What better ways to spend weekends than mapping? ;)

And it’s like icing on the cake when World Environment Day falls on the end of the week. No better day to kickstart Basaveshwaranagar Mapping Party!

dscn1067-001 Basaveshwarnagar neighbourhood

This quaint little neighbourhood has been home to us for the past 20 years, and even though we thought we had all its entities etched in our memory, the growth this area has had in the recent years has baffled us, nonetheless. There are so many new things coming up, the neighbourhood has gone through so many changes that it was almost a necessity to keep up with the pace of its growth and have an idea about what is happening in our immediate surroundings. Well, mapping seemed like an answer to all those questions and hence, tada, Basaveshwaranagar Mapping Party has officially been flagged off!

dscn1074-001 Even the cows like partying!!!!

On account of World Environment Day, the mapping party started off with us, Jinal and me mapping trees present in our area, to get a bearing of whether our neighbourhood is more greener or less, and of course, it is less. There are so many trees cut down to make room for development. A sad scenario, but few good samaritans still love the ah-mazing trees and quite a few of them have survived.

dscn1065-001 Survival skills, I tell you!

We mapped close to a hundred trees in ten streets we roamed around. Quite a good number but there is still room for a lot more greenery. Basaveshwaranagar is beautiful, there is no denying it, but it can be a lot more beautiful with more trees. Maybe, a call for a sapling drive would be great!

collages1 Basaveshwaranagar buddies mapping ;)

Using an offline mapping app, we mapped the locations of trees around our area (sadly, we couldn’t upload it from since it doesn’t have a tag for trees; though we have made them a request!) and then we uploaded it on OpenStreetMap using JOSM. OpenStreetMap looks a lot more greener, now that we have added quite the number of trees in our locality.

dscn1072-001 Using

screenshot_2016-06-08_13_27_51 Streets we covered

15c5dw Trees mapped in the area

Mapping party, however, is not just about mapping trees. It’s about getting to know our surroundings, our home better and to keep Basaveshwaranagar up to date on the map. We are looking forward to a lot more mapping, adding up new interest points, restaurants, shops, adding missing streets and repairing the wrong ones present on OpenStreetMap and also, ;)

dscn1064 Tracking our little friends ;)

We welcome all Basaveshwarnagar mappers to join, bring in new perspective and put in their efforts and interests to make our area a lot more cooler than it already is. Let’s grab field papers, party hats and go map!

What say?

Comment from PlaneMad on 9 June 2016 at 14:54

Such an amazing writeup! This brings the total count of trees mapped in the city to 2259.

Do you tag the tree stumps as trees as well? I’m always confused when a plant becomes a tree and now my benchmark is if its 1 building floor high, its a tree!

Comment from GOwin on 9 June 2016 at 22:43

Nice write-up!

I like how the mapa are rendered with but find find the features limited. For example, I couldn’t map or look for fire hydrants. OsmAnd, of course, does all that. Well, except for nodes. But then again, I’d rather be using my computer when I have to do more than simple edits. For editing polygons when mobile (if I really, really, have to), then I use Vespucci.

Check them out.

Comment from jinalfoflia on 13 June 2016 at 06:55

@PlaneMad Thank you!

Do you tag the tree stumps as trees as well?

We did not tag tree stumps as trees.

I’m always confused when a plant becomes a tree and now my benchmark is if its 1 building floor high, its a tree!

This sounds interesting, this time there was no benchmark that we considered as most of the trees were quite tall. This would be helpful when we encounter such a situation.

Comment from poornibadrinath on 13 June 2016 at 10:21

@PlaneMad @GOwin Thank you!

Comment from Sunfishtommy on 16 June 2016 at 02:53

Wow I had never heard of before this, this is how an OSM based app should be. And It really takes advantage of OSM’s number one feature over Google which is you can download and store map data locally for when you don’t have service.

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