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The OSM street network is more than 80% complete

Posted by amb_santacruz on 13 August 2017 in English (English)

Chris Barrington-Leigh and I have been working for the past few years to assess the completeness of the street network in OSM. We're pleased to have now published our results in the journal PLoS ONE. Thanks to many suggestions from the OSM community on our preliminary analysis.

Here are the highlights from the paper's abstract:

We find (i) that globally, OSM is ∼83% complete [as of January 2016], and more than 40% of countries—including several in the developing world—have a fully mapped street network; (ii) that well-governed countries with good Internet access tend to be more complete, and that completeness has a U-shaped relationship with population density—both sparsely populated areas and dense cities are the best mapped; and (iii) that existing global datasets used by the World Bank undercount roads by more than 30%.

An update using the April 2017 snapshot suggests that completeness is now ~89%. Our more detailed results and all our code are available on GitHub. Here's a sample of the largest 10 countries (updated through 2017), showing the actual growth in OSM road length and our model fits: Growth in OSM dataset

And here's the fraction complete, also updated through April 2017: Fraction complete map

Location: University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County, California, United States of America

Somebody ....

Posted by SimonPoole on 12 August 2017 in English (English)

out there is trying to run Vespucci 0.7.0 which dates back to April 2011 on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 with Android 6.0.

While the app will run, 0.7.0 was released a while before 64bits for OSM element ids became necessary (early 2013), and trying to parse current data will lead to a crash.

With other words: please upgrade to a current version!

Thank you

Download along my own virtual way in Overpass API

Posted by mmd on 12 August 2017 in English (English)

Again a bit of prototyping today.

I always wondered what the best way to download all objects along some GPX track (more generally a list of lat/lon pairs) in Overpass API might be.

Usually, you don't want to create some complex poly-filter for this, or even worse upload your gpx track as OSM way just for the sake of finding out what's close by.

You might have come across the around filter, which comes in handy to find objects around a center point. I have extended this idea a bit to also handle linestrings.

Here's a first result: a turquoise circle in the middle is our great made up GPX track, consisting of about 20 points. All the yellow stuff in the background is what Overpass API returned as highways up to 500m away from our circle. Obviously, that circle doesn't exist in OSM, so we're really looking at what's close to our virtual way.



Live demo:

Road trip

Imagine you want to create a map with only minimum features (motorways, some important nodes), and some place names along your own lat/lon pairs. Here's an example for such a trip from Frankfurt to Basel, downloaded as 10MB PBF file, processed via osm2pgsql and rendered by Kosmtik:

Image 2

Live demo:

Github issue:

Le Rhin à vélo

Posted by vincentxavier on 12 August 2017 in French (Français)

Ma compagne et moi venons juste de finir le Rhin à vélo (#EV15). Une première série de photos est disponible sur un fil mastodon

Dès que j'ai fini de mettre de l'ordre dans celles-ci, je publierai une série d'articles sur mon blog dans la rubrique Carnet de voyages.

Location: Via Alpsu, Tujetsch, Surselva, Grisons, 7187, Suisse

Utilização do OSM no SAMAE de Jaraguá do Sul

Posted by Tomio on 11 August 2017 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

A Empresa de abastecimento de água e esgoto do Município de Jaraguá do Sul /SC/Brasil (SAMAE), vem utilizando o Openstreetmap como camada de fundo em seu sistema GIS das redes de infraestrutura.

Nas palavras de Saulo E. Schwingel, Engenheiro do SAMAE:
"Em relação a utilização do OSM como fonte de dados, acredito que com um sistema bem alimentado não há comparação com outras bases para localização e referenciamento. O OSM apresenta de forma clara e concisa muitas informações úteis que facilitam muito o trabalho de elaboração e correção de georreferenciamento, inclusive para dados de infraestrutura como redes de água e esgoto, assim como dados comerciais como localização de unidades consumidoras."

Algumas imagens do sistema GIS da empresa, na utilização do OSM:

Rede de Água:

Rede de Esgoto:

Unidades Comerciais:

A dark railway map style

Posted by PlaneMad on 10 August 2017 in English (English)

Always wanted to make a nice railway map style. A well spent 20 mins before bed.

