

The report is translated into an OSM note and posted to OSM immediately. We take the location of the report as the note location, and add the report comments as the note text.

osm note

The note will also contain a link to another page that contains more information that may help you resolve the issue. We include the a part of the GPS trace of the user before and after they submitted the report (anonymized to remove any personally identifiable information of the user) and the OSM map data version used when the Scout driver submitted their report:

detail page

Confirmation Email

As soon as the report is posted to OSM, we send the Scout user an email telling them that their report is being reviewed by the OSM community. Of course, we also encourage them to fix the problem themselves and include a link to the note.

initial email

Note Resolved!

The Scout report system monitors the OSM notes it posted and kicks in as soon as they are closed. (In this case, I resolved the problem myself by adding a turn restriction and tagging a link road as such.) We will send another email to the Scout user telling them that their note has been closed.

resolved mail

What's next?

Our objective with this new feedback loop is for the Scout and OpenStreetMap communities to connect. With Scout's switch to OSM last April, all of a sudden we gained many more eyes on the OpenStreetMap data. This is an important step in feeding the intelligence we get out of that back to the OSM community. We plan to continue down this road and find more ways for the Scout community to help out in keeping OSM in great shape!

Berhati-hati dalam suntingan besar-besaran...

Posted by AkuAnakTimur on 11 December 2014 in Malay (Bahasa Melayu)

Sebab apa?

Memang skema tagging yang sungguh skema tapi yang penting tak buat tag main redah je.

Sekian bebel-bebel OSM hari ini.

Profile's neigbourhood analysis

Posted by guanchzhou on 11 December 2014 in Russian (Русский)
  1. Yshveikin - нет правок

  2. selishchev - нет правок

  3. Frum - Последняя правка (около 3 лет назад): "Исправил дорогу на тропинку, добавил детскую площадку во дворе."

  4. ixnet - Последняя правка (больше 3 лет назад): "(комментарий отсутствует)"

  5. BOT_KOT Последняя правка (6 месяцев назад): "(комментарий отсутствует)"

  6. leugenea - нет правок

  7. medvediyc - Последняя правка (около 1 месяца назад): "(комментарий отсутствует)"

  8. Roman Grebennikov - Последняя правка (больше 4 лет назад): "СПбГТУРП немного не здесь"

  9. Diomas - Последняя правка (3 месяца назад): "удалил несуществующую дорогу"

  10. fedser - Последняя правка (почти 4 года назад): "Добавлено Варшавское отделение Ситибанка"

  11. Valaeron - Последняя правка (больше 3 лет назад): "+"

  12. Alexey_78rus - Последняя правка (около 3 лет назад): "правильное расположение въезда"

  13. lcf86 - Последняя правка (почти 5 лет назад): "(комментарий отсутствует)"

  14. a_zema771 - Последняя правка (больше 3 лет назад): "(комментарий отсутствует)"

  15. Alex Mo - Последняя правка (почти 3 года назад): "(комментарий отсутствует)"

  16. eklmn - Последняя правка (около 4 лет назад): "(комментарий отсутствует)"

  17. Krokodile - Последняя правка (почти 7 лет назад): "(комментарий отсутствует)"

  18. Devgru - нет правок

  19. Александр Б - нет правок

  20. devgru - Последняя правка (больше 5 лет назад): "(комментарий отсутствует)"

  21. shaedar - Последняя правка (почти 4 года назад): "(комментарий отсутствует)"

  22. olegort - Последняя правка (больше 2 лет назад): "(комментарий отсутствует)"

  23. oldspb - (нет правок)

  24. sergnw - Последняя правка (почти 2 года назад): "Отель"

  25. Kirill Vercetti - (нет правок)

  26. supervoltron - Последняя правка (почти 5 лет назад): "улица"

  27. techmarkets - (нет правок)

  28. Dimasovsky - Последняя правка (больше 3 лет назад): "(комментарий отсутствует)"

  29. tmprec - Последняя правка (больше 2 лет назад): "fix"

  30. indidan - Последняя правка (29 дней назад): "невский парксельхоз"

Гісторыя зьменаў OSM

Posted by alex73 on 11 December 2014 in Belarusian (Беларуская)

Зрабіў экспарт у адпаведна тыпам аб'ектаў. Зараз экспартуецца кожны changeset, таму глядзець гісторыю будзе зручней. Праз гэтую гісторыю можна адсочваць зьмены нейкіх важных аб'ектаў, альбо глядзець хто зьмяняў выколіцы нейкага гораду.

