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Settling Down For a Bit

Posted by NikolaiM99 on 11 April 2021 in English (English).

After riding the Greyhound for a day I decided on a city I want to stay in for a bit. I’m sure I mentioned this before but I want to really use this time to enjoy myself, and hiking is a perfect way for me to do that! I went on a small hike today, had to take an Uber there but it wasn’t too bad of a drive (5-7 miles ish). Locals are probably used to seeing this landmark but I had to express my opinion on it…..

Don’t get me wrong, this rock formation does look pretty cool, but I don’t see how it looks like a pair of kissing camels like everyone says. Maybe its just the angle I took the pic at? I’ll probably use some more of my pics on social media just to spice things up, see ya guys later!


FacilMap 3 has been released

Posted by Candid Dauth on 10 April 2021 in English (English).

FacilMap 3 is a complete rewrite of FacilMap, with a focus on an improved, more stable and smartphone-friendly UI.

FacilMap is a privacy-friendly, open-source versatile online map that combines different services based on OpenStreetMap and makes it easy to find places, plan routes and create custom maps full of markers, lines and routes. Features include:

  • Different map styles for roads, topography, cycling, hiking, public transportation, water navigation, …
  • Search for places and show their information (website, opening hours, …)
  • Calculate routes and adjust them by dragging. An elevation profile can be shown.
  • Smartphone-friendly interface.
  • Create and share custom maps with markers, lines and routes on them.
  • Open GPX/KML/OSM/GeoJSON files and save them on a custom map.
  • Define custom styles of markers, lines and routes and generate a legend automatically.
  • Define custom form fields for the details of markers, lines and routes.
  • API to embed custom maps into a website and to modify them programmatically.
  • Extensive documentation.

Geoglyph of an Owl

Posted by c tito young on 10 April 2021 in English (English).

A large geoglyph 100m x 50m owl head appears etched on a moderately sloped terrain oriented north to south. The drawing shows the owls beak and appears to have very large eyes. There seems to be lots of other geoglyphs are in the immediate area.

14°42′23″S, 75°8′16″W -14.7064237, -75.1376485 El Ingenio, Province of Nasca, Ica, Peru

Location: San Miguel de la Pascana, El Ingenio, Province of Nasca, Ica, Peru

Open Table Tennis Switzerland II

Posted by landscapemapper on 9 April 2021 in English (English).

We now have passed 3000 Table Tennis Tables in Switzerland alone. That is one seventh of the entire OSM TTT population. :-P

Tennis tables in Switzerland are often linked to schoolyards, public pools, campings, prisons a.s.o. Thus the main strategy is to download open datasets or OSM sets containing alike and then jumping from object to object in QGIS using the Go2nextFeature+ plugin and than screen the surroundings for Table Tennis Tables on the SwissImage. On detection you can directly jump to JOSM using the JOSM remote function of the Quick OSM plugin.

Location: Teuferli, Stalden, Sarnen, Obwalden, 6063, Switzerland

Off to The Centennial State

Posted by NikolaiM99 on 9 April 2021 in English (English).

I didn’t tell any of my friends or family but I decided to take my online classes on the road. I chose to go to UW so I could see the Midwest, so its about time I actually go do that! Enjoying hiking is fitting for someone who loves maps, so I’m gonna go do that and take my classes where I can with wifi. I always thought CO was the Mountain state, but turns out that’s West Virgina Hahahaha. I guess I’m actually heading off to the Good Ol’ Centennial State. Grey Hound buses do have a pretty wide selection of stops throughout the state so I’ll just play it by ear and stay where I want, fingers crossed for a cheap Motel!

Taking a pic while in a moving bus is hard, but I tried to get what I could. More pics of my little adventure should be on my Twitter and Diary Entries at some point!

Crossing into the Centennial State

Note to Self: Strava global heatmap

Posted by bikingaround244 on 8 April 2021 in English (English).





What I have Been Up To (School is not good)

Posted by NikolaiM99 on 8 April 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 9 April 2021.

Not the Best Week of School

I started this week off getting my GIS test score back. Lets just say I didn’t pass this one…..I guess its alright I have another midterm and a final exam, I’m just panicked about doing poorly in the class. I love GIS but I can’t take these online classes from my dorm, it just sucks. At times I just want to leave my tiny dorm and take my classes somewhere nice, McDonalds does have free wifi! I don’t think it would make my parents happy though…..