Dark Railway Map


Visualizing Turn Restrictions

Posted by PlaneMad on 10 August 2017 in English (English)

A turn-restriction defines restricted or mandatory turns at a junction and are one of the most important features to map for accurate driving directions. Thought I would quickly make a comparison of how different map data editors visually represent this feature for mappers. Pick the best:




OSM navigation map

Restriction Validator

База отдыха Соловьиный мыс на берегу озера Увильды

Posted by Vazhnov Alexey on 10 August 2017 in Russian (Русский)

На выходных были на базе отдыха Соловьиный мыс на берегу озера Увильды.

Ну и совок же там… Удобства во дворе, дурно пахнущая постель, один комплект ключей на две семьи, при том что в туалет можно попасть только по ключу. В единственном кирпичном доме есть раковина-туалет-душ-стиралка, вот только вода под конец чуть не закончилась, хотя даже душем не пользовались.

Попытались покататься на велике, свернули на ближайшую лесную тропинку (согласно OsmAnd) и проехав 400 метров вернулись обратно — там даже пешком не пройти. Видимо когда-то там прошёл трактор, делавший противопожарную канаву. Отметил так:

GPS треки выложил в OSM, фотографии уже на

Location: 75К-008, Кузнецкое сельское поселение, Аргаяшский район, Челябинская область, Уральский федеральный округ, РФ

Eu tenho, você não tem

Posted by naoliv on 10 August 2017 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

‒ Ow, me perdi numas rotatórias doidas na hora de voltar
‒ Onde isso?
‒ Indo pra Ribeirão; é um trecho novo que construíram
‒ Me mostra no mapa onde fica
‒ Vamos um dia lá mapear isso

Depois de dirigir 90+ km e ficar parecendo idiota dando várias voltas no lugar, ganhamos um track com o traçado do retorno novo:

Ficando com essa coisa bonita no fim:

Desconfiando que só o OSM teria esse retorno novo, fui olhar os outros mapas.

Google não tem:

Bing não tem:

Mapnik não tem:

TomTom não tem:

Mas o Here já tinha...

Que por sinal é bem parecido com o estilo do Mapquest (que é OSM):

E até o Waze tinha...

Waze vou desconsiderar. Apesar de estar funcional, não está certinho.

Eu ia deixar isso tocando em loop infinito pra ficar tirando sarro dos outros mapas:

Ia até fazer um filme com os melhores momentos e áudios do survey:

Mas o Here cortou o meu barato...

Location: Quinta dos Buritis, Água Vermelha, São Carlos, Microrregião de São Carlos, Mesorregião de Araraquara, São Paulo, Região Sudeste, Brasil

Get a life! (oder werde erwachsen?) Pfhhhh

Posted by q_un_go on 10 August 2017 in German (Deutsch)

Ich halte ja von Twitter nicht so viel, da die Welt ohne dieses Medium mit Sicherheit erheblich besser dran und sicherer wäre (was ein ganz bestimmtes Twitterkonto doch ausmachen kann)

Aber das hier ist denn doch interessant, Das sind wohl nur die Changesets, und die besagen nun nicht so viel. Trotzdem kann sich auch der Rest bei hdyc sich bei mir sehen lassen. Wenn dann noch die Datenqualität gut wäre, pardon, da zudem die Datenqualität gut ist ;-)...

Btw.: mit Gepäck war mir letztes Wochenende der Umweg in den Regent's Park denn doch zu mühselig. Zumal ich erst am 3.8. anreiste, also einen Tag nach meinem 10-jährigen OSM-Jubiläum (aktiv wurde ich aber erst nach fast einem Jahr Pause).

Beim nächsten Mal will ich aber doch nach hier gehen:

Changeset 1. Hier fing also alles an. (Iirgendwo musste es ja sein...)

