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Posted by Carnildo on 23 September 2020 in English (English)

I spend hours studying news reports and carefully tracing building outlines in Malden, noting which ones did or didn’t survive the Babb fire.

And then a bunch of wanna-be do-gooders come by and crap out HOT-quality mapping, complete with duplicate buildings, vehicles mapped as buildings, scribbled outlines, and nothing but self-congratulatory hashtags for edit summaries. I think I’m going to just revert the whole batch.

Location: Malden, Whitman County, Washington, United States of America

Mapping Ballot Drop Box Location

Posted by Glassman on 22 September 2020 in English (English)

The US 2020 Election is just 41 days away. Like some states my home state of Washington is all mail in ballots. But you don’t actually have to mail in your ballot for it to be counted. You can also drop your ballot off at any one of the counties ballot drop box locations.

Skagit County Ballot Drop Box in Anacortes, WA

The county has a map of all their locations but it’s not always clear exactly where the drop box is located. So what’s a OSM mapper to do? Go out and map them. The last two locations, Concrete and at the Sauk-Suiattle Tribe were added this afternoon. The Sauk-Suiattle is located in the Southeast portion of the county near Darrington, WA. While much of the county lies to the east, hardly anyone lives there.

I encourage everyone to get out and map polling stations and drop boxes where appropriate.

Tagging is simple amenity=polling_station plus polling_station=ballot_box for drop box locations. Additional tags can include operator and opening_hours.

One surprising find was that ballot drop boxes are located in both of tribes located in the county. Sauk-Suiattle and Swimomish.

Cable of HVDC Kontek ( ) near Rostock

Posted by Toliman on 22 September 2020 in German (Deutsch)

Mapping the track of underground cables is not easy. However at present, there is a good opportunity to map the track of the cable of HVDC Kontek ( ), as one can read on the cable is exchanged by a new cable in great proximity of the old one. So earth works take place, which can be easily mapped!

Location: Nienhagen, Ortsbeirat 18 : Gehlsdrf,Hinrichsdorf,Jürgenshof,Krummendorf,Nienhagen,Peez,Stuthof, Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Deutschland

I ❤️ mountain pass tagging

Posted by Richard on 22 September 2020 in English (English)

So I figured I’d add it to’s elevation graphs. It was already in the turn-by-turn instructions, but this is still more fun.

Elevation graph with mountain names

mountain_pass=yes or natural=saddle as a node on the highway, with a name= tag too (obviously).

One does not simply stop mapping

Posted by Latitudal Memes for Longitudal Teens on 22 September 2020 in English (English)

Hello Earth!

Posted by CG2008 on 22 September 2020 in Chinese (China) (‪中文(中国大陆)‬)

Hello Earth!

Location: 来广营乡, 朝阳区, 北京市, 102218, 中国

CCTV Sidoarjo Ya Ke Graha CCTV Saja

Posted by majdishodiq on 22 September 2020 in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)

Graha CCTV Sidoarjo

Graha CCTV sebagi tempat jual CCTV Sidoarjo bertempat di Jalan Majapahit no. 59 Sidoarjo 0822 3398 7788. Hanya disini anda akan mendapatkan segala macam jenis Kamera CCTV dengan beragam kelengkapannya. Tak perlu belanja jauh-jauh ke kota sebelah atau berbelanja online dengan tambahan ongkos kirim. Hanya disini anda warga Sidoarjo bisa berbelanja kebutuhan CCTV sepuas hati. Belanja dekat dan harga terjangkau.

Hubungi Graha CCTV di Nomor 0822 3398 7788

Jual CCTV Sidoarjo Beragam jenis kamera CCTV dapat anda temukan disni. Mulai dari kamera indoor dan outdoor. Dengan resolusi 1 megapixel hingga 2 megapixel. Berbagai bentuk mulai dari dome, bullet, dan PTZ bisa anda temukan di Graha CCTV Sidoarjo.

