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From Windhoek to Luanda

Posted by NicEd on 3 September 2015 in English (English)

After about 2 months of extensive corrections and additions of various Elements of Windhoek, NAM, I've decided to temporarily shift my focus on Luanda, ANG, and surroundings. Many much more experienced mappers did an excellent job in making this place look like a city, but there's still a lot of work to do. Primary focus will be public wifi spots and tertiary road names. After that, I'll focus on residential areas of difficult access, and then get back to the main points, which by now are fairly tagged already.

Location: Mutamba, Kinanga, Luanda, Angola

Grass&Green. Hurry up and participate to improve the data quality

Posted by grass_and_green on 3 September 2015 in English (English)

After 5 days Grass&Green contributors agree or partial agree to our recommendation by 91.5 %. Dear OSM users hurry and participate in the contribution to the tool. It is a research project. The project has many objectives: 1) develop an appropriate classification of entities to support more use;2) guide the participants towards better understanding of the class;3) enrich the OSM data; 4) correct the miss classified data.

Participation after 5 days

Do you could tag the following image as a park? Absolutely, This tag is inappropriate and the appropriate tag should be grass.

Now. Help us and improve grass-related entities tags. These entities are used in various applications.The inappropriate tags make them of limited use.

Pulau Seribu

Posted by pulauseribu on 3 September 2015 in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)

pulau seribu mempunyai pasir putih yang begitu lembut, mempunyai bibir pantai yang begitu luas tempat bermain anak anak, di pulau seribu tempat yang bagus untuk snorkeling atau pun Diving.Pulau seribu mempunyai Pulau Resort yang merupakan pulau yang tertata dan terorganisasi, terdapat Management tiap pulau nya. Sehingga para tamu nyaman untuk menginap dipulau seribu.Pulau seribu diantaranya : pulau ayer, pulau bidadari, pulau sepa, pulau putri, pulau pantara, pulau pramuka, pulau tidung, pulau kotok, pulau macan.

Location: Condet Raya, RW 02, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, 13530, Indonesia

New sat image and alignments

Posted by kucai on 3 September 2015 in English (English)

Partially finished realigning buildings in Kota Bharu, Malaysia. It seems that a new sat image was available, and a mapper(s) traced the highways according to the new image but leaves the outline of buildings from older image intact. Therefore, those buildings have to be moved manually by selecting each one of them to align with the new image. (ignore lat long accuracy for the moment).

Perhaps, anyone who discovers an area with new sat image should first align existing hiways/buildings. Once the hiways/buildings matched with the new sat image, only then the sat image & hiways & buildings be offset to the accurate position. (can also be done the other way around, align the image to the existing highways/buildings, whichever is more accurate). That way we don't have to align things two or three times manually. (Anyway, anybody knows how big an area is offset when we realign a sat image? One tile, 10sqkm, whole state?)

Or perhaps, people should try not to accidentally realign the map (new mappers especially).

Coba menambahkan jalan perumahan pada wilayah Barat Jakarta dan Tangerang

Posted by handokovska on 3 September 2015 in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)

proses menambahkan jalan perumahan pada wilayah Barat Jakarta dan Tangerang beberapa wilayah citra Bing tertutup awan.

OAM-QGIS-plugin: development update #5

Posted by tassia on 2 September 2015 in English (English)

For 2 weeks in August I was "abducted" by DebConf and that slowed down the development of the plugin from my side. Fortunately we have a new coding contributor in the team who kept the ball rolling while I was busy, thanks @yojiyojiyoji!

At DebConf I had the chance to show the plugin to some folks who gave us some good ideas of how to make it more user-friendly. I also managed to gather some potential translator contributors, who I'll poke as soon as we have the strings file ready to be translated.

As a result of that, we decided to change the design of the uploader from tabs to wizard, due to its step-by-step nature. Apparently users expect an unrelated and non sequencial flow with tabs, which I was unaware of, but it makes a lot of sense indeed. With the help of yojiyojiyoji I migrated all the uploader code to this wizard design.

