Mapper since:
August 31, 2014

For now I am mostly working In Mexico. I like to map Here Because I love Mexico, and there is so much area in the map that is blank. I love being able to go in and just fill up an area with data that was previously just blank space.

My most extensive mapping so far has been in Chiapas Mexico. For whatever reason I decided to map a certain section of Chiapas which I fondly call Chiapas Corner. So far this is my biggest achievement to date in the map, as I have completely finished mapping all residential roads and up in this small corner of Chiapas. I am still mapping in Chiapas, as well as in Guerrero and Puebla, and wherever the edits take me.

If you are interested in helping in any of the areas where I have been focussing on like Chiapas or Guerrero, please message me, I would love to have someone to team up with. It would be great to have a team of people working to completely map Mexico one state at a time. So far Alan Bragg and I have been working in Guerrero, as much of the roads and towns in that state are unmapped.

I Have been in the process of importing addresses in North Carolina under the profile NorthCarolinaAddressImport Info