IP Camera Kami juga menyediakan IP camera yang saat ini banyak dicari pelanggan. Kami juga menyediakan jasa setting online untuk perangkat kamera ini. Dengan IP camera ini anda bisa secara praktis memantau gambar CCTV dari layar smartphone.

DVR NVR UVR Di toko kami juga menyediakan perangkat Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Network Video Recorder (NVR) dan Universal Video Recorder (UVR) dengan harga terjangkau. Dengan stok yang lengkap dan beragam merek membuat anda semakin kaya menentukan pilihan.

Hardisk Kami juga menyediakan piranti Hardisk sebagai media penyimpanan gambar rekaman CCTV anda. Dengan harga variatif dan bersaing kami menyediakan hardisk mulai dari 160GB hingga 2TB. Tentunya dengan lengkapnya pilihan membuat anda tidak bingung mencari tempat penjualan hardisk CCTV di Sidoarjo.

Kabel Kami juga memiliki kabel RG59 plus power untuk kebutuhan pemasangan CCTV anda. Dengan kabel ini anda dengan mudah memasang CCTV karena lebih praktis dibandingkan kabel CCTV tanpa kabel power.

Aksesori Di toko kami juga menyediakan segala aksesoris untuk CCTV yaitu konektor BNC untuk pemasangan CCTV baik male dan female. Kami juga memiliki stok adaptor CCTV dengan daya 12 volt mulai 1 ampere hingga 2 ampere.

Tak perlu ragu lagi untuk berbelanja CCTV di Graha CCTV di Jalan Majapahit no. 59 Sidoarjo 0822 3398 7788 tempat jual cctv sidoarjo terlengkap terjangkau dan dekat dengan tempat tinggal anda di Sidoarjo.

Павловский Парк

Posted by vonrockos on 21 September 2020 in Russian (Русский)

Продолжаю работу по парку. В юго-западной части, там где 3 жилых дома и хозяйственная зона музея-заповедника, территория разграничена очень приблизительно. Будем исправлять. На карте вообще много устаревших артефактов, но это поправимо :) После того как в заборе вокруг парка убрали многочисленные калитки и заделали “устоявшиеся” дыры, многие старые тропинки потеряли свои смысл и к настоящему времени практически полностью исчезли. Даже дорожки по некоторым аллеям фактически исчезли, например, по северной части Водопроводной аллеи.


Posted by Maricor Orbeta on 21 September 2020 in English (English)


Location: Comembo, Makati 2nd District, Makati, Fourth District, 1217, Philippines


Posted by Maricor Orbeta on 21 September 2020 in English (English)


Location: Comembo, Makati 2nd District, Makati, Fourth District, 1217, Philippines

Tus mentiras perra

Posted by Colinrosalio505@ on 21 September 2020 in Spanish (Español)

Si y que

TfNSW Speed Cameras Conflation

Posted by aharvey on 21 September 2020 in English (English)

I recently wrote about using the JOSM Conflation plugin to identify traffic lights in OSM missing from the TfNSW’s open data.

Now TfNSW have released some data on enforcement cameras, so I’ll try again using JOSM.

  1. Download the CSV data
  2. Rename the Lat (1) and Long (1) headers to Latitude and Longitude. 3 Open the CSVs in JOSM.
  3. Select all the imported nodes from the Fixed Speed Cameras and replace all the tags with highway=speed_camera
  4. In JOSM, download existing speed cameras as a new layer from overpass with ((type:node and highway=speed_camera) or (type:relation and enforcement=maxspeed)) in "NSW, AU"
  5. Conflate

  6. Select all the nodes from Red Light Speed Cameras, and replace all the tags with highway=speed_camera
  7. Conflate again.

سيسموني سه ني ني

Posted by alireza_ahmadi@146@462 on 20 September 2020 in English (English)

سيسموني سه ني ني

Location: Kaj, District 7, Tehran, Shafagh Cultural Center, بخش مرکزی شهرستان تهران, Tehran County, Iran

My first (and maybe last) blog entry

Posted by rjgambrel on 20 September 2020 in English (English)

I have created 3 or 4 blogs over the last 15 years. Unfortunately I lost interest after the first entry and never made a second.

