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Posted by mayanaut on 28 February 2024 in English.

I have tentatively completed the sidewalks in Ben Avon, as well as pedestrian crossings, and some fire hydrants. I have added surface materials to most, if not all of the sidewalks and ped crossings. Some of the pedestrian crossings may have had their lines repainted more recently than the available street-level imagery I have access to, so I will update them as necessary.

For now, I’ve held off tagging sidewalks and pedestrian crossings with smoothness and slope data, partly because of the difficulty of adding that manually, but also because I’m not quite sure how useful this data is given that few renderers seem to use this data. Even seems to only pull the data on individual buildings/businesses, rather than the condition of the pathways that lead between them. So unless I come across a compelling reason to go back and add this data, this aspect is on pause for me.

One of my next goals was to be adding private driveways and walkways to connect with sidewalks and streets, but I am second-guessing this now. While many are easily visible from a combination of aerial and street-level photography, there are also quite a few that are difficult to see under heavy tree cover.

I am going to investigate how to properly map stop signs and other traffic control devices, and perhaps add speed limits to roadways as I am able.

I also ran into some trouble when adding a bridge area and modifying another bridge area, along with the associated ways that pass over and under it… so I probably need to brush up on how best to modify those for future use.

There are also a couple of areas that probably should be modified to be more in line with existing conditions. For example, there are a few blocks east of Dickson Avenue, between Perrysville and Church that are not included in the adjacent Residential Area when they really should be.

While I tinker around with some of these things, I think I can start plugging away at the low-hanging fruit in Emsworth with regard to sidewalks and pedestrian crossings.

Posted by YoViajo on 28 February 2024 in Spanish (Español).

El año ya está un tanto avanzado, pero nunca es tarde para hacerse unos propósitos de año con respecto a OpenStreetMap. Esto a manera de retomar la actividad de mapeo y aporte a OSM.

Los siguientes temas tomarán mi atención (por orden de importancia):

  • Revisión y completado de la delimitación de la ciudad de Santa Cruz y otras unidades administrativas (manchas urbanas, municipios) en el departamento de Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Estas delimitaciones, especialmente de la ciudad, ayudan para algunas aplicaciones que requieren establecer hasta donde comprende la ciudad.

  • Revisión, actualización y completado de infraestructura de salud pública (municipal, departamental, nacional) en la ciudad de Santa Cruz, Bolivia. A manera de aporte al interés público y como complemento a lo que hago en mi trabajo diario.

  • Revisión, actualización y completado de la cobertura de cajeros automáticos en la ciudad de Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Caso de estudio de compilación de datos con potencial de análisis espacial.

  • Actualización de mi zona (unidad vecinal 52) en la ciudad de Santa Cruz, Bolivia: caso de estudio de una zona con cobertura densa de datos.

Como verán, este año estará centrado en lo que me es más cercano geográficamente, que puedo visitar y verificar.

Posted by sjorford on 27 February 2024 in English.

I’ve made a start at mapping the shops in Glastonbury - the result of which is that Glasto now has three quarters of all the places tagged with shop=esoteric in the UK.

Some of these could be shop=herbalist or shop=jewellery; others may be better tagged as shop=gift (although that implies most purchases are for other people, which I’m not sure is the case here). There are some that offer alternative medicine or services such as tarot readings. But many of them offer such a mix of items and services that “esoteric” seems the only proper description.

Location: Glastonbury, Somerset, England, United Kingdom

Малые Диковичи - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов.

Малые Дворцы - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов.

Сернички - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов.

Кривое село - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов.

Иванисовка - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов.

Болгары - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов, насосная станция, сеть ЛЭП. В том числе отрисовано садовое товарищество “Сосновка” (чуть севернее от Болгары по Н-232).

Просцы - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов.

Конотоп - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов.

Клин - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов.

д. Городище - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов, медицинское землепользование.

п. Городище - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов, водные объекты (в т.ч. Святое озеро), инфраструктура железной дороги, промышленная зона, трубопроводная инфраструктура (газ), социальные объекты.

Староселье - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов.

Location: 225716, Брестская область, 225716, Беларусь

Состояние некоторых населённых пунктов от 27.02.2024 в Пинском районе:

Малый Холожин - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов, местная подстанция (КТП-439). Упорядоченные сельхоз. угодья вокруг деревни.

Большой Холожин - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов.

Лисятичи - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов, подстанция ТП-1114, номера и тип домов. Исправлена геометрия водоёма и местной фермы.

Доброславка - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов, кладбище и землепользование фермы.

Большая Вулька - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов.

Понятичи - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов.

Перекрестье - имеются: названия улиц, номера и тип домов.

Location: 225716, Брестская область, 225716, Беларусь
Posted by GovernorKeagan on 27 February 2024 in English.

