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Update on my School Work

Posted by alexkemp on 2 April 2020 in English (English)

March 24: School Work starts

As best as I can tell I’ve only worked my way through 69 schools. It seems far more. There are more than 223 changesets made by myself under this banner, and I was trying to do one changeset for each school or set-of-schools in the same immediate area. I think that what has happened is that the number of schools listed on the page have shrunk as I have sorted them.

I began using to update all school info within OSM in the NG (Nottinghamshire) postcode on March 24. You can see all postcode links at

The site was promoted by a diary post by CjMalone. It gathers info from the site on current schools and cross-references those against schools mapped within OSM. Each top-level postcode gets it’s own page, and within that page the site lists (in order):-

  1. Schools apparently not mapped in OSM
  2. Schools in OSM not matched against the official list
  3. Schools matched in OSM by location but not edubase ID
  4. Schools matched in OSM by edubase ID

School Cadastre

In the last 9 days I’ve worked my way through all the first 3 sets of schools in the lists above. I’ve entered missing Cadastre (the perimeter of the school land parcel), and fixed them where they were wrong.

I also tried but failed to find the govt opensource download for those cadastre. Finally, Christian Ledermann mailed me with the link to his github for his App that contains those Cadastre. Unfortunately his site is broken (logging into OSM gives a Status 500 error back from his site), but it did all work and put all necessary info on the OSM way. Bugger! Just when I needed it, it is not working.

I do not have the time to fix his site. I can finish the NG schools manually & bodge my way with the cadastre. It’s a bummer, because his product was excellent. Build instructions are here.

All Schools now have websites

There seem to be many missing or bad website links in the edubase site. A useful site is, in which the first link on the line will bring up the school website.

The interesting feature for me is that a few years ago very few schools had a website or an email address and, suddenly, that has changed with hundreds of identikit websites springing up. Chock-a-block with JavaScript and cute cartoons (wretch) and moving pictures. Including more than one with a customised mouse cursor that prevented me from clicking on anything (not deliberate - they had scores of links to click on). The cursor was a little, cute squirrel. I was really wishing that it was a hedgehog, or a porcupine, so that I could stick it sideways up the southern fundament of that page’s web designer.

Final observation

I’ve had to update every school with at least one piece of data, and usually several or all. So, it has been very useful indeed. Only another few hundred to go.

Inclusão da Rede Bancarias no OpenStreetMap.

Posted by raphaelmirc on 2 April 2020 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

Boa Noite.

Tenho adicionado Agencias da Rede Bancarias; ITAU, BANCO DO BRASIL, CAIXA ECONÔMICA FEDERAL, BRADESCO, SANTANDER e BNB (Banco do Nordeste).

Estou adicionando as Agencias da Cidade do Recife e Região Metropolitana, incluindio endereço, N°, Site, N° Agencia e Telefone.

O OpenstreetMap está com bastante informação sobre os bancos brasileiro, uma fonte para pesquisa de agencias espalhada por todos o estado de Pernambuco e sua Capital Recife.


Raphael de Assis. Recife/PE.

Location: Cohab, Recife, Região Geográgica Imediata do Recife, Região Metropolitana do Recife, Região Geográfica Intermediária do Recife, Pernambuco, Região Nordeste, Brasil

Ein Welt-Umradler 🚵‍ grüßt die 🗺 OSM-Gemeinde

Posted by -karlos- on 1 April 2020 in German (Deutsch)

Der Welt-Umradler Peter Smolka (“Lemlem”) hat mir in sein Bucht auch Grüße an die Openstreetmap-Gemeinde geschrieben:

“Mit herzlichen Grüßen an die OSM-Gemeinde. Die OSM-Karten haben mir oft geholfen, besonders im Großstadtschungel und in den ganz leeren Weltgegenden.”

Seine Bücher sind zu empfehlen, wenn man von Abenteuern und vom realen Leben in anderen Ländern lesen möchte: Rad ab, Rad ab 2


So much help!

Posted by kucai on 1 April 2020 in English (English)

Top ten fifteen mappers in my country are not even locals. There’s a need to form a new rebel alliance! We shall rise, silently and slowly. Currently, we are just tired.

Location: Cahaya SPK, Subang, Shah Alam, 40170, Malaysia

Nobody seems to know where Tesla gets its map data for speed limits

Posted by penguian on 1 April 2020 in English (English)

Right now, I suspect that Tesla gets its speed limit data from OSM, but I can’t prove this.

My phone GPS is so inacurate, uploading a GPS trace LOWERS the quality of OSM.

Posted by PhysicsArmature on 1 April 2020 in English (English)

(Subject says it all) If the GPS that got uploaded was accurate, I would be running off road, across driveways, on sidewalks that are not yet built.

Hello, my car uses incorrect speed limits

Posted by penguian on 1 April 2020 in English (English)

I drive a Tesla Model 3 around Canberra suburbs. When it uses Traffic Aware Cruise Control, it apparently relies on OSM data rather than the speed limit signs. This can lead to situations where TACC will use an incorrect speed limit (eg. 80 km/h in a 60 km/h zone). See How can such speed limit data be kept accurate and up to date? This is what I aim to find out.