Here is how the new design looks like for the final wizard page:

Uploader wizard

Now we have space for short instructions at the top of each page, this is very helpful. Also, buttons for page navigation are already implemented by the wizard, and are always at the same place, which is a good usability point. The biggest challenge of this design change was to place the QgisMessageBar inside the wizard. After some workaround it is working, but we definitely need to improve the code, there should be a better way of doing that :-/

I've also designed the dialogs for "Edit settings" and "Search imagery", take a look at those screenshots too:

Edit Settings dialog

I was hardly blocked to propose a design for the search dialog. Anything I started to do I threw away after a couple of edits. But I've finally accepted that this is what I have for now, it is a starting point, and I'm happy to receive comments and suggestions of improvement. If you look back at my first mockups for the uploader you can have the feel of how things evolve along the development process ;-)

Edit Settings dialog

Edit Settings dialog

My idea is to have a thumbnails browsing as the result of the search and checkboxes beside each one of them, so the user can select the ones to be downloaded. I still don't know how to implement that with Qt and I couldn't find those elements in Qt designer, that's why the mockup has only this blank widget.

My following tasks are basically packaging, testing and documenting. With this I'll close my internship commitment, but I really hope to continue the development with the rest of the team after that.

On a side note, HOT Outreachy interns will present the results of this experience to the HOT community. It will happen by mid September, stay tunned for more details!


Posted by Michael Jarmark on 2 September 2015 in English (English)

Very cool functionality on openstreetmap ....

Never been to this site before today and am amazed at a project like this and how much impact it could have on our perception of different places

Umap and Wiki Loves Monuments 2015

Posted by Paolo Bubici on 2 September 2015 in English (English)

On the occasion of the participation of the City of Albisola the contest Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 have mapped the property to photograph through umap and it has aroused some interest .... well even with little you can achieve interesting things .... keep it up!

Drogi powiatowe w gminie Andrychów i Wieprz

Posted by wAndrychowiepl on 1 September 2015 in Polish (Polski)

Wprowadziłem numerację dróg powiatowych na terenie tych gmin oraz miasta Andrychów.

Location: 200-lecia, Andrychów, gmina Andrychów, powiat wadowicki, województwo małopolskie, Polska


Posted by TheDude05 on 1 September 2015 in English (English)

Started working on putting houses into the map in Corinth. I have no idea how long this will take drawing them individually. It's daunting tasks like this that makes me wish that building footprints derived from the aerial flights for the cities were in a creative common license.

Недельное задание 25: статистика

Posted by edward17 on 1 September 2015 in Russian (Русский)

На предыдущей неделе мы занимались маппингом area:highway=*. Благодарю наших польских друзей, которые сделали рендеринг этих объектов для Украины (заценить можно здесь). Собственно, из-за этого и была выбрана така тема.

Немного статистики: statistics

Активность участников: users

Где были нарисованы area:highway=*: map

Посмотреть на карте на отредактированные места можно по ссылкам:

4 участников отправили 10 пакетов правок с 2589 правками.

Я уже писал об этом на форуме, но напишу ещё раз. С этой недели я не смогу вести недельные задания (и делать отчёты по ним) из-за того, что у меня сократится количество свободного времени. Большое спасибо Larry0ua за то, что подхватил идею. Благодаря ему могу, как обычно, сделать анонс:

Сейчас: дороги в сёлах Малинского района Житомирской области.

Done With Chiapas Corner!!!

Posted by Sunfishtommy on 1 September 2015 in English (English)

So as I predicted, i was able to finish mapping all major roads in Chiapas Corner which I explained in my last post is what i have been calling this area

I continued mapping for a little while in the Chiapas area, more to the west, and was able to add a significant amount of town names using the data. But as i expected, i started to get a little tired of mapping in Chiapas. After all i have done a lot there. So I have moved go Guerrero Mexico, where there is almost no mapping at all besides town names. Since I love mapping roads this is perfect. With a blank canvas I am going through and mapping major roads and am going to work my way down to smaller roads as time goes on.

As I have said in the past, I just let the flow of the mapping take me where i want to go, it helps to keep from getting tired. So for now it is Guerrero and the rural areas where there is almost no roads.

Cant wait to turn blank map into something full of data!!!


