Mapper since:
August 24, 2015

Hi, I am Md. Samsul Arafin. I joined in OpenStreetMap Family in 2015. I was introduced about this platform in map training of Save the Children International in Bangladesh.

*Manager of HOT Tasking Manager

*Super Mapper (Very Active) in Bangladesh.

*OSMBD Facilitator Team Member, HOT Booster Grant

*Data Quality Intern 2021 at Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team(HOT)

*HOT Summit 2021 Presentation

*I have a YouTube channel, have posted tutorial videos about OpenStreetmap. The YouTube channel name is Mapping for Humanity

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My Contribution on OpenStreetMap by- Projects

“Kolorob” Project-Save the Children, 2015

Dhaka ranks in the top 10 largest urban agglomerations in Asia, with approximately 500,000 people migrating to Dhaka annually in search of better livelihood opportunities for themselves and their families. However, the reality is that they fall into these ‘unfamiliar’ neighbourhoods of the cities, taking shelter in slums and poor urban settlements- currently home to 40 percent of the city’s population. Slum dwelling children and young people experience deprivation, as their parents tend to lack or have limited access to reliable information on basic essential services such as health and education, and limited mechanisms and safe spaces, in which they can access this information. The Kolorob app is Save the Children’s first innovative digital solution to minimise this information gap, connecting community members to reliable information on services, allowing them to compare and voice feedback on services and job opportunities through an online service directory and interactive map.

Kolorob Project Mapping Time