See also

Location: Verona, Watson, Canberra, District of Canberra Central, Australian Capital Territory, 2602, Australia


Posted by Zkir on 31 March 2020 in Russian (Русский)

Из интервью с Максимом Дубининым

Надо выбить золотыми буквами где-нибудь.

— Данные OSM — они какие? Бытует мнение, что они, мягко говоря, сырые.

— Они такие, что их используют почти все, причем во всем мире. […] Когда начинаются разговоры про качество и точность данных OSM, то я считаю, что в 90% случаев — это чистый троллинг.

ОТ МЕНЯ: Чем данные OSM становятся подробнее, тем больше они сырые. Такой вот, граждане, удивительный факт.

Frei-Otto-Straße in München, 80797, Germany, is operational

Posted by Srihari Thalla on 31 March 2020 in English (English)

The Frei-Otto-Straße of Munich, 80797, Germany has been operational for the last couple of weeks. Please find the addresses here: Straßen-Umbenennung in Frei-Otto-Straße_2020-01-16.pdf

Location: 19, Medienpark Schwabing, Bezirksteil Schwere-Reiter-Straße, Stadtbezirk 04 Schwabing-West, Munich, Bavaria, 80797, Germany

Hi, from HOT's new tech director, I'm ready to be directed.

Posted by bo_hot on 31 March 2020 in English (English)

Hi All,

I thought it was about time I started my diaries and put some public thoughts out into the world of OSM.

I recently joined HOT to take on the role of Director of Technology and couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. I am by no means replacing my predecessor, Nate, rather doing my best to carry on and evolve the astounding legacy (and huge shoes to fill).

In the spirit of openness, you can look up my background here >

My HOT profile is here >

the tldr; I’ve always worked in non-profit, NGO and community development and have worked over the past 7 or so years specifically on digital development, ICT4D or whichever turn of phrase you’d prefer. Over the last 5 years, I also worked alongside a couple of OpenSource projects in this space namely DHIS2 and Moodle. Things I care a lot about; design, inclusive technologies, gender & LGBTQI+ groups, transparency and universal access.

I’ve been a long time user of OSM in a recreational capacity (finding and contributing mountain bike and hiking trails while living in and around Asia), but I’m new making contributions in a professional capacity.

I have two personal mottos. i) ‘support the superstars’ and ii) ‘the best opportunities in the best interests of others’. My main goal is to facilitate and support the team at HOT as well as everyone in the OSM community to ensure all voices are heard for HOT’s contributions.

This article sums up me and combines my work life with my non work life >

Feel free to reach out to me on slack or email, I’m always open for a chat, feedback, ideas, anything you’d like :)

Location: Esserts-Salève, Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, Upper Savoy, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Metropolitan France, 74560, France

So many abandoned houses and no road that lead to them!

Posted by gabriele_sani on 31 March 2020 in English (English)

One of the main feature I love to map while hiking are abandoned houses/isolate dwellings. It’s full of them in the parks I usually go around and they are more often than not in a good state. Leaving aside the fact that after a few years I’m STILL not sure what the exact tag should be (locality? isolated_dwelling? abandoned:isolated_dwelling?) the main “problem” I have is with the one I don’t reach: there are so many abandoned places marked on OSM that have no road/path leading there. I suppose most of them come from mass import from public data-set or maybe someone copying data from other maps, but it baffles me how many un-mapped way are there in the mountains. I love exploring and I would love to complete some zone, but it seems like an effort so huge that feels impossible.

Максим Дубинин: «В OpenStreetMap нужно заниматься тем, что тебе важно, а не пытаться «спасти» проект в целом»

Posted by Silka123 on 30 March 2020 in Russian (Русский)

Максим Дубинин Максим Дубинин — основатель проекта GIS-Lab и директор компании NextGIS, которая разрабатывает одноименный продукт. Наверное, его имя известно в России почти любому, кто связан с темой ГИС. Кто использует данные OSM, какого они качества и почему их не ценят — обо всем этом он рассказал в интервью.

Le cadastre du bâti mars 2020 Quimperlé

Posted by Libre à Quimperlé on 30 March 2020 in French (Français)

Mise à jour du cadastre de Quimperlé OK 12 510 habitants

Short section of cross country skitrail added

Posted by kgbarth on 30 March 2020 in English (English)

South and east of Torsetvannet a new diagonal was opened winter 2019/20 that is not currently in opensnowmap. This now added. It does not yet have a name so noe has been added. The track is groomed with classic tracks on both sides and a narrow skat section in the middle, thus taged as classic and skate.

Wo ist die Lindenstraße?