Maybe this will be different?

OSM is more up to date than the official sources

Posted by hocu on 20 September 2020 in English (English)

Recently, I came across an OpenStreetMap changeset with “Review requested” tag. The change was addition of a bus route relation in Istanbul, by Alikam.

I navigated to IETT’s (the governing body of Istanbul’s transport network) website to cross reference the route maps. I noticed that there were some minor differences between the route on IETT’s website and Alikam’s version on OSM. The route wasn’t following the exact roads. This wasn’t a major issue but I still commented on the changeset, mentioning discrepancies between the two versions. Alikam, who’s an urban planning student and OSM contributor with a priority on transport network, wrote back a few hours later to tell that the major junction at that point had been rebuilt as part of the construction of a new underground line. Apparently due to that major change in the highway infrastructure, the bus route have been changed as well. But as of this writing, IETT haven’t updated their website to reflect the relevant changes. Meanwhile, thanks to Alikam and all the contributors like them, OpenStreetMap is more up to date than the official source for Istanbul’s transport network.

This wasn’t a major issue, but it makes one think if there are other cases where people rely on the official/private/closed data and left stranded or were late to a very important meeting (I’ll give you a clue, answer is yes).

So kudos to Alikam and all those great contributors of this wonderful open community.

Location: İnönü Mahallesi, Istanbul, Turkey

بيت الاستاذ مهند مبهر

Posted by Fmak on 20 September 2020 in Arabic (العربية)

بيت الاستاذ مهند مبهر

Location: الفرهة, سوق الشيوخ, ناحية مرکز قضاء سوق الشيوخ, قضاء سوق الشيوخ, ذي قار, 552, العراق


Posted by N M Shariful Sohel on 20 September 2020 in English (English)

Mark Nilphamari as a city & hometown.

Nilphamari (Bengali: নীলফামারী জেলা, Nilphamari is one of the major cities in Bangladesh and Rangpur Division. Nilphamari Zila is a district in Northern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Rangpur Division. It is about 400 kilometres to the northwest of the capital Dhaka. It has an area of 1,547 square kilometres (597 sq mi). Nilphamari is bounded by Rangpur and Lalmonirhat in east, Rangpur and Dinajpur in south, Dinajpur and Panchagarh in west, Cooch Behar of India in north. There are many rivers in Nilphamari such as the Tista, Buritista, Isamoti, Jamuneshwari, Dhum, Kumlai, Charalkata, Sorbomongola, Salki, Chikli, Deonai and many more.

Nilphamari (নীলফামারী) Location of Nilphamari District in Bangladesh Location of Nilphamari District in Bangladesh

Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap Expandable map of Nilphamari District Coordinates: 25.95°N 88.95°E

Country: Bangladesh Division: Rangpur Division City: Nilphamari

Area • Total 1,643.70 km2 (634.64 sq mi) Population (2011 census) • Total 1,907,497 • Density 1,200/km2 (3,000/sq mi) Time zone: UTC+06:00 (BST) Postal code: 5300 HDI (2018) 0.614 medium · 7th of 21 Website:


Location: Nilphamari, Nilphamari Sadar Upazila, Rangpur Division, 5300, Bangladesh

My VK-page

Posted by Andrey Nizhnikov on 19 September 2020 in English (English)

Joined OpenStreetMap

Posted by Jim MN on 18 September 2020 in English (English)

At 10:30 am 9/18/2020 I joined OpenStreet, looking for a volunteer opportunity as I approach retirement.

Location: Riverdale, Thompson Heights, Coon Rapids, Anoka County, Minnesota, 55303-4839, United States of America

integrate charging stations for e-bike / Ladestationen für E-Bikes integrieren

Posted by Cabadbaran on 18 September 2020 in German (Deutsch)

So your openstreetmap map isn’t exactly the hammer, could you at least integrate charging stations for e-bikes???

Also Eure openstreetmap-karte ist ja nicht gerade der Hammer, könntet ihr wenigstens mal Ladestationen für E-Bikes integrieren???