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Necessidade de atualização das imagens de satélite

Posted by MiLorde on 23 February 2017 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

Necessidade de atualização das imagens de satélite para a região de Araraquara (SP), Brasil.

Update of satellite images is needed from the region of Araraquara (SP), Brazil.

És necesario actualizar las imágenes de satélite para la región de Araraquara (SP), Brasil.

Location: Jardim Serra Azul, Araraquara, Microrregião de Araraquara, Mesorregião de Araraquara, São Paulo, Região Sudeste, Brasil

Від руки

Posted by darkonus on 23 February 2017 in Ukrainian (Українська)

Минулого року мапив територію Згурівської районної лікарні, а це знайшов серед паперів листок з нотатками від руки. Похвастаюсь в щоденничку ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ) Вихід в поле, як-не-як) Курка лапою Готова мапа З теґами наче все гаразд, але якщо є зауваження — буду радий щось підкоригувати.

Location: О-101001, Згурівка, Згурівський район, Київська область, 07600, Україна

Купить велпатасвир софосбувир хепсинат (гепсинат хепцинат велпанат веласоф hepcinat velpanat velasof гепцинат) лечение "гепатита С"

Posted by velpatasvir on 23 February 2017 in Russian (Русский)

Купить велпатасвир софосбувир даклатасвир ледипасвир можно на (8-800-3500-460) от 25 000 по наилучшей для Вас цене не только в Москве, Санкт-Петербурге, Казани, но и по всей России. Теперь Вы знаете, где можно вылечить "гепатит c" 1,2,3,4,5,6 генотипа, даже с циррозом печени! На нашем сайте есть отзывы об Индийских препаратах, а так же инструкция по применению схемы лечения, описаны побочные действия, и даже есть форум о данном лекарстве дженерике! Доставку осуществляем посредством курьерской службой по всей России лично в руки. Рекомендуем остерегаться мошенников. Для этого достаточно уметь отличать подделку от настоящего Индийского официального лекарственного препарата.

Location: Чертаново Центральное, Москва, Южный административный округ, Москва, Центральный федеральный округ, РФ

Describing Wikidata items with OpenStreetMap tags

Posted by PlaneMad on 23 February 2017 in English (English)

For the curious, the crowdsourced open knowledge database - Wikidata has a property for OpenStreetMap tags that can be used to tag items that describe the same/similar object on the Wikidata database.

It took some time to understand how Wikidata items are described having been used to the more flat OSM tagging model, but we can use a simple example of the popular OSM tag of that is used for any human settlement as a start.

Finding a Wikidata item describing an OSM tag

Any notable topic that exists on Wikipedia will exist as a Wikidata item. Hence any widely used OSM tag should be easy to match to a Wikidata item. For example, cities are one of the most important features of maps, and from the OSM Wiki we know that this feature is described on the map using the Tag:place=city.

If we can find a Wikipedia page that describes the same concept as the OSM tag, we can get the associated Wikidata item from the sidebar links of the page. The Wikidata item for a city is Q515.

Improving Wikidata using OpenStreetMap tags

We can associate the city item Q515 on Wikidata to the OSM tag place=city by adding it as a new property to the item.

new3 Add Tag:place=city as a new OpenStreetMap tag or key property to the item

This will create a link on the Q515 item to the OSM Wiki Tag:place=city page.

Querying Wikidata using OpenStreetMap tags

By adding OSM tags to Wikidata, it is now possible to query Wikidata for all items that are linked to this property.

The query runs live on the Wikidata database using a language called SPARQL, similar to OverpassQL for OpenStreetMap.

Note The above queries only list items that are a direct instance of (P31) a city or town item in Wikidata. Unlike OSM, these items in Wikidata can have a fairly large structure of children items that more specifically describe a type of city. In the future I'm looking to further explore how we can use OSM and WIkidata together for data validation across both projects.

Update The total number of Wikidata items with an OSM tag is currently 964 items - Thanks to Ainali on #wikidata for the query

Uploaded three tracks , my first ever , please let me know what could have been done better

Posted by koninklijke on 23 February 2017 in English (English)

As it says in the Subject line : have looked at a number of points raised near where I live, found one blocked street (Berkenlaan Antwerpen / Wilrijk) was not blocked , and no signs of roadworks or similar. Have added comment.

Question 1 : can I, as a novice contributor, declare the item as resolved, or are there trained and trusted resolvers, please?

Proceeded to the re-routed bicycle path / access road at the eastern end of the Antwerp/ Deurne airport runway, uploaded three tracks showing the connection road between a/ the decommissionned Fort 3 and the Beirenslaan, b/ the U-turn road with separate adjacent bicycle path, and c/ the bit connectin these two to allow traffic from the east to reach Fort 3 etc.

Question 2 : those tags : are these relevant as entered, which ones would experienced OSmappers have added, which ones would they have left out?