Як глядзець. 1. Спампаваць git з 2. git clone # спампаваць гісторыю - робіцца адзін раз 3. git pull # абнавіць гісторыю - кожны раз 4. gitk What/bankamaty/ # паглядзець зьмены банкаматаў па ўсёй краіне gitk Where/Minskaja_voblasc/Minsk # паглядзець усе зьмены ў Менску

Можна глядзець гісторыю і праз вэб на, але праз gitk значна зручней.

Тыпы аб'ектаў можна вызначыць больш дакладна на Тое, што не ўваходзіць ні ў адзін вядомы тып, запісваецца ў 'insyja'

За зьменамі можна сачыць праз сэрвісы што дасылаюць паведамленьні на email(як, альбо плагіны для броўзара, накшталт Page Monitor для Chrome

У нататнік гаспадыні: Як паглядзець(і выправіць) дамы вакол вас дзе не пазначана колькасьць паверхаў

Posted by alex73 on 11 December 2014 in Belarusian (Беларуская)
  1. Адчыняем JOSM, у ім адчыняем мапу навакольля
  2. Мэню Windows/Filter - павінен стаяць гачак, тады будзе паказвацца вакно "Filter"
  3. У вакне "Filter" цісьнем Add: Filter string : -building=* OR "building:levels"=* пазначыць "replace selection" націснуць Submit Filter


Наогул, фільтры будуць карысныя каб пазначыць нейкія аб'екты на невялікай плошчы(што адчыняе JOSM)

Come work on #MissingMaps with me!

Posted by bdiscoe on 10 December 2014 in English (English)

The recent #MissingMaps project added to the Tasking Manager is a great way to work together on specific places!

However, some of the maps are sadly neglected. The "high priority" HOT places (like for ebola and cyclones) get a lot of contributors. But, other #MissingMaps have little work.

For example, #793 - Missing Maps: Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo was added 5 days ago and nobody contributed at all. I have begun, but it's kinda lonely. Come join me! The imagery is good, the infrastructure is easy to see, and the DRC has tons of unmapped detail. Come join the fun and MAP THE PLANET!

Radios Censales De Argentina

Posted by fidelcastrogis on 10 December 2014 in English (English)

JOSM 7777 released, with a brand new logo

Posted by josmeditor on 10 December 2014 in English (English)

The November version of JOSM is now available (a bit late) as version 7777 :)

You probably have already seen that we have now a great new logo! It has been designed by Ilya Palikov (Diamond00744), who won our logo contest (see results here).

Thanks again to everyone who participated to this contest, it has been a very difficult choice for us, especially during the final phase where we had to choose between two brilliant designs.

It took us several iterations before reaching the final winning design, Ilya has made a nice "making-of" on DeviantArt: Apart of the new logo, here are the release notes:

Notable changes

major enhancements

  • New logo
  • Ability to download/upload Notes

minor enhancements

  • Menu icons reduced to 16x16 pixels by default
  • Autocomplete: remember user input and prefer recently entered strings
  • Removed history toggle dialog in favour of a new history button in selection toggle dialog
  • Display changeset discussions (comments) in changeset dialog
  • Presets/Map styles/Validator:
    • Added man_made=bridge/bunker_silo, power=pole with transformer, shop=music/funeral_director/wine/art/tatoo/farm, sidewalk, boundary=protected_area, width, monitoring:groundwater
    • New icons for man_made=breakwater, barrier=spikes, landuse=orchard
    • Updated style and validator warning for parking
    • Icon unification (same icon for preset and map paint style) for some sport, generator:source, landuse, natural and amenity=drinking_water icons
    • Drop support of restriction, landuse and some natural on nodes
  • Remember recently used tags across sessions by default
  • Allow to sum all numeric values as conflict resolution of capacity, capacity:* and step_count

Summarized changelog

Complete changelog

Milestone view (need login)


The JOSM team

Diajar Mateahkeun Internet

Posted by Kampung Ciburuan on 10 December 2014 in English (English)

Nyobian nandaan patempatan di lokal Sumedang


Posted by Anxe on 10 December 2014 in Italian (Italiano)

Salve a tutti amici. Dopo alcuni mesi di tribolazione per problemi personali, su tutto la perdita di persone care, eccomi di nuovo qui a continuare il lavoro sui Comuni della Provincia di Crotone. A presto...