Some Brighter News!

Turns out UW has free shuttle buses for students to nearby cities, I had class off Monday for Easter so I took a nice day trip to Cheyenne! Traveling a bit is getting me in the mapping spirit, here’s a nice pic I took at Holliday Park (Nice Rainbow to brighten up my week!) Holliday Park Rainbow

An unsolicited redesign of the OpenStreetMap logo

Posted by Foomandoonian on 8 April 2021 in English (English).

Last night I started idly working on a visual refresh of the OpenStreetMap logo/icon for no reason other than it’s just something I do for fun sometimes.

After a few more hours work this morning, here’s where I left it:

OpenStreetMap new logo/icon design

I’m posting it here without any expectations, but if anyone wants to use it for any reason, just get in touch. I consider it done but I might be amenable to making some adjustments if someone has a particular use in mind.

Location: Aldrington, Hove, Brighton and Hove, South East England, England, BN3 5HJ, United Kingdom

Geoglyph of Pointy Head Bird on a Tree Branch

Posted by c tito young on 5 April 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 10 April 2021.

Geoglyph of a 30m x 100m over-the-shoulder view of a pointed headed bird facing west. Etched on moderately sloped rock, the bird is oriented north to south and drawn to appear is its perched on a leafy tree branch. Geoglyph appears to show the birds back as its head is turned with the bird’s tail covers the birds talons, hence its facing direction. It is also unclear what exact kind of species of bird is this and what is the bird is doing on the tree branch or if related to other geoglyphs. .

14°53′9″S, 74°53′28″W -14.8858933, -74.8910628 Vista Alegre, Province of Nasca, Ica, Peru

Location: Vista Alegre, Province of Nasca, Ica, Peru

Geoglyph of Man Throwing Spear

Posted by c tito young on 5 April 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 10 April 2021.

A 150m x 150m geoglyph appears to show a man in the action of throwing a spear. This spear is over his head and he is aiming a target towards the northeast, standing upright. The geoglyph is drawing showing the figures both eyes, nose, single ear and mouth while appearing to be wear layers of clothing. Drawn on moderately sloped land. It is unclear if the warrior, a hunter or simply throwing a spear for sport.

14°47′49″S, 74°57′11″W -14.7970242, -14.7970242 Nazca, Province of Nasca, Ica, 11401, Peru

Location: -14.797, -14.797

My location

Posted by MohammadTaghi Javadi on 5 April 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 10 April 2021.

This is my location.

Location: دهستان گرده, بخش مرکزی, Namin County, Iran

Address import in Lithuania

Posted by Tomas Straupis on 5 April 2021 in English (English).

Lithuanian address cadastre information was opened in October last year. We started importing the data to OSM straight away. Most (90-95%) of addresses could be imported automatically (taking care of existing addresses, putting address on a building when there is only one candidate, removing any excess addresses). Remaining addresses were added semi-automatically using JOSM remote control. This increased the number of addresses from 300 thousand to 1.1 million.

Here is a video of the progress: Address import progress

But we quickly found out that importing addresses is the least difficult part. We have a number of QA rules in Lithuania, including:

  • When there is an address with a street S, the way with such name must exist in vicinity
  • When there is an address with a city C, it can only be in admin boundaries of city C

Street name information is part of the dataset being opened, but it is way harder to import that data automatically as ways have to be created, combined, split, moved etc. Another thing was that OpenStreetMap data of street geometry is way more precise, so in some cases only human can correctly specify the geometry of the street. Therefore it was decided to go through ALL streets (highway=residential,unclassified,living_street) and add name or noname tag. Several mappers participated using simple report giving JOSM remote control to streets which needed review closest to their starting point. Each mapper started from their own point. This way more than 25000 ways have been reviewed and necessary data added.

Here is a video of name adding progress:

Admin boundary info was also in the opened dataset. It is also being fixed manually. Still in progress.

Geoglyph of Person Running Wearing a Robe

Posted by c tito young on 5 April 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 10 April 2021.