Next, visited recent parkland 'Groot Schijn' at the end of the Veldweg : found some concrete walking/ bicycling paths were not on the map, made tracks and will upload once initial comments received on first uploads.

Along Ruggeveldlaan one 'doorsteek' / U-turn passage doesn't exist anymore ; track of new traffic light regulated pedestrian / cyclist crossing to be uploaded.

Further along Ruggeveldlaan : one building demolished (will add note on map), one access road moved.

Question 3 : how can upload the waypoint saved at the new entrance road, please? As a single point track?

Have taken photos w. Lumia smartphone, they're on OneDrive, need to find out how to publish map with only photos pertaining to OpenStreetMap, excluding private ones.

Finallt visited end of Parkweg, where there is a query about section of road removed, which is correct : there's a new parking area. Will add comment and/ or resolve once I know whether that's up to me to do.

Looking forward to comments,

#journey with josm

Posted by Wava Stella on 23 February 2017 in English (English)

To an editor user for osm edits , I would definitely find nothing more comfortable that it. However, with my recent exposure to josm and all its abilities, life has been greatly simplified. It is embedded with a number of tools, more to it very simplified shortcuts to making viable edits, more to it is the minimal internet consumption hence a multi million edits can be performed in a blink of an eye. The ability of it being installed without cracks makes it much ore suitable. Thanks to josm because editing is now becoming an addiction.


Posted by Stig-Olof Lybeck on 22 February 2017 in Finnish (Suomi)



Posted by deferes18 on 22 February 2017 in Spanish (Español)

añadir locales, restaurantes, heladerias, hoteles para facilitar la visita.

Location: Las Palmas, Esmeraldas, 080105, Ecuador

Incorrect Santa Fe location set

Posted by sinclarius on 22 February 2017 in English (English)

Found 127 incorrectly placed location points in downtown Santa Fe, NM (probably from a weirdly geocoded import). Some are duplicates, some misspelled, some no longer extant. Recorded in note #901862 so that I can begin process of replacement/correction.

Location: East San Francisco Street, Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico, 87501, United States of America

+ de 4k de edições

Posted by ivaldonm on 22 February 2017 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

Recentemente ultrapassei as 4000 edições. Como disse em outros posts, nunca liguei muito para isso, já que o mais divertido é editar e colaborar, mas o sistema contabiliza.

Ultimamente desacelerei um pouco pois estou dividindo o meu tempo com outras plataformas, como Waze, Here e Google maps local guides, por ser usuário delas também.

Tudo feito no ID Editor, que é bem menos produtivo. Muitos já me indagaram porque não usar o JOSM... a resposta é sempre a mesma: ele é incompatível co meu Chromebook, infelizmente.

Un-mapped inner roads in St. John Hospital & Medical Center Buildings

Posted by Haajee1934 on 22 February 2017 in English (English)

Parking lot and Buildings on road back of Hospital Buildings are not marked on Map This road joins to Kingsville-Ave on oneside and to Moross Road on the other side. Parking-lot on back is for Main Enterence of Building One. An office on back is where this Vehicle is Paked

Location: Dise Road, Town of Little Falls, Herkimer County, New York, 13365, United States of America

Toiletten Berlins

Posted by Franca31 on 21 February 2017 in German (Deutsch)

Hi :)

Im Auftrag der Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt, sind wir zurzeit mit der Kartierung der öffentlichen Toiletten Berlins beschäftigt. Als Quellen für die Kartierung benutzen wir sowohl die öffentliche Daten als auch Open Street Map und haben Schwierigkeiten beim Vergleich der beiden Quellen. Es wäre sehr behilflich einen direkten Kontakt mit den Leute die die Kartierung gemacht haben einstellen zu können .

Kann jemand uns helfen?

Danke Danke



Wenlock Arms January (+ Blue posts tonight!)

Posted by Harry Wood on 21 February 2017 in English (English)

We've got an OpenStreetMap London pub meet-up tonight!

We're managing them approximately monthly these days, so last month we had a pub meet-up to kick off 2017. We went to the Wenlock Arms. It's a nice little pub which almost got demolished but was saved after a campaign. Now with all the big new buildings around it reminds me of the very last scene of Batteries Not Included. But they have modernised a little. I remember their rather sparse pub website used to link to OpenStreetMap, but sadly their website was since rebuilt by some boring web designers with boring google maps.

I remember it used to be good for real_ale=yes, and that was certainly there still. Crazy strong stuff. Luckily I'd stuffed myself with fish n chips before arriving because food=no! But it does have real_fire=yes!

on the wiki

(Another photo for the real_fire=yes tag)

So with strong beers and a glowing fire we quickly got chatting about all things OpenStreetMap. I've lost my notes, but I remember meeting Scott Davies and talking about Australia and Walthamstow. And meeting two guys from Geolytix who I keep hearing about via Open Data Institute connections. They provide data on ratail outlet locations using OpenStreetMap among other sources.