Aber in puncto symbolischer Bedeutung spielt Archaeopteryx lithographica im Naturkundemuseum fast nebenan denn doch in einem anderen Universum. Daher habe ich dieses Mal lieber den vogeligen Dino im Kalkstein ehrfürchtig bewundert.

Location: Somers Town, London Borough of Camden, London, Groß-London, England, Vereinigtes Königreich


Posted by Cwassim87 on 10 August 2017 in English (English)

Add me now ! Cwassim87 👻👻👻👻

Location: cité 309 logs 19 juin 2, Guelma, Daïra Guelma, Guelma, 24000, Algeria

OverPass Turbo Workshop Slides and Problems set. Happy 13th Birthday OSM

Posted by baditaflorin on 10 August 2017 in English (English)

Yesterday we had our anniversary OSM Time meetup, where we celebrated 13th years of OSM, and we also had a workshop for the participants, to learn how they can extract information's from OSM, using overpass API and overpass-turbo.

Attaching 2 slides examples :

You can find the slides here

You can find the materials for the participants here

Location: Gruia, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania

Malaria in Zimbabwe - HOT

Posted by Luis36995 on 9 August 2017 in English (English)

Malaria in Zimbabwe - HOT

Many organizations have collaborated together in the “Malaria Elimination Mapping Campaign”. This campaign seeks to create data to help eliminate malaria in affected countries in Africa, Asia and Central America.

Mapbox has helped in various ways with visualization, coordination, communication and validation of building data. Validation was done to improve data quality in the areas where these tasks were activated.

The "To-fix" tool is used to detect errors and we use Digital Globe and Bing satellite imagery to confirm mapped buildings.

You are invited to use "To-fix", it is very easy to use and easy to download.

List of detected errors:

  • Overlapping buildings
  • Crossing buildings
  • Buildings that do not exist in the DG or Bing Imagery

2demo Overlapping buildings

2demo Crossing buildings

4demo Buildings that do not exist in the DG or Bing Imagery

How to build to-fix task:

  • Osmlab/Osmlint is github repository where we have an open source suite of js validators for OpenStreetMap data, to identify common geometry and metadata problems at scale.
  • Clone this repository to our local machine.
  • By following the instructions in the readme, download the required mb tiles from the OSM QA TILES
  • By running tile reduce commands, necessary validators and filters, We can generate geojson.
  • The Final geojson is used to load in to-fix and create the task..

Validation workflow

When “To-fix” is activated in JOSM, it automatically directs you to where the error is located, and points to it with pink circles.

Once located the error is indicated in the To-fix window, as is the case:

  • Fixed → fix the problem
  • Not an error → is not an editing error
  • Skip → I can not solve the error

screenshot from 2017-07-21 11-44-31

This tool can be downloaded for JOSM: Preferences > Plugin > find: "To-fix" > download or consult

This GIF shows how to work with this tool, is very simple and fast.

12demo How to use the To-fix Plugin in JOSM


Added 4,377,776 buildings and validation began on May 16th, with 18 members of the Mapbox data team. We validated more than 17,000 errors. We are continuing to validate buildings in the countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Malaria in Zimbabwe - HOT

Muchas organizaciones han colaborado juntos en ”Malaria Elimination Mapping Campaign”, esta campaña busca crear datos para ayudar a eliminar la malaria en paises afectados de Africa, Asia y America Central.

Mapbox ayuda de diversas maneras con visualización, coordinación, comunicación y validacion de edificios, Se realizó la validación para mejorar la calidad de los datos en las áreas donde se activaron estas tareas.

Se utiliza la herramienta “To-Fix” para detectar errores y utilizamos imagenes satelitales de Digital Globe y Bing para confirmar los edificios mapeados.