A geoglyph of a person 100m x 125m wearing a robe appears to be running from east to west. The figure is etched on moderately sloped land within an area of many other geoglyphs immediate area.

14°47′56″S, 74°57′W -14.7988242, -74.9501765 Nazca, Province of Nasca, Ica, 11401, Peru

Location: Aja, Nazca, Province of Nasca, Ica, 11401, Peru

Round Corner Square Shaped Geoglyph

Posted by c tito young on 5 April 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 10 April 2021.

A square with round corners 40m x 40m geoglyph with a etched on relatively flat land.

14°48′23″S, 74°56′54″W -14.8063409, -74.9483928 Nazca, Province of Nasca, Ica, 11401, Peru

Location: Aja, Nazca, Province of Nasca, Ica, 11401, Peru

Geoglyph of the Man with the Triangular Head

Posted by c tito young on 5 April 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 10 April 2021.

A 20m x 25m geoglyph appears to indicate a figure with triangular shaped head oriented north to south. Both eyes, nose and mouth can be seen within its face. This figure may also indicate a body with two arms splayed open. The figure seems to be part of a larger cluster of geoglyphs.

14°52′12″S, 74°54′32″W -14.8699777, -74.9088284 Vista Alegre, Province of Nasca, Ica, Peru

Location: Vista Alegre, Province of Nasca, Ica, Peru

My workflow method...

Posted by bob3bob3 on 4 April 2021 in English (English).

5th April 2021

As I tour around Australia I both capture street images for Mapillary, plus do online OSM editing. I don’t have a fixed address, so all my work is done mobile.

Mobile Internet access is quite expensive here, so the daily take of between 8 and 20 Gbytes is saved to a portable USB drive and another mapper kindly uploads 500-1500 GBytes for me at a time. This of course can delay online imagery by 3-4 months as I have to mail or take the drive to the upload location.

The same imagery (downrated to 1FPS) I take on a daily basis is locally geo-encoded and viewed at perhaps 10FPS - 8,000-15,000 per day. Those of interest (100-200) I save to a FIFO directory and periodically run a gpscorrelate job to dump lat/lon to a text file. This text file is then used to cut/paste into the OSM ID editor search/location fiel. Each completed image is moved to a “done” directory and the co-ordinate cut from the text file makes it easy to know which is next.

I correlate the overhead Bing/DCS/Mapbox etc view with ground level ones to make map changes.

I tried launching OSM/ID from Viking or the image directly but it always created a new browser instance.

Better map - Better experience

Posted by Apocolocyntōsis on 4 April 2021 in English (English).

The better OSM is mapped and the more detailed information is added, the more enjoyable is the user experience. Thus, I am determined to enhance the user experience of OSM users through mapping.

Indoor rooms

Posted by 地図山彼方 on 4 April 2021 in English (English).

I think OSM will be even better if it is possible to show indoor rooms. If what I remember is correct, google map app can show big shopping malls’ or departmentstores’ rooms maps, and their shoppers can check what shop is on what floor. As we can edit indoor rooms on OSM, it must be better that OSM users can use the data.

Like this (similar to Google …) The way Tizuyama suggests to show indoor rooms map

Geoglyph of Man with Face Paint

Posted by c tito young on 4 April 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 10 April 2021.

A 30m x 30m geoglyph of a profile view of a head with face paint (or other shapes.) The etched head faces west nearby another geoglyph. It is possible both drawings are related. The etching is on moderately sloped land.

14°52′31″S, 74°54′59″W -14.8751800, -74.9164720 Vista Alegre, Province of Nasca, Ica, Peru

Location: Vista Alegre, Province of Nasca, Ica, Peru

Geoglyph of Snake with Forked Tongue

Posted by c tito young on 4 April 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 10 April 2021.

A geoglyph of 70m x 50m snake, oriented west to east on moderately sloped terrain. The snake, coiled on a tree branch, was drawn with its tongue displayed. The snake appears to drawn near another neighboring geoglyph of a person’s head, and while it is unclear what is the relationship between a person’s head and the snake, it could be part of a story.

14°52′30″S, 74°54′59″W -14.8749719, -74.9164034 Vista Alegre, Province of Nasca, Ica, Peru

Location: Vista Alegre, Province of Nasca, Ica, Peru