Good to have some new folks along. If you fancy joining us for the next OpenStreetMap London pub meet-up... it's TONIGHT at the Blue Posts. All the details on the London wiki page. You can also sign up on if you fancy it. If you're not sure how to recognise us, the above photo will give you some idea, but it's a good idea to turn up a bit late (like 7:30 onwards) By then we should've assembled in our maptastic huddle. I've got my hi vis jacket with me to today, and I'm sporting my navy blue SOTM 2016 T-shirt in celebration of the fact that I've got my flights booked for SOTM 2017!

Location: Mildmay Park, Islington, London Borough of Islington, London, Greater London, England, N1, United Kingdom

[PESQUISA, PT:BR] Pesquisa sobre mapeamento colaborativo

Posted by jvmbravo on 20 February 2017 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

Pessoal, faço parte de um grupo de pesquisadores da UFPR (Universidade Federal do Paraná). Elaboramos um questionário para compreender algumas questões relacionadas ao processo de mapeamento colaborativo. Contamos com sua ajuda ao responder as perguntas; não vai tomar mais do que 20 minutos do seu tempo! Obrigado!!

Segue o link:

Steps to add qid for Indian Districts.

Posted by naveenpf on 20 February 2017 in English (English)
  1. Go to overpass link :-
  2. Click Export and take level0 editor [About 20mb]
  3. Browse and add each wikidata qid and upload wikidata = Q25203056
  4. QIDs of districts can be found in this link :-

District Map in English Wikipedia:- here

District Map in Malayalam Wikipedia:- here

Melhorando o OSMCHA

Posted by wille on 20 February 2017 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

Este mês eu voltei a trabalhar no desenvolvimento do OSMCHA, um projeto que eu havia iniciado em meados de 2015 com o objetivo de ajudar a detectar edições potencialmente danosas no OpenStreetMap.

A minha motivação ao criar o OSMCHA foi a necessidade que eu sentia de ter uma ferramenta melhor para monitorar as edições que aconteciam no OSM. Era comum eu olhar as estatísticas de quantidade de nós criados, deletados e modificados a cada dia no Brasil e ver alguns picos, com uma quantidade anormal de dados sendo adicionados ou apagados em um dia. Isso me deixava curioso para saber onde esses dados foram inseridos... Houve uma importação? Caso sim, qual a origem dos dados? Alguém deletou dados inadvertidamente?

Além disso, volta e meia encontrávamos edições que diziam claramente no comentário que a origem dos dados foi o google maps ou outra fonte inapropriada. Apesar de a informação estar explícita no changeset, muitas vezes só descobríamos isso depois de muito tempo...

Como é praticamente impossível revisar todas as edições, pensei em criar uma ferramenta que apontasse os changesets com maior potencial de criar danos ao mapa e que analisasse os metadados em busca de palavras suspeitas.

Após a apresentação que fiz no SotM Latam 2015 em Santiago do Chile, a equipe de dados da Mapbox se interessou pelo OSMCHA e passou a utilizá-lo em seu dia a dia. Além disso, a equipe da Mapbox desenvolveu muitos novos recursos e agora estou muito feliz em anunciar que a Mapbox está patrocinando meu trabalho nos próximos meses para melhorar o OSMCHA.

Nas últimas duas semanas, nós melhoramos a documentação, escrevemos mais testes, limpamos o código para descartar algumas partes que não estamos utilizando e preparamos o software para receber as melhorias que estamos planejando.

A principal mudança que teremos no OSMCHA será a interface: em vez de a homepage mostrar uma lista de changesets, iremos apresentá-los diretamente sobre um mapa. Temos também algumas ideias para facilitar o monitoramento de áreas de interesse de cada usuário e ferramentas de notificação, tornar a análise mais inteligente, entre outras. Porém, sobretudo, queremos escutar sugestões da comunidade OSM, para que possamos criar algo ainda mais valoroso para vocês. Caso você ainda não tenha utilizado o OSMCHA, teste-o em Deixe seus comentários aqui ou abra um ticket no Github.

Outros posts sobre o OSMCHA:

Improving OSMCHA

Posted by wille on 20 February 2017 in English (English)

This month I came back to work on development of OSMCHA, a project that I started in the middle of 2015, with the aim of helping to detect potentially harmful OpenStreetMap edits.

My motivation to start OSMCHA was that I felt that we needed a better tool to monitor changes made to OSM data. Looking at statistics of how many nodes were created, modified and deleted in a day in Brazil, it was common to see some peaks in the number of created or deleted nodes. This made me curious to know - where are those changes... Has an import been made? What is the source of the data? Has someone deleted an entire town?

Furthermore, sometimes we discovered changesets that explicitly said that the data came from Google Maps or some other inappropriate source. Despite that information being expressed in the changeset metadata, it was common for those edits to remain in the OSM database for months or years without anybody seeing them.

As it is impossible for the community to review all edits, my idea was to create a tool to point the changesets that potentially can damage the map and to analyse the metadata searching for suspect words.

I showed OSMCHA for the first time in the SotM Latam 2015, in Santiago, Chile. The Mapbox data team became interested and started using it. Moreover, they developed some new features and now I'm very excited to announce that Mapbox is sponsoring my work in the next few months to improve OSMCHA.

In the last two weeks we enhanced documentation, lifted test coverage, cleaned up the code and prepared the code-base to receive the updates we are planning. The main move we are planning to OSMCHA is to rebuild the interface and make it map-based (instead of showing the changesets on a list, we want to exhibit it over a map). We have some ideas to make it easier for users to review the edits in their area of interest, have some notification features and improve the analysis of changesets, among others...

Nevertheless, we want to listen the suggestions of the OSM community to build something better. If you have never used OSMCHA, try it on You can post your feedback and ideas here or open an issue on our github repository.

Finally, I would like to thank Mapbox for the support, specially Sanjay Bhangar, who since the beginning was excited about OSMCHA and believed in the potential of the project!

Read other posts about OSMCHA:

New year Comes with new Opportunities & Responsibilities!!

Posted by tasauf1980 on 20 February 2017 in English (English)

The new Year Showing the promise to become a year of recognition & opportunity I guess! Just been selected as a "Voting Member" of Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)!!!

Becoming more integral part of the HOT community is like a dream come true for me. I am sure the recognition will boost my moral and strengthen my voice to represent HOT in both local & global arena. This will motivate me more to dedicate myself to the cause & the community. I'm damn sure that there were many awesome HOT community members who might deserve to be in the team and their turn will also come in a very short period of time. It must have been very tough!!!

For me it was quite a surprise when Pete Masters informed me that he has nominated me as a candidate. I can remember I was asking him whether I'm ready for this and his answer was more than ready!!! I would like to take the opportunity to thank him and the others who have shown the faith on me and supported me throughout my short but eventful journey with #hotosm. I would also like to thank Ahasanul Hoque and the whole community of OSM in Bangladesh for their wonderful, illustrious efforts, commitments & achievements to the cause HOT is continuously working for. Each & every recognition I have & will achieve in this field will always be considered as the glory of your works & support. without you guys I'm just nobody!!!

I would like to congratulate all the new members in the panel who got selected. Thank you guys for your contribution and efforts that made you securing the seats.

Eagerly waiting for the formal introductions to new roles & to carry out the new responsibilities... :)

Location: Moila pota more, Khulna, Khulna Division, 9100, Bangladesh

Salmonberry River and Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad

Posted by dikkeknodel on 20 February 2017 in English (English)

In August 2016 I was in the Portland, Oregon area for business reasons. I was however able to squeeze in some hiking time to enjoy the nice scenery that Oregon has to offer.

Among others, I found a hike along an abandoned stretch of the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad online. The description sounded like a post-apocalyptic thing, so I was too curious to not do it. It was a great experience, and gave a good feeling of the forces at play to cause the destructions as seen there, which were 3 storms and the resulting water levels in the Salmonberry River.

However, when I later browsed the area on OSM I noticed that the Salmonberry River is not on the map at all. That could should not be the case, so I saw an oportunity to make my first big contribution to OSM.

Therefore I retraced my steps and combined it with info from USGS Topo maps to fill in the blanks and map the full river. Next to that I noticed that the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad as imported from TIGER data, was not really accurate in position and none of the bridges and tunnels were put in. So I had work to do.

Five mugs of tea, one coffee, a skipped lunch, an emptied bag of Trail Mix and 13 edits later the whole river is mapped, the POTB railroad position has been corrected between Nahalem River and Wolf Creek Trestle, a few bridges have been put in and the Nehalem River has been slightly adapted. A bit more work to do, but I keep that for later! - A bunch of side branches that drain into the Salmonberry River - The tunnels of Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad - The Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad bridges east of Enright

I learned a lot about mapping and tagging today. I hope that will aid my future mappings and result in a short cycle time :).


Links: The hike @ Oregon Hikers

The Salmonberry River Link

Location: Foss Road, Tillamook County, Oregon, United States of America

How can we tag worker-owned shops or cooperatives?

Posted by pizzaiolo on 19 February 2017 in English (English)

Case in point:

It's a bakery set up by anarchists and it is self-managed. There are also examples of self-managed coops, for which I can't find documentation on the wiki. It's also worth debating whether it would be useful to differentiate between coops and more generally worked-owned establishments.

What are you views on it?

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