Mapper since: May 09, 2020

Let’s do what at Google Maps are delaying to approve :P
like for real, even before the lockdown, there were cases that it took them 2 months to approve some edits. and there are still quite a few on queue since last year…

Contributions in Greece, mostly for areas I know pretty well.
I check everything (duh :P), but I focus a lot regarding roads & street names and districts for places I’ve visited.

Current project (as of October 2020): add all municipal units and missing communities in periphery of Peloponnese.
Notes: Municipality of North Kynouria doesn’t have Munipal Units, because it remain unchanged with the Kallikratis Plan. Therefore there’s no admin_level=”8” there.
Remember that Municipal Units are Municipalities from Kapodistrias Plan which merged into larger Municipalities by Kallikratis Plan. Few Municipalities in Greece got no changes at all.

Districts is a tricky part, because there’s no district feature in OSM, so it’s being put either suburb (for big cities) or neighborhood (for small cities). Or even quarter, which usually mixes both.
And then of course to find out which districts exist in an city, because not always local people mention them, only the most known ones.

Road names is sometimes complex, because there are several cases where on-site and official records of a road’s name (as of the extent of the street) don’t exist, so I go with not-so-reliable sources to find out.
(well, I’ve an idea, at least for Argos, but we will see in the near future :P) do you know how much it took me to find out where a specific street is in Argos? at least I walked a lot for that, xd