Pavement Lights

I’ve been meaning to tag the pavement lights in and around Dublin for a little while now but just never got around to doing it. While walking (briefly) in town to catch the Dart, I added notes for a couple that I noticed. In hindsight, I should have tagged them while I was there, as a couple are tricky to find due to the shadow of the building.

Having said that, I managed to get a couple in the city centre as well as one in Blackrock Village. Big thanks to b-unicycling for the video that details how to tag them!

Overpass Turbo: Pavement Lights in Ireland

Milestone Markers

I came across a TikTok video which mentioned the old GPO milestone markers. They were used to help the postal service and the community figure out how far away they were from the city centre and the General Post Office.

b-unicycling helped map a lot of them down Malahide Road and towards Howth. There was one in Blackrock (Rock Road) that had been tagged a few years back but was missing the historic=milestone tag, which I added today. I will continue to look out for these as I’m walking around - I actually saw one in person that I had gone past a bunch and not stopped to think what it was.

Overpass Turbo: GPO Milestone Markers

I recently got this comment on my Proposal on Forum.

This undoubtedly hurt my feelings. Since, well, I have been trying to make OSM better in tagging.

As a result, ‘'’I have paused proposal-making for this moment.’’’ Don’t know if this is temporary or permanent, but I have to. Users have undoubtedly hurt how me, as a mapper and pretty much a proposer of lots of proposals, try to improve OSM tagging.

Sorry, if user reads this, it hurt your feelings. I just need to make sure everyone knows.

Querido diario… El día de hoy actualice los nombre de calles del pueblo de Tlamanca, Patlanalan Quiliayo y Tepan de los rosales al igual que ubicaciones de paradas de autobuses para una mejor ubicación y entendimiento, espero estos cambios sean publicados en Google Maps y Maps de ÍOS. Estos cambios son a base de conocimiento propio adquirido por el pueblo y su gente.

Sin mas por decir me despido y espero ayudar con mi contribución. ATENTAMENTE Alex Shepherd Masón

Posted by GUFSZ on 25 February 2024 in German (Deutsch).

Ich bin ziemlich viel von diesem Routennetzwerk mit dem Fahrrad abgefahren. Es stellen sich dabei einige Probleme. Ausgangspunkt war, dass ein User einen Teil dieses Routennetzwerk von der Regionalparkzeit zusammengeklickt hat und mit schon bestehenden Daten vermischt hat. Das Netzwerk bekam in der Datenbank den Namen “Regionalpark Routennetz südlich des Mains”. Aber die eingetragenen Wege stimmten nicht mit den Angaben von überein. Es war wesentlich mehr in OSM erfasst. Also habe ich mir OTG angeschaut, ob ich die Struktur, die der Regionalpark beschreibt, entdecke. Das ist nicht möglich.

Es gibt zwei Beschilderungen. Eine Beschilderung, die der FGSV-Beschilderung für Fahrräder angelehnt ist und eine eigene Regionalparkbeschilderung. Hie und da stehen diese Beschilderungen nebeneinander und widersprechen sich.

Weiter gibt es Routen, die im Landesfahrradroutenplaner stehen, aber nicht ausgeschildert sind. In Realität gibt es auch Routen, die ausgeschildert sind, aber nicht im Landesfahrradroutenplaner stehen.

Auf der Seite wird zwar das Regionalparkprojekt dargestellt. Aber das lässt sich, wie schon geschrieben, schwer in der Beschilderung wiederfinden. Beispiel Regionalpark-Rundroute. Man findet sie problemlos, aber es wird nie klar, ist sie jetzt ein hervorgehobener Teil des Routennetzwerkes oder ist sie ein Teil, der nicht zum Routennetzwerk gehört? Ähnlich die Klimaroute.

Deswegen habe ich das Routennetzwerk wieder zurück umbenannt und fast alles abgefahren, was in der Datenbank war. Dann bin ich auch noch die Wege abgefahren, die im Landesroutenplaner stehen. Falls ausgeschildert, habe ich sie eingetragen.

Dabei musste ich aber feststellen, es gibt einige Abzweige, die weder in OSM, noch im Landesfahrradroutenplaner eingetragen sind. Ich hoffe, dass diese fehlenden Stücke durch andere ihren Weg in die Datenbank finden.

OpenDataDay Belém/PA - Brazil 2024 – Mapping the historic neighborhood of Cidade Velha.

OpenDataDay Belém/PA - Brasil 2024 – Mapeando o bairro histórico de Cidade Velha. Belém, Pará, Brazil Cidade Velha, Belém-Pará,Brasil

6th March 8:00 – 18:00 Iremos mapear o Bairro Cidade Velha no OpenDataDay em 6 de Março de 2024.

