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Криво сведенные карты,

Posted by AdventurerRussia on 27 July 2015 in Russian (Русский)

Ситуация такая, прямо посреди города свели криво 2 разных снимка, причем сделаны они в разное время, в итоге объекты не сходятся с картой. Из за этого невозможная дальнейшая работа с городом, так как не провести дороги и не обозначить новые дома Просьба администрации разобраться с этим Альтернативный текст Альтернативный текст Альтернативный текст г.Рыбница

Location: ул. Кирова, Рыбница, Рыбницкий район ПМР, Приднестровье, 5500, Молдова

Starting up again

Posted by Mapping49er on 26 July 2015 in English (English)

Two things got me back into mapping. One I am thinking of retiring and this will give me a lot more time to do it. And two we recently acquired a puppy dog (A Coton de Tulear) that needs taking for walks so I have been exploring local pathways to use for said walks. In any event I have also been a fairly regular user of an iphone/ipad app called Galileo for quite some time now and I love maps.

I realised that it must be well over a year since I looked at doing any mapping. JOSM is not on my current computer (replaced 18 months ago). I do however have loads of photos, routes and speech commentaries that I have meant to use in doing map updates. Always happens when I am on holiday and I never got time to apply them on my return. Places like Ireland, San Francisco, Athens, Sidney, Queensland and Singapore are obviously all the poorer for not having my map updates applied onto OSM!

So first step was to downloaded JOSM which I did yesterday 25/07/15. Some quick reading on how to use - somehow seems easier this time round and then off on a long walk to gather some data. This is an enjoyable and healthy way to do mapping. I like walking and exploring with a purpose and actually find it very relaxing. However the battery on my iphone ran out half way through so I will need to revisit some of the walk. Not too unhappy about that either! I specifically wanted to correct one of the local footpaths which is incorrectly shown on OSM and unfortunately my battery had run out before I got to the relevant bit.

As a result of the above walk however I did work out how to upload traces in .GPX format to OSM. Been meaning to do that for ages and I have a lot of traces to upload. Additionally when using the photos I took on this walk for a location fix I discovered that it did not match with what JOSM was saying. On reading up it seems that I need a plug in to correct this . It appears to work out the correct offset for you when you position objects on your map to line up with the imagery. I haven't tried it yet.

I then started doing some updates - simple things like house numbering - automatic allocation can't handle infills such as the three houses behind ours which all have the same number but designated A B and C to give them unique addresses. Occurred to me that just getting my local town (pop. 6200) up to scratch is a considerable amount of work. I also did some research on data sources for this exercise such as .gml files from the Land registry (another plug in I believe) and a uk post code map. I failed completely after some hours researching in getting what is said to be freely available post code amps as a layer to use on my maps.

So as a result of all this my list of things to follow up got bigger and bigger - am I looking at taking on an unpaid full time job. :) List is :

• Get offset on Bing maps sorted out.
• Get plug in to handle .gml files available from land registry (INSPIRE index polygon data.)
• Work out how to get more layers such as electoral boundaries , district council boundaries etc.
• Work out how use tags better (a lot of reading) - such as how to represent a house barge (I live on a river)
• Look at a tags for entering statistical information freely available from the Office of national statistics such census date.
• Start looking at writing code to help with some of the above - I have an IT background but promotion has meant not doing any coding for quite some time and I miss it!
• Find out about adding photos to the map
• Find someone (preferably local) who I can chat / work with on this.

No doubt this list will keep getting bigger!

Location: Burnham-on-Crouch CP, Maldon, Essex, East of England, England, United Kingdom

Кирова был не пешеходный

Posted by d1g on 26 July 2015 in Russian (Русский)

1980, оригинал здесь:

Location: Цирк, Фрунзенский район, Саратов, городской округ Саратов, Саратовская область, Приволжский федеральный округ, 410000, Российская Федерация


Posted by Stuart H 42 on 26 July 2015 in English (English)

Added a few post-boxes recently. Roberts postbox site is excellent for finding postboxes that are not yet mapped. Its unusual to know what you don't know. Learning a bit more about the appropriate tags too.

Then hopefully I'll get back to walking around and adding a few more footpaths. I wonder what other people think the OSM lacks that makes a OS map more useful - and if its something we could add easily. I think the OS will win for walking in the wilds guided only be a map and compass; but OSM should win for towns; and should be as good if GPS guided. Thoughts?

My new endeavour

Posted by akinEmma on 26 July 2015 in English (English)

I would be mapping my surrounding area at Ebute Meta LSDPC.

Starting for the religious building such as mosque, churches and mechanic workshops.

Me interesa

Posted by Te interesa on 26 July 2015 in Spanish (Español)

Me interesa es una revista digital en la que en cada número iré publicando los sitios que voy visitando sus gentes, sus costumbres...

Mapping solidarity groups in Thermaikon

Posted by Petros Polonos on 25 July 2015 in English (English)


I started making a mapped directory od self-organized solidarity initiatives in Thermaikon area. Any help will be appreciated.

Location: Περαίας - Νέας Μηχανιώνας, Agia Triada, Δήμος Θερμαϊκού, Thessaloniki Regional Unit, Central Macedonia Region, Macedonia - Thrace Administration, 57019, Greece


Posted by Behrouz1346 on 25 July 2015 in Persian (فارسی)

بتول سرا

Location: 65, مرکزی, ایران

Wieprz z nazwami ulic

Posted by wAndrychowiepl on 24 July 2015 in Polish (Polski)

Wprowadziłem nazwy ulic wg danych przygotowanych przez UG Wieprz.

Brakuje jedynie ulicy Leśnej, gdyż jej przebieg budzi spore wątpliwości - czekam na uściślenie wariantu.