Lista de errores que detectamos:

  • Duplicado de edificios
  • Cruce de edificios
  • Edificios que no existen en imagenes sateliateles Bing o Digital Globe

2demo Duplicado de edificios

2demo Cruce de edificios

4demo Edificios que no existen en imagenes sateliateles Bing o Digital Globe

Cómo construimos una tarea en "To-Fix":

  • Osmlab/Osmlint es el repositorio de github donde tenemos un conjunto de validadores de código abierto en JavaScript para los datos de OpenStreetMap, para identificar la geometría común y los problemas de metadatos a escala.
  • Clonar este repositorio en nuestra máquina local.
  • Siguiendo las instrucciones del archivo "README", descargue los archivos MBtiles necesarias de OSM QA Tiles
  • Para correr los comandos de tile-reduce, validadores necesarios, Nosotros generamos un Geojson.
  • El Geojson final es subido a to-fix para crear la tarea.

Flujo de trabajo de validación:

Cuando se activa esta herramienta, automaticamente te dirige hacia donde se ubica el error, y lo señala con circulos color rosado.

Una vez ubicado el error se indica en la ventana To-Fix, segun sea el caso:

  • Fixed → se soluciono el problema
  • Not an error →No es un error de edicion
  • Skip →No puedo resolver el error o no dudas en el error

screenshot from 2017-07-21 11-44-31

Esta herramienta tiene que ser descargada JOSM: Preferences > Plugins > Buscar: “To-Fix” > Descargar o consultar

Este Gif muestra como se trabaja con esta herramienta, es muy sencilla y rapida.

12demo Cómo utilizar el plugin to-Fix en JOSM


agregó 4.377.776 edificios y validación comenzó el 16 de mayo, con 18 miembros del equipo de datos de MapBox. Validamos más de 17.000 errores. Continuamos validando edificios en los países de Zimbabwe y Zambia.

Location: Westgate, Harare, Zimbabwe

It's a whole (unmapped) wide world out there!

Posted by Øukasz on 9 August 2017 in English (English)

Are you bored of looking at your neighbourhood in OSM, trying to find the last unmapped tree, the last sidewalk still left to be drawn? Are you tired of trying to come up with even more complex relations so that landuse near your town is perfectly represented with multipolygons? Are you getting cross-eyed with the galaxy of POIs in your nearest city centre?

Wouldn't you prefer the thrill of being the first person to put entire villages and towns on the map? Discovering hundreds of kilometers of new roads, never before touched by OSM? Or relaxingly drawing completely rivers and canals, shooting straight across open plains?

If only the frontier was still open. If only there was such a place of vast possibilities. If only there was somewhere where life, pardon me, mapping, was still simple, honest, and true. Well, fear not! Such a place does exist. Come join us over at WikiProject_Iraq and talk-iq and claim your place among the pioneers.

Just look what you can do. No features visible on these images are drawn AT ALL:

Location: بغداد منطقة الخضراء, Karadat Maryam, Karkh, Baghdad, Karkh, Baghdad, Iraq

Numeração das edificações de Jaraguá do Sul

Posted by Tomio on 9 August 2017 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

A Prefeitura do Município de Jaraguá do Sul / SC / Brasil, vinha transferindo as informações dos números de porta das edificações da base de dados municipal (addr:housenumber) para o Projeto Openstreetmap.

Informamos que essa migração de informações foi concluída, com o cadastramento de aproximadamente 23mil edificações.

Foi um longo trabalho realizado manualmente com a ajuda de muitas pessoas.

Essa tarefa foi coordenada pelo Geógrafo Geomir e o Engenheiro Helio, ambos mapeadores do OSM, com a ajuda dos estagiários de Eng. Civil: Carlos, Cassiano, Daniel e Gabriel.

Isso resulta em inúmeras vantagens, como a localização de endereços em aplicativos de gps que usam a base de dados OSM. Assim, facilita a circulação de pessoas e o transporte de mercadorias pela cidade, os atendimentos de emergências médicas e policiais, o resgate dos Bombeiros e da Defesa Civil, a localização de estabelecimentos comerciais e pontos turísticos, entre outras.

Torcemos para que outros municípios também façam suas contribuições ao Projeto Openstreetmap.

Numerações Jaraguá do Sul (addr:number):

Jaraguá do Sul (região central):

Малые поселения в Центральной России.