Quando sono i commercianti a voler finire sul OSM

Posted by Aury88 on 10 December 2014 in Italian (Italiano)

Sono ormai mesi che mi diverto ad inserire attività commerciali presenti nella mia zona e in tutti i luoghi che visito.

Faccio questo sia per hobby sia perché sono consapevole che la visibilità che da una mappa ad una attività potrebbe migliorarne le sorti e allo stesso tempo incentivare attività "concorrenti" ad aggregarsi per non perdere possibile clientela...In tutto questo discorso però fino ad adesso a trarne il maggior beneficio, a mio avviso e almeno nella mia zona, è stata la mappa stessa ed i servizi che su di essa si basano visto che, l'aumento del numero e della qualità delle informazioni sulle attività commerciali ne favorisce direttamente la visibilità e l'utilizzo.

Fino ad adesso quindi non ho mai visto particolare interesse "attivo" da parte di aziende e negozi a venir inserite su OSM... questo fino a qualche giorno fa quando un mio collega di corso mi ha chiesto di inserire il negozio di erboristeria "Il Celeste Dono" appartenente alla sua ragazza, sulla nostra mappa preferita.

La richiesta era nata dal fatto che su GoogleMap l'inserimento dell'attività ed altre modifiche nella zona tardavano a venir visualizzate.

Un'altra cosa che ha sorpreso il mio collega è stata la qualità di OSM rispetto a GoogleMap per quanto concerne il dettaglio con cui era mappata la zona di Mariano Comense dove si trova il negozio...dettagli che naturalmente ho successivamente provveduto io stesso ad aumentare ;)

Insomma questo inserimento è stato particolarmente apprezzato: io ho potuto mappare con precisione una zona mai visitata, il mio collega ha potuto constatare e apprezzare la qualità della nostra mappa e la facilità di inserimento delle informazioni e la sua ragazza ha la propria attività commerciale mappata e visibile su molti applicativi anche offline e a dispetto della concorrenza :P

Location: Piazza Martiri della Libertà, Mariano Comense, Como, Lombardia, 22066, Italia

Кладбище соседей по профилю

Posted by Max Vasilev on 10 December 2014 in Russian (Русский)

У меня 32 соседа в профиле и все дохлые, а у вас?

32 дохлых соседа

Location: 22 микрорайон, Кирово-Чепецк, городской округ Кирово-Чепецк, Кировская область, Приволжский федеральный округ, Российская Федерация

Welcome message for new users in Brazil

Posted by naoliv on 9 December 2014 in English (English)

Since July 15 we are sending a welcome message to new users in Brazil.

My ugly-but-functional mirrored-naoliv bot parses the osmbot-test output (the ones that say "foo just started editing…") and automatically¹ sends a message.

The welcome message basically, as the name says, gives a welcome, points the user to the beginners guide, to our wiki portal, explains that things shouldn't be copied from other places and asks the user to always ask the more experienced mappers in case of doubts (something that seems wrong doesn't mean that it is).

The message also invites the user to join our mailing list, the forum and/or the IRC channel, if he wants (or directly answer the message if he has any doubts and feels more comfortable doing so).

It took 435 messages to have one person joining our #osm-br channel.
With a better stats, 12 users replied the welcome message (messages sent to viloan arrive to me)

I still need to answer most of them… :-/
This remembers me that I also need to think and discuss with other colleagues if these messages could be redirected to talk-br (so more people could answer the doubt and the answer won't be delayed if I am busy)

¹ Some people may argue that it's wrong to automatically spam the new users with a message, but it's a one-time-only friendly message (with useful information and defined together among some mappers). We just don't have enough people here to manually process and send the messages.

Edicion y Carga de Datos

Posted by Lukas974 on 9 December 2014 in Spanish (Español)

Hola estoy Cargando Datos y acomodando calle de mi zona un abrazo esto esta muy bueno

Location: Centenario, Devoto, Departamento San Justo, Córdoba, Argentina

Suche Freunde

Posted by Christian081119999 on 9 December 2014 in German (Deutsch)

Hallo Leute ich bin auf der Suche nach Freunden :)

See who's adding townlands/baronies in Ireland!

Posted by rorym on 8 December 2014 in English (English)

I've added a new feature to the Irish Townlands site. It now shows a list of all the OSM user who have been adding townlands, baronies, electoral division and civil parishes in Ireland.

Who's adding to the Townlands map in Ireland?

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