Location: Wieprz, gmina Wieprz, powiat wadowicki, województwo małopolskie, Polska

It's too damn high

Posted by naoliv on 24 July 2015 in English (English)


Improving the OSM map - why don't we? [6]

Posted by marczoutendijk on 24 July 2015 in English (English)

Redundant or weird tagging?

Sometimes we have to tag a shop without knowing what kind of shop it is. Then we use: shop=yes.
If you know the shop is a clothes shop, then shop=clothes would suffice. Using amenity=shop as in the example below is not encouraged: My advice is to clean-up such tags whenever you encounter them.

The next examples left me puzzled:
Is there really a jewelry in that bar?
What does amenity=printer mean? Can you buy a taxi in that shop? Does it come with the driver?

I used openpoimap for all the examples with this code:
which translates in: "find all nodes\ways\relations\ that have both an amenity key and a shop key, irrespective of value of that key".
Try it out in your own area!

Падарыў Мінску новы дом

Posted by Andrej Zakharevich on 24 July 2015 in Belarusian (Беларуская)

Сёння я падарыў Мінску дом па праспекце Незалежнасці (адразу 1963 года пабудовы). Я проста заўважыў, што ў базе няма дома 57 па праспекце, на яго месцы Дарашэвіча 2. Паехаў на месца і удакладніў дадзеныя дома. Гэта адназначна менавіта дом 57 па Незалежнасці, а не 2 па Дарашэвіча.

Так што сустракайце, мой падарунак Мінску: спасылка!

Historyczne grobowce

Posted by Adam_Piszczek on 24 July 2015 in Polish (Polski)

Historyczne grobowce słynnych i sławnych osób a także grobowce związane z II wojną światową i nie tylko

Korean nodes

Posted by revi^ on 24 July 2015 in English (English)

As I removed in changeset 32842753, there are way too much Korean(English) which can be changed to use i18n correcrly.

I'm gonna do where I can but wtf it's so YOOOOOO.

Turismo rural ecológico en castellon

Posted by ecoturismo on 24 July 2015 in Spanish (Español)

Estaba pensando en como definiría el proyecto de la aldea ecorural que empezó, hace ya casi 4 años y se me han ocurrido estas palabras…

A ver que os parecen?

Turismo rural ecológico en Castellon con casas románticas y rurales para las parejas y mascotas, disfrutando del Hidromasaje en el dormitorio para la máxima relajación.

Bueno pues ya esta dicho lo que pensaba sobre la Definición de la Aldea Ecorural en Castellon

Saludos Aldea Ecorural

Location: Monllat, Culla, Alto Maestrazgo, Castellón, Comunidad Valenciana, España

WordPress plugin "Tabulate" now has OSM export

Posted by Sam Wilson on 23 July 2015 in English (English)

I don't suppose it's of use to many people, but in the interests of adding to the list (somewhere) of software-that-supports-OSM, here's one more:

Or on the WordPress plugin directory:

Location: Beaconsfield, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia

I20 disc golf course

Posted by MMN-o on 23 July 2015 in English (English)

Yesterday I was out mapping the disc golf course on I20 in Umeå, I'm learning relations and general mapping best practices.

I'm also starting to get a feel for Leaflet, Overpass and other libraries/APIs which will be good when visualising my edits.

Note: I don't actually play disc golf myself.

Location: Sandahöjd, Haga/Sandbacka, Umeå, Västerbottens län, Norrland, Sweden

Lion Bar Hornstull

Posted by Nidron on 23 July 2015 in Swedish (Svenska)

Hängde med några alkisar på Lion Bar i Hornstull. På glasrutan står det STARKÖL 24 KRONOR HELA DAGEN. Inuti ser det ut som ett youtubeklipp som heter "Jul på pizzerian". Vi pratade om bandet Dia Psalma, dom skulle tydligen spela på en finlandsfärja. Sämsta av två världar eftersom när man blir gammal får man i regel välja om man vill vara sellout eller trash, de valde båda. Jag lyssnade på bandet då jag var 13, av nån dum anledning hade dom skrivit sitt telefonnummer på sin CD-skiva som de slog igenom, vi ringde såklart upp och då svarade en sur flickvän till sångaren. Skivan producerades av Billy Butt, som är en sliskig musikproducent som lovade unga tjejer framgång och kändisskap bara dom följde med på hans hotellrum. Tror han vart dömt för nånting också.

Dia Psalmas kändaste låt är "Hon får" som handlar om en tjej som blir utsatt för incest. På omslaget till singeln är det en ung flicka i en trasig vit klänning som sitter i en skog och runt henne är en massa mörka mystiska väsen som vill angripa henne och i längst upp i hörnet på illustrationen har dom klämt in Billy Butt.

Location: Stockholm postort, Stockholm, Stockholms kommun, Stockholms län, Landskapet Uppland, Stockholms län, Svealand, Sverige

private link

Posted by Govanus on 23 July 2015 in English (English)


Posted by leodobrasil on 23 July 2015 in German (Deutsch)

Um in Gegenden besser und sicherer mappen zu können, wo eine gute Identifikation des Kartierers als harmlose Person vorteilhaft ist, habe ich ein portugiesisches "Kartiererhemd" anfertigen lassen. Wer die Dateien braucht (Vorder- und Rückseite, im *.png und *.svg - Format, ohne den - URL), um sich bei einer lokalen Shirtmanufaktur sein Hemd anfertigen zu lassen, teile mir bitte per Nachricht an meinen Useraccount seine Mailadresse mit. Camisa de mapeador / mapper shirt / Kartiererhemd

Location: -15.246, -40.248
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