Sua história. Cidade Velha (região originalmente chamada de Mairi),inicialmente batizado como bairro Cidade ou bairro da Sé, é um bairro histórico da cidade paraense de Belém do Pará (estado brasileiro do Pará) iniciado na década de 1620.

Link da Mapatona na Task Manage da HOT:

Bairro Mapeado no Openstreetmap

Esse mapeamento ira acontecer presencialmente com o Grupo de Pesquisa Meninas da GEO e Mapeadores de todo o mundo on-line, será um evento Hibrido.

Openstreetmap #ODD #Belém #Brasil #MeninasDaGeo #OSMBrasil

Location: Cidade Velha, Belém, Região Geográfica Imediata de Belém, Região Geográfica Intermediária de Belém, Pará, North Region, Brazil
Posted by rebekah24 on 25 February 2024 in English.

OpenStreetMap Rwanda Monthly Mapathon 2024 Updates.

OSM Rwanda Open Mapping Event 24th Feb 2024.

Open Mapping is growing in Rwanda , with amazing stories , after facing challenges of open data representation and severe disaster outbreak and after 2021_2022 the pandemic out break the story has changed 💔. Since then Rwandan youths and women realized that open mapping initiatives are key 🗝️ activities to drive the community into transformative journey and especially being well represented in data. we took a step ahead and map our community as a passion and fun to support data driven decision making where in need. OSM Rwanda Monthly Mapathon Event

Local problems , local solutions.

OSM Rwanda started 2015 with limited skills about mapping tools , the journey was not easy to grow the community with passion in data representation among the global competitive communities well equipped. But equipping women means this to Us. we consider Men as Brain and Women as heart as the saying goes that, “The heart represents a more compassionate approach, whilst the brain usually plays a more stern and analytical part.”

2024 Mapping Urban Green in Rwanda Feb 20th 2024 The Community gathering to learn and map urban green in Kigali city and building in Muhanga District city, many from the team were beginners young Men and Women. They all had a passion to participate in Open Mapping development. In most cases Men are the decision makers, but women are decision implementers in our daily usual activities , putting more effort in this ecosystem means a lot for sustainable future especially in three planetary crisis , Climate change, Biodiversity loss and and Pollution. This is why we decided to encourage and train women and girls about open mapping projects as championship program for sustainable change.

Women and Girls in Mapping 2024

We organize mapathon Events every month with 30% of women participation affirmative action. This drive is to smooth, smart and soft fun mapathon Events of course because of that small number of women and girls the work and number of edits goes slow , but the impact is bigger even for the future we look forward to have more collaboration among the world experienced Mappers to take these initiatives on the next stage.

Posted by mayanaut on 25 February 2024 in English.

I got kind of sidetracked the past couple of days on two separate updates, one of which is in-progress (albeit a low priority for me), and the other I haven’t even started to unravel.

  1. I studied the wiki to find the proper tagging method to indicate that the lower portion of Forest Avenue (btwn Brighton and Western, underneath PA-65) is off-limits to large trucks. While out walking around, I noticed a very new, very visible sign that forbids semis, so it’s quite possible that they’ve recently had issues with large trucks exiting PA-65 to attempt deliveries at the industrial area near the Emsworth Locks and Dam, or re-entering 65 farther down the road. While it seems that several other roads in Ben Avon are clearly marked as “no trucks, local deliveries only” (and I have tagged those roads as best as I could for now), this particular tunnel seems to be particularly off-limits. I plan to survey some other entry points into Ben Avon to verify signage and weight limits, and will update as I get better on-the-ground information.

  2. I’ve noticed a whole tangled web of issues in the area of Spruce Run near the old Building Mill. Hiking trails cross streams, streams cross roads, streams cross buildings… it is difficult to make complete sense of things. For now I haven’t attempted any clean up in this area, but will do so after I survey the area in person. I am hoping to complete this without too much trespassing, and before the leaves obstruct line-of-sight from publicly-accessible vantage points.

Additionally, until now I have concerned myself with issues that arise from my own edits, but moving forward I will attempt to resolve other lingering issues that appear on the map in the Ben Avon vicinity while I am out-and-about.

Today, I got an email from my local conservation officer at the county council (whom I had briefly worked for in 2022, so he knows about my OSM activity) asking me whether there were any lime kilns mapped in County Kilkenny, because the government database didn’t have much to offer. And of course, there are some mapped; I made a video about it in 2021. So I sent him the overpass-turbo query.

I checked the government database which showed 4 lime kilns for that area; OSM had 20 (but I actually added another one that I had previously forgotten about).

When I was home and had access to a proper PC, I also built him a search for field names referring to lime kilns which can be “Kill Field” and “Kiln Field”, because that might hint at some more lime kilns. map of locations of lime kilns in Co. Kilkenny

Nice to know that all the effort of the last couple of years are paying off (if only metaphorically).