M@ppiamo Albisola thanks the following mappers

Posted by Paolo Bubici on 1 September 2015 in English (English)

Today downloading data of Albisola Superiore (North Italy) I found out all the names of the mappers who contributed to the great map that is! Here they are! This archive is the product of the italian OpenStreetMap community and of the following wonderful people:

0rener,42429,abrondi,Alecs01,Ale_Zena_IT,AlfredoSP,andreacelle,Andrea Musuruane,AnyFile,apetro,blastg,Bobuzzo,David Paleino,Davio,daxxx1968,dforsi,Diego Bertone,ericfesta,escada,favalex,folco,folletto,FvGordon,gd-wg,geow,ghiso983,Gigi,glaucos,grafite,Guidolux,gw davide,Heinz_V,Hjart,Kostik,LLAQWA,lorenzoelsalsero,lucadelu,lucazeo,LucioGE,Marco_T,Martin Mystère,mcheck,mcheckimport,Mustifanci,Niccolo,Niente0,noperante,Pab09,Pablo99,Paolo Bubici,Peilscheibe,Percherie OnDaNet,Peterborto,popeye,Puccia,railway_fan,ratrun,rockhock,sabas88,sabas-import,sbiribizio,sheg,simone,Simone Piccardi,steko,telemaco81,vancori,venerdi,Verdy_p,Virgile1994,wandsecacher,wild,WJtW,Yiyi

Every day a new version of this file will be made available at:

Passive data for OSMing

Posted by maning on 1 September 2015 in English (English)

The idea of using passive data into OpenStreetMap is not new. Even during the early days of OSM, this concept was already discussed. What I mean by passive here are data sources that is not originally intended for use in OSM. This usually comes from third party services which gave permission to use their data into OSM. We are getting more of this recently and has helped me in improving my own mapping patch.

Animation below shows data from OSM public traces[0], Strava and Mapillary[1]. Marikina

However, I don't think the idea of purely using passive data (where automatic data correction and update is done) will be possible in OSM. User input will always be needed.

[0] OSM public traces does not really qualify as passive data since many of them were uploaded for the purpose of mapping. However, I've seen many tracks in the Philippines that were uploaded and was not edited by the original user who uploaded the it.

[1] Again, Mapillary coverage here is mostly my own and use it primarily for updating the map. So tehcnically not passive data, but, it does comes from a third party website.

Количество CDN серверов тайлов OpenStreetMap увеличивается

Posted by Sadless74 on 1 September 2015 in Russian (Русский)

После добавления серверов тайлов в декабре прошлого года, сеть серверов OpenStreetMap продолжает увеличиваться.

osm-cdn-2015-03Германский сервер тайлового кэша Табалуга сейчас уходит на пенсию и больше не обслуживает тайлы. Это может прозвучать как плохая новость, но это не так! Табалуга был заменён на новой сервер под названием Кэти, которая взяла на себя всю его работу. Новый тайловый кэш сервер Кэти по-прежнему находится в Германии в городе Фалькенштайн. А так же по прежнему услуги хостинга предоставляются Hetzner.

Еще одна хорошая новость: Теперь будет два сервера для тайлового кэша в Германии! Второй тайловый сервер, Конки, находится в городе Йена и хостится в EUserv.

Российский сервер для кэша тайлов Горыныч получил увеличение оперативной памяти и обновление SSD хранилища, это позволит ему обрабатывать и отдавать ещё больше тайлов.

В Венгрии появился новый сервер. Венгрия становится ещё одной из двенадцати стран, поддерживающих CDN сервера для работы OSM.

Сервер для кэша тайлов Саркана находится в Будапеште, хостинг организован

Если учесть всех их, то CDN (сеть доставки контента) теперь насчитывает 16 активных серверов.

За появление сервера Табулуга благодарим Freerk Ohling, сервер работал в Hetzner начиная с мая 2013 года, и закончил свою работу в январе 2015. Freerk обратился к нам еще в апреле 2013 года, чтобы предложить нам реализовать поддержку клиентской EDNS подсети (реализовано в декабре 2014 года) и предложил нам спонсировать сервер для тайлового кэша. Теперь он также любезно спонсирует новый сервер для кэша тайлов в Германии.

Табалуга в первую очередь служил для обслуживания трафика посетителей из Германии. Примерно 56 миллионов тайлов карты в день. (в среднем 652/сек, пиковые 1245/сек). Отдавал около 1 Тб данных в день. Это был самый высокий трафик из серверов тайлового кэша OSM.