Posted by -karlos- on 30 March 2020 in German (Deutsch)

Angeblich ist die Lindenstraße ja irgendwo in München. Aber OSM findet dort fast in jedem Stadtteil eine. Der letzte Abspann, ein toller Kameraflug, macht gut ermittelbar, wo die Straße in München liegt:


  • Jeder erkennt dort im Hintergrund die Frauenkirche.
  • Ortskundige sehen rechts davor in Gelb die Theatinerkirche.
  • Auf der Karte erkennt man, die Blickrichtung geht von Nord-Nordost.
  • Noch weiter rechts und näher ist die spitztürmige Ludwigskriche zu sehen.
  • Östlich davon verläuft eine in der Mitte des Bildes sehr weit sichtbare Nebenstraße,
  • Das kann nur die nord-südlich verlaufende Kaulbachstraße sein.
  • Oben erkennt man gut das Newman Haus.
  • Die Häuser weit davor bzw. darunter sind auf Luftaufnahmen identifizierbar.
  • Und die ganz nahen sichtbaren Gebäude davon sind die Nummern 66 links und 65 rechts. Alles davor ist das dazu getrickste Studiogelände in Köln. F4 aufrufen aufrufen

Location: Schwabing-Ost, Bezirksteil Schwabing - Ost, Stadtbezirk 12 Schwabing-Freimann, München, Bayern, 80802, Deutschland

New Regina Imagery Soon

Posted by gecho111 on 30 March 2020 in English (English)

I saw a tender put out for new aerial imagery for Regina. It looks like the city is keeping with their recent pattern of re-imaging the city every 2 years. The images are usually acquired early to mid April before the tree leaves open.

Should be available for JOSM editing in a few months to add buildings constructed in the past year.

Новости из мира OpenStreetMap № 504 (10.03.2020-16.03.2020)

Posted by Silka123 on 30 March 2020 in Russian (Русский)

504 выпуск WeeklyOSM переведен на русский

На что обратить внимание:

  • Apple проанализировала дороги России. Ошибки загружены на MapRoulette. Давайте мапить!
  • На инструмент ‘indoor=’
  • API OSM теперь поддерживает JSON-ответы
  • Много карт с коронавирусом

WeMap - getting by with CoVid-19 with weekly mapathons

Posted by GOwin on 30 March 2020 in English (English)

Many places around the world right now are experiencing community lock downs to help mitigate the spread of CoVid-19. Non-essential travel is restricted or banned, including even exercising outdoors.

That’s our new normal here in the Philippines, especially those villages, towns, and cities in Luzon under “community quarantine”, or the more restrictive “enhanced community quarantine”, in other words we are staying at home as much as possible, and most us are online doing many other things, trying to keep our minds of from worrying.

In fact, I recently enrolled to an online language course, to brush up on my Nihonggo, which I took up many years ago, but never really got to use except, for my perfect “Wakarimasen” replies. 😉

Last week, the OSM community in the Philippines kicked of a re-formatted MapaTime initiative. In our previous normal, MapaTime events are mapathon sessions held in venues where people physically gather to contribute, learn, map, exchange ideas about specific themes, or initiatives. It’s a term we use, instead of the jargon “mapathon” which many people may not understand, based on feedback we received from past sessions.

This initiative is referred to as “WeMap”, a portmanteau of “Wednesdays MapaTime” , where we plan to organize sessions every Wednesday night, hoping to reach out to online volunteers who are keen to contribute to positive efforts, with tangible outcomes during the lock down.

The “pilot episode”

Last week, the MapaGaling campaign by the Ministry of Mapping was featured, where participants were taught how to contribute to OSM using MapContrib, and mapping local healthcare facilities that they know of: hospitals, clinics, doctors, pharmacies, etc. MapContrib is perfect for new mappers, with a very friendly and almost intuitive interface.

Most of the participants were from the capital region,but we had a sprinkling of participants from elsewhere, and this showed up in the edits that occurred during that period, when we encourage participants to map the favorite neighborhoods they’re familiar with.

There’s a genuine interest for healthcare-related efforts, and that was made apparent by the ~77 volunteers who attended that night:

What’s next?

This coming Wednesday, together #WeMap for the MAPampanga campaign of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team in the Philippines, to map infrastructure essential to disaster preparedness and response in the province.

For your convenience, we recommend using a computer with a mouse, to maximize your potential for learning the iD editor during the webinar.

Together #WeMap for Pampanga this Wednesday, 1st April, 19:30 (UTC+8).

We’re keen to hear from fellow contributors – new and old, while we map together during the session. Details about the session is available here:

I hope you continue to look after yourself, and look out for one another. Take care and stay safe.

Location: Romblon, Mimaropa, Philippines

Les adresses avec Fantoir

Posted by Libre à Quimperlé on 29 March 2020 in French (Français)

Voici un tuto en vidéo :

OSM Hour Úr Balázzsal (online, interaktív) április 1 szerda 19:00 (nem tréfa!)

Posted by bkil on 29 March 2020 in Hungarian (Magyar)

További információk a wiki oldalon olvashatók:álkozók/2020-04-01

Kérdéseket Matrixon és a levlistán is fogadunk.

A találkozóhoz ezzel a hivatkozással lehet majd kapcsolódni: