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Mapping Errors in Guatemala and Honduras

I agree with BushmanK I am super excited to see Hot OSM introducing so many new mappers, but I think more feedback should be given before they go and map such large areas. Fixing the kind of mistakes I am seeing is tedious and time consuming. Roads that are not connected at intersections, roads that don’t exist, and the most obvious one, roads that have the wrong attributes and priority.

National Park Rendering Issue

The Wiki page clearly says that Leisure=park should not be used for national parks

The normal view of a park is a green area within a town or cities. Parks in rural locations (e.g., areas named “National parks”) are a totally different kind of thing. leisure=nature_reserve and boundary=national_park could be used, and not this leisure=park tag. example. There is also this proposal: boundary=protected_area.

I am going to away the leisure = park feature, because it obviously does not belong. I would suspect it was added because at one point national parks were not rendering, so the person wanted the park to render.

It is incorrect, and we see how it creates problems, so i a going to start taking it off.

HOTOSM recognition by the President of Mexico in Internet Day 2016

This is really cool, I map heavily in Mexico, so it is really cool to see our efforts recognized.

Get Set Go With Basaveshwaranagar Mapping Party!

Wow I had never heard of before this, this is how an OSM based app should be. And It really takes advantage of OSM’s number one feature over Google which is you can download and store map data locally for when you don’t have service.

Google Summer of Code 2016 - improving openstreetmap-carto

I just wrote a diary post about rendering issues with national parks. Basically along oceans national parks cover up coastline with large green blobs. But they do not do this with lakes. I a starting to deduce that it might have to do with the leisure=park key. It needs to be fixed though, because currently a lot of detail is being covered by these big green blobs.

Is this something we can fix? It seems like it might be as easy as making leisure=park render under ocean.

Link to my diary entry about the problem.

Cleaning up NHD in North Carolina

I am going to start simplifying ways in NC when I see them from now on. Especially since i work there a lot.

Cleaning up NHD in North Carolina

I work in NC a lot, I never realized it was so bloated here, I just thought that was the norm. I had noticed that the water features in NC did tend to have a lot of extraneous nodes. In the raleigh area he has also done some building imports that also have many extraneous nodes(a square house with 6 nodes instead of just 4). That said though, he has contributed to the map tremendously.

I want make island on Nile but Does not appear as required

Hey I reviewed the data in the area, I notice that there are a lot of ways that are parallel to one another, I would suggest getting familiar with multi-polygon relations and utilizing them, otherwise I feel like the data could become a real mess and be somewhat tedious to work with just because of how many ways there will be so close together. If you have any questions please message me.

Progress: Campus Indoor Mapping Project

If you can convert the data that you are using into a .kml file you should be able to open it directly into JOSM as a new layer. Then whichever points you want you can copy form the .kml layer into the the .osm mapping layer that you are editing. I don’t know if that makes sense.

JOSM has a steep learning curve, I would push you to stick with it does not take long to get the hang of it, and once you do, it enables you to do much more mapping and gives you a bunch of tools that make it possible to do a much larger variety of edits, like relations and multi-polygons.

If you are having trouble with JOSM I would suggest getting the hang of it by going and doing some basic edits with it to help get the hang of how it works. It appears that up until now you have been using mainly been using the ID/default editor at

To give a basic tutorial.

JOSM functions very differently from the ID editor. In JOSM you have to manually download the area you want to edit from the OSM servers, where ID does it automatically as you translate across the map. To download the data you hit the the green downward facing arrow when JOSM opens, and then drawing a square over the area you want to edit. Once you have downloaded the area you want to edit, it is helpful to add aerial imagery. You do this by going to the imagery in the upper toolbar and selecting Bing Aerial Imagery. Then go make the edits you want to, and when you are done hit the green up arrow to upload your data back to the server.

I would strongly suggest getting the hang of editing with JOSM by doing things like tracing streets and stuff before attempting to do the more complex things you are describing.

I hope that makes sense. Please message me if you are having any trouble, I can walk you through JOSM if you need more explanation. I also made the transition from ID to JOSM so I may be able to give you some pointers if you need some help. I do want to say that JOSM is really great and it was totally worth the switch, don’t be to afraid if it is a little confusing at first.

Address Import Ready

I think something got messed up because i sent the email before i was a member of the mailing list, i will resend it.

Address Import Ready

I sent a message to imports-US i did not realize i needed to send a message to imports as well ill do that.

Address Import Ready

Hello lyx

I already read the import guidelines page and have followed all the steps it said to do.

Address Import Ready

89098 addresses total.

It sounds like more than what it actually is, if you would like to look over the data, there is a link to the .KML file in the import description page. If you download it and open it in JOSM you can see everything that will be getting imported.

Mapping for Open Historical Map

I think i figured it out it is at now.

Mapping for Open Historical Map

What is when i put that in the website is not there.

Mapping for Open Historical Map

I just subscribed to the mailing list, hope i start to get emails, but they also sent me the password i used in the clear :S

What to do about Bus routes in Puebla?

There are 100s of bus routes in Puebla how would i be able to figure out which ones are still current? I feel like it might be much better just to delete and start over.

I also feel like there needs to be a better way to map bus routes, right now you have to use relations which means breaking up roads into very small segments to account for each turn of every bur route in Puebla.

Passive data for OSMing

How did you get the Strava data like that? I would love to try and use Strava data with my mapping.

Done With Chiapas Corner!!!

That is awesome I’m glad I could give you some inspiration and that town you added looks great, you put so much detail into it.

Mexico is just a great place to map, the imagery is of good quality, and there is still much stuff to map there.

I am currently drawing this secondary road here

I think I am just going to go around the area of Guerrero I downloaded and saved in JOSM and just keep adding secondary, tertiary, and residential roads until they are all there. Should be a nice little project for a while.

Thanks again for that link to that page is a godsend full of so much data especially town names.

Keep me updated on how things go. It nice to know there is someone else out there mapping in Mexico.

Back to Chiapas backcountry.

Somebody just sent me a link to this map,

It seems to have even more info than Google, I think i will go through, and make sure all the names are right, and delete the ones from google and add the ones from this page, would that be alright?