Тайлы карты OpenStreetMap являются свободными для всех, но вы должны использовать их умеренно. Если вы создаёте высокую нагрузку на сайт, вам нужно ознакомиться с сайтом чтобы узнать, как использовать данные OSM для создания тайлов под свои нужды и сохранить доступность тайлов для всех.

Фонд OpenStreetMap стремится изыскивать дополнительные тайловые серверы. Если ваша организация хотела бы, пожертвовать сервера и хостинг, пожалуйста прочитайте страницу требований к CDN серверу тайлов в вики. Вы также можете поддержать OpenStreetMap жертвуя средства в фонд OpenStreetMap.

Фонд OpenStreetMap является некоммерческой организацией, образованной в Великобритании, чтобы поддержать проект OpenStreetMap. Работа фонда посвящена увеличению, развитию и распространению бесплатных геопространственных данных для любого их использования, а так их распространению. Фонд OpenStreetMap владеет и поддерживает всю инфраструктуру необходимую для проекта OpenStreetMap.


Proposed mechanical edit: surface=woodchip to surface=woodchips

Posted by Mateusz Konieczny on 1 September 2015 in English (English)

this entry is copy of

I plan to change surface=woodchip to surface=woodchips.

surface=woodchip is a clear duplicate of surface=woodchips. It is also less popular and undocumented on Key:surface. It would be a good idea to retag it to already documented tag before this tags are used more.

amount of surface=woodchip in OSM as of 2015-09-1 is 135.

amount of surface=woodchips in OSM as of 2015-09-1 is 228.

I'd download all surface=woodchip using Overpass API and change the tagging by search and replace using Level0 editor. The upload of the changed data I'd do in chunks to check the data once more before upload and not to create a worldwide changeset.

This would be a one time edit.

Edits will be made from account "Mateusz Konieczny: bot account"


state before mechanical edit:


state after mechanical edit:


Changeset comment would be " changing surface=woodchip to surface=woodchips as surface=woodchip is less popular duplicate. This mechanical edit is documented at "

After Holiday Fun

Posted by escada on 31 August 2015 in English (English)

I had some after-holiday-fun adding the details for the Ehrenmal in Oberschönau, Thüringa.


The map

Kate helping out during the survey

Location: Unterer Möstweg, Oberschönau, Haselgrund, Landkreis Schmalkalden-Meiningen, Thuringia, 98587, Germany, Europe

Lake Ontario

Posted by deejoe on 31 August 2015 in English (English)

I haven't followed all the discussion on talk-ca and talk-us about how to tag the North American Great Lakes, but when looking into this problem:

I did run across mention of this consensus:

and so I've started to tag the edges of Lake Ontario as "natural=coastline" to bring Ontario into consistency with the other Great Lakes.

This may violate someone else's notion of what "natural=coastline" is meant for, but until such time as there is another method brought into practical use for rending the Great Lakes a) at a reasonable zoom level (eg, they are big enough that they should show at the default zoomlevel of 5) and b) consistently (eg, showing all 5 lakes, instead of just 4 of the lakes at zoom 5), this seems to me a reasonable compromise.

If you disagree, please implement a different fix.


Posted by Mateusz Konieczny on 31 August 2015 in English (English)

It is not OK to use one tag (for example amenity=hotel) and add second tag that negates or massively change its meaning (for example adding involuntary=yes to amenity=hotel instead of using amenity=prison). Additional tags should clarify meaning of main tags rather than negate it.

In general, any tag tag must be processed to avoid producing false or invalid data is a trolltag.

For example somebody wants to produce map of cycleways. Simply processing highway=cycleway and highway=path with bicycle=designated should be enough. Data consumer in that situation should not be expected to check for "proposed=yes", "demolished=yes", "construction=yes", "completely_fictional=yes" or "end_date=1990".

Obviously, one may want to look for more detail - for example to show proper map of cycleways one would want to check also access, surface, oneway and other tags. But again - segment of cycleway destroyed in landslide should be removed from map rather than tagged as [highway=cycleway, surface=giant_gaping_hole, smoothness=impassable].

Adding tags like proposed=yes is a really poor idea. In case of data consumers not supporting them it will lead to invalid and highly misleading data. And data consumers supporting completely broken tagging schemes (like [highway=tertiary; construction=yes] instead of supporting just [highway=construction, construction=tertiary]) encourages usage of this tagging method. The danger is that with more and more data tagged using trolltags other data consumers will either be forced to add support for trolltags or stop using OSM data.