Posted by lipsigal on 9 August 2017 in Russian (Русский)

Приглашаю Всех, у кого есть желания откартировать Наши маленькие деревушки, посёлки и провинциальные городки. Думаю, Нам это будет не в тягость... присылайте свои помыслы и пожелания. На данный момент начал картировать населённый пункт Износки Калужской области.

Encontro OSM Brasília - Agosto/2017

Posted by wille on 8 August 2017 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

osm cake

Vamos realizar mais um encontro da comunidade OpenStreetMap Brasília! Dessa vez, uma edição especial no dia do Aniversário do OSM.

O ponto de encontro será no Vó Ía Café & Empório, localizado na quadra CLSW 301, bloco C, no Sudoeste. Estaremos lá no domingo (13 de agosto) a partir das 16h para tomar um café, conversar sobre OpenStreetMap e mapear as redondezas.

Quem tiver alguma dúvida, deixe um comentário ou entre em contato conosco em nosso grupo no Telegram.

Location: Setor Residencial Interno 1, Sudoeste / Octogonal, Região Integrada de Desenvolvimento do Distrito Federal e Entorno, Distrito Federal, Região Centro-Oeste, Brasil


Posted by Supaplex on 8 August 2017 in Chinese (Taiwan) (‪中文(台灣)‬)

儘管跑出臺灣的避難所已經修正完畢,但還未解決跑錯縣市的避難場所問題,在 OpenStreetMap 的避難場所仍有錯誤處,因此用 OverPass 來找看看跑到其他縣市的點位。

先看看新北市的狀況。OverPass Turbo Link:


This has been generated by the overpass-turbo wizard.
The original search was:
“emergency=assembly_point and "addr:full"!~"新北市" in "新北市"”
// fetch area “新北市” to search in
// gather results
  // query part for: “emergency=assembly_point and "addr:full"!~/新北市/”
// print results
out body;
out skel qt;
  node, way, relation {
    text: name;
Location: 木柵, 木新里, 新厝, 文山區, 臺北市, 臺灣

Ortschaften ohne Gebäude finden

Posted by milet on 8 August 2017 in German (Deutsch)

Zeigt place-nodes an, bei denen potenziell noch keine Gebäude gemappt wurden. Landuse=residential ohne place-nodes werden nicht berücksichtigt!

Achtung: Kartenausschnitt nicht zu groß wählen! Evtl. timeout individuell anpassen

Overpass-Turbo Abfrage:


/* Find place-nodes without buildings around */


//get all place-nodes in bbox for towns, villages, hamlets and isolated_dwellings
( node["place"="town"]({{bbox}}); )              ->.towns;
( node["place"="village"]({{bbox}}); )           ->.villages;
( node["place"="hamlet"]({{bbox}}); )            ->.hamlets;
( node["place"="isolated_dwelling"]({{bbox}}); ) ->.isolated_dwellings;

//get buildings around place-nodes (radius 100m)
way[building](around.towns:100)                  ->.town_buildings;
way[building](around.villages:100)               ->.village_buildings;
way[building](around.hamlets:100)                ->.hamlet_buildings;
way[building](around.isolated_dwellings:100)     ->.isolated_dwelling_buildings;

//get places-nodes without buildings around
(.towns; - node.towns(around.town_buildings:100);)          ->.empty_town;
(.villages; - node.villages(around.village_buildings:100);) ->.empty_village;
(.hamlets; - node.hamlets(around.hamlet_buildings:100);)    ->.empty_hamlet;
(.isolated_dwellings; - node.isolated_dwellings(around.isolated_dwelling_buildings:100);) ->.empty_isolated_dwelling;

//print results
(.empty_town; .empty_village; .empty_hamlet; .empty_isolated_dwelling;);
out geom;

//colours for the results 
node[place=town] { color:black; fill-color:red; }
node[place=village] { color:black; fill-color:blue; }
node[place=hamlet] { color:black; fill-color:yellow; }
node[place=isolated_dwelling] { color:black; fill-color:magenta; }

ЕженедельникОСМ 367

Posted by Sadless74 on 8 August 2017 in Russian (Русский)
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