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The iD editor has been updated to version 2.18 and now supports touchscreen devices.

The iD editor’s touchscreen support is a huge advantage.

It allows you to edit with both hands, so you can assign your right and left hand to different operations. You can edit with very little movement of your hands.

img img

However, the Undo operation require you to move your right hand a lot. It would be even more convenient if you could do Undo with your left hand gestures, for example two-finger tap.

The iD editor has been updated to version 2.18 and now supports touchscreen devices.

I have tested the support status on several devices I own.


Of all the devices I own, I am most comfortable with the iPad.



  • landuse/building=retail:特に用事がなくてもふらりと立ち入って問題ない施設。
  • landuse/building=commercial:用事がなかったら入らないほうがいいだろうなぁと思われる施設。


  • access=private:私有地。勝手に入ったらダメ。でも自分の身に危険が生じた場合などには緊急避難として入ってもよし。後で誤るなり賠償するなりする覚悟で。
  • access=no:入ると自分の身に危険が及ぶ。工事中とか、自然災害による通行止めとか、軍事施設とか。
  • access=permissive:私有地。でも入って問題ない。商業施設とか。明示的にタグ付けすることは少ないかも。


自動車通行 分類 個人的判断基準 highway=  
可能 - いわゆる「高速道路」 motorway  
可能 ネットワーク道路 Japan taggingに従う trunk  
可能 ネットワーク道路 Japan taggingに従う primary  
可能 ネットワーク道路 Japan taggingに従う secondary  
可能 ネットワーク道路 周囲のネットワーク道路の配置を見て判断 tertiary  
可能 ネットワーク道路 周囲のネットワーク道路の配置を見て判断 unclassified  
可能 特定目的道路 住宅エリアへのアクセス用 residential  
可能 特定目的道路 農業・林業エリアへのアクセス用 track  
可能 特定目的道路 その他特定場所へのアクセス用 service  
不可 - 歩行者が主に使う。
不可 - ラインよりもエリアで描いたほうが適切な通路。
不可 - 自転車「専用」道路 cycleway  
不可 - 舗装されていない path  


  • highway=motorwayはネットワーク道路体系に入っていません。多分。かなり特殊な位置づけです。
  • unclassifiedresidentialの使い分けが時々議論になりますが、そもそも道路の位置づけが異なっているはずです。とは言え、日本だとそもそもネットワーク道路って何?ってなるのでわかりにくいです。私にもわかりません。
  • highway=cyclewayに関しては、以前は「いわゆる自転車道」と考えていました。しかしながら、MLでの議論の結果、歩行者通行は不可とする結論になってしまいました。日本の自転車道は歩行者通行可能ですので、日本では「自転車道」≠highway=cycleway というタグ体系になっているので注意。
  • 住宅エリア内の道路であっても、特定の家につながるどん詰まりの道はhighway=residentialではなくserviceを私は使っています。

New Organised Editing Guidelines have been approved already. But it looks like a proposal yet. It should be moved to the Policies_and_other_Documents to make it clear they are OFFICIAL guidelines. Also Older proposal Directed_Editing_Policy should be marked as DEPRECATED.

New Organised editing guidelines was proposed by DWG. I show my “negative” opition on that guidelines.

At first, I think the previous Directed Editing Policy was a good proposal. I like that. I really pay my respects to DWG’s works.

Most important point

  • Scope is very vague. It could be applied to “mapping parties between friends” even it negate. I like the previous “Director/Directee” idea.
  • Imports without any advance discussion are not acceptable. Use other service.

Previous Directed Editing Policy was better idea

  • It says individual community members and organised editing groups are at same level playing field.
  • must/should/may are properly used. I can easily understand which items are more important.
  • Almost no duties for organised mapper/contributor/directee. Indicated duties are for general OMS mappers, those are not special for organised mapper.


  • They are not meant to apply to community activities like mapping parties between friends or doing a presentation on OSM at a local club.
    -> The reason this guideline is not to applied to communitiy activities is not shown.
  • any edits that involve more than one person and can be grouped under one or more sizeable, substantial, coordinated editing initiatives.
    -> I can’t understand this definition
  • more substantial initiatives are expected to spend a more substantial amount of effort.
    -> What’s “substantial”? Does it mean “mapping parties between friends” is “insubstantial”?
  • If the activity is a response to an emergency and no advance discussion is possible, the community should be informed as soon as is practical.
    -> No. Use other service. For example, uMap could be your solution.
  • Contributors should respond to communication attempts made in good faith by other contributors.
    -> This duty is for general OMS mappers, those are not special for organised mapper.
  • Any person or organisation whose actions affect the OpenStreetMap project has the duty to care for the project, and should respect the community’s consensus, mapping practices and guidelines.
    -> This duty is for general OMS mappers, those are not special for organised mapper.
  • Edits to the map
    -> (I can’t understand why the name of this section is “Edits to the map”)
  • People looking at individual changesets that are part of a organised mapping activity should be able to tell as soon as they look at a changeset.
    ->(I can’t understand what it means)

Here’s a list of Creative Commons license map tiles. Please let me know if there’s other CC map tile.

State of the Map 2017 in Aizuwakamatsu

Posted by muramototomoya on 22 December 2017 in Japanese (日本語). Last updated on 23 December 2017.

2017/8/18-20にOpenStreetMapの国際会議State of the Map 2017が会津若松市で開催されました。 昨年度のAdvent Calenderでは開催をアナウンスする記事が掲載されました。 私は単なるいち参加者でしたが、今年のまとめであるAdvent Calendarに今年の最大行事に関する記事がないのは寂しかったので、情報をまとめたポータル的ページを作ってみました。







本エントリーは、Organized Editing Policy ( の私家訳です。意訳を多分に含みます。アンケート本文はnyampireさんの訳 ( をどうぞ。








本アンケートおよび策定されるガイドラインにおいては、paid mapping(有償マッピング)を、「他の人または団体から、何をマッピングするのか指示され、その報酬として金銭を受領したOSM編集」と定義します。また、other organised mapping(その他組織的マッピング)を、「他の人または団体から、何をマッピングするのか指示されるが、金銭を受領しないOSM編集」と定義します。


[Not finished yet]The Dark side of the Crisis/Mass Mapping

Posted by muramototomoya on 17 September 2017 in Japanese (日本語). Last updated on 31 August 2018.


Montreal non-existent road




  • Local data were “disimproved” by remote mapper without local knowledge.
  • source=improve_osm_tn is invalid use for source tag.
  • Team mapping rule was not(?) documented.

Turn restriction


  • telenav added turn restriction without knowing local traffic rule

Reaction from Telenav

Telenav Adding non existant highways


Bad ‘track’ imports made some active mappers quit mapping

Many road were added using AI technology before discussion with local community in Egypt

Erroneous roads werer added using AI technology



Craft mapper vs AI mapper

Crisis Mapping in Japan



## 鳥取 ## 熊本 ## 鬼怒川 ## 東北地震



  • Disimproved the already mapped feature?
  • Public document?
  • Discussed with local community before team edit?
  • Discussed with local community after claim?
  • Documented the results and discussion?


Posted by muramototomoya on 30 July 2017 in Japanese (日本語). Last updated on 19 May 2019.
  • レンダリング
  • タグ
  • 地物
  • POI
  • ノード
  • ウェイ
  • タイル
  • SotM
  • HOT
  • メインタグ


[TBCL]OSM activities in Japan, June 2017

Posted by muramototomoya on 25 May 2017 in English (English). Last updated on 29 June 2017.






OSM activities in Japan, April 2017

Posted by muramototomoya on 12 April 2017 in English (English). Last updated on 29 June 2017.