And possibilities for trolltag are endless. Lets say that somebody wants to display existing shops and support all tagging schemes. Good luck with filtering out proposed=yes, abandoned=yes, vacant=yes, demolished=yes, construction=yes, empty=yes, ruins=yes, parsing start_date and end_date etc etc.

Some real examples: - there was a building. Then it was demolished. But somebody, instead of deleting it from OSM (or maybe temporarily converting it into note="there was building here now it is demolished") decided to add demolished=yes. - railway=route tagged on highways and footways. To detect that this is not a railway route but original research about line that was closed over 80 years ago one would need to process "note=abandoned railway" or "railway:end_date=1931"

In many cases (like this two cases above) correct mapping is no mapping whatsoever. What existed in past and is not existing now should not be mapped in OSM (see - "What it doesn't include is opinionated data like ratings, historical or hypothetical features, and data from copyrighted sources.").

In other cases objects should not be deleted but retagged. For example in really rare cases mapping proposed roads makes sense. Maybe some proposal for constructing footways are also verifiable. But in that case use [highway=proposed, proposed=footway] rather than [highway=footway; proposed=yes]. At least normal data users will not be mislead into displaying proposals as reality. (and yes, somebody did it - see ).

It is OK to map objects under construction. But [highway=footway; construction=yes] is the best method to irritate data consumers (real - see Use [highway=construction; construction=footway] instead.

And good luck with interpreting [construction=yes; railway=tram_stop; start_date=2012]. Is it construction that was supposed to end in 2012? Is it construction that was supposed to start in 2012? And almost everybody will process it as an existing tram stop. It would be better to avoid mapping until it was really constructed (or use something like [construction=tram_stop, end_date=2012])

Note that some tags may be OK or trolltag depending on how it is used. For example abandoned=yes. It is perfectly OK to add it to building - after all, abandoned building is still building. But using it on shop=supermarket to indicate that shop is no longer operating and it is impossible to buy anything there (in other words - it is no longer a shop) is not OK and should be tagged in proper way (typically - by deleting shop=supermarket).

Disclaimer - trolltags are frequently not processed and ignored. As result it is typical that [highway=motorway, construction=yes] is no longer under construction and may be used. This type of issues as usually requires survey on the ground to be properly fixed.

And you may use this overpass query to detect more in your region - (it includes tags that nearly always are trolltags - but certainly some false positives will appear. For example vacant=yes is fine for building).

Grass&Green is a new tool pointing to crucial issue and need your support

Posted by grass_and_green on 31 August 2015 in English (English)

Dear OSM users,

Grass&Green is a new tool to improve the quality of data from classification perspective.The project aims to: 1) develop an appropriate classification of entities to support more use;2) guide the participants towards better understanding of the class;3) enrich the OSM data; 4) correct the miss classified data.

Is it a "park"? The given entities in the previous figure. Is is a park? could it be classified as a garden? what is the best classification of that entity? While in the next figure is the entity is a park or forest? could it classified as meadow?

Is is a "forest"? The tool is part of a research at Bremen University by Ahmed Loai Ali. The research argues that the appropriate classification of entities comes from the inherent characteristics of the entities and its geographical context. For example, when an area covered by grass and contains amusements and leisure properties then it is recommended to be classified as park, garden, recreation,..etc. Whereas when an identical entity contains nothing and full will woody plants, then it would be better to classify it as forest. While in other situation when a grass entity located between roundabouts and besides highways and aims to decoration purpose it could be classified as grass. When the entity used for agriculture then its field, farm, ..etc. For further details you could read our research publications.

The tool that we develop focus currently on German data only, and we still analysis the classification within the city boundaries. So, It represents a way to improve our research and our research plan still have more items.

The tool is online under We need to understand how participants see the classification of grass-related entities. We need to check if participants could really able to classify these type of entities correctly from only satellite images and local knowledge. To which extent is our generated recommendations matches with participants' opinion.

Hence, It is a kindly call for participants. Let's improve our data sets, Let's understand various conceptual perspectives. I would appreciate your participation. Your comments and feedback and more than welcome.

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