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Mapping cycling highways in Flanders over 1 year ago

Imho, there is no place in osm for “favorite” routes. If you want that, go to alltrails or wikiloc. If segments of a cycle highway are missing, a good bicycle router should be able to find a good alternative based on the tagging. It should pick separate cycle tracks, or roads where cars are not allowed to drive fast, avoid traffic lights, look at the surface tags, etc.

This has been discussed on int. mailing list of fora in the past. Always with the same outcome: only objective criteria in osm

Why I won't contribute to Mapillary anymore over 1 year ago

@Magick93, I’ve heard of OpenStreetCam. It might have been a viable alternative while it was maintained (more or less) by Telenav. I’m not sure whether I trust the current owners (Grab). And from what I read here and there, no updates nor fixes have been made in a long time.

What I did in OSM in January 2020 almost 2 years ago

Thanks for being so open. I hope other board members will start doing the same. Some boards member’s action as more visible to me than others, because they are active in the same channels.

Summaries like this would help in appreciating the hard work the board members do in less known areas, at least that is what I hope.

Djibouti almost 2 years ago

Het mag niet, omdat Google niet toelaat dat hun luchtfoto’s door OSM gebruikt worden. Zie 2.a. van dit document:

Je mag enkel die luchtfoto’s gebruiken die in de editors worden aangeboden.

Djibouti almost 2 years ago

U weet toch dat u Google maps NIET mag gebruiken, ook niet om er even naast te leggen.

Zum nach-der-Wahl-Kater in der Filterblase almost 2 years ago

Thanks you for pointing out my mistake. Then it is just unfortunate that my comment is the first in the list.

I also think that more diversity can achieved via local groups, small iniatiatives etc. This has nothing to do with the board.

Repeating how toxic the communication is within OSM has probably a negative impact on the intake of new mappers. On the other hand, how many mappers are actually seeing any of this toxic communication? Such communication is bad, but generalizing the problem will not help.

A [list] ( for dedicated tagging for women and girls is imho more about enforcing stereotypes than embracing diversity. I doubt my wife has needed any of those POIs more than me. When she uses a map it is for spare time and hobbies, not for the items listed on that page. I am honestly interested in finding out whether women map other items then men, but such a study should differentiate between societies where women have (almost) the same rights as men and those where this is not the case.

Zum nach-der-Wahl-Kater in der Filterblase almost 2 years ago

Can you explain to me why you accuse me of “wallowing in their bias and intolerance” and why my comment on Heather’s diary is about “speculating together about how, after assuming power, the project could be reshaped according to their own ideas and cultural values”

With my comment, I tried to point out that I do not like the idea of board members that get a seat just because they are women or belong to a certain group, not because they get elected. Yes, I fear that when certain board positions have to be filled in by certain groups, the candidates can all come from corporations. I thought that you have pointed out the dangers of that in the past and gave voting advice again people for this reason.

And now I am speculating about reshaping the project?

OSMF elects all Male, Northern Board almost 2 years ago

Hello Heather,

I always thought that the working groups did not find enough volunteers (male or female). Will those codified restrictions mean they have to turn down the rare (male) volunteers until women start participating? Wouldn’t this make it harder for the WGs?

As for the board, would not there be a chance that requiring female boards members, that there will be an uneven representation of “craft” mappers, vs corporate employees vs HOT members? While all three groups have the best intentions to create great map data, I have the impression they have different methodologies to achieve this. I have no problem with a more diverse board (gender and geographically), as long as the members can choose which way they prefer. Requiring that certain groups are represented in the board might go against this.

Furthermore, would such kind of favouritism not work against the female board members?

Are you sure that people voted for an all-white, male, Western board because of those 3 characteristics, and not because of the experience and the manifestoes of the candidates?

HTTPS All The Things (https_all_the_things) almost 3 years ago

The tags “heritage:website” and “image” can also contain URLs. Might be worth looking at them too in a future version of your script.

Объединение и OpenStreetMap открытое письмо к авторам-создателям и разработчикам, ряд вопросов к ним. almost 3 years ago

see, so permission to use data from one project into the other is not possible, current licenses are not compatible.

I doubt OSM will change its license anytime soon.

Retiring from OSM about 3 years ago

So with “merge” you probably mean that you replaced e.g. the “twin” road way “Hibiscus Coast Highway” with 1 OSM way ? Which was then mapped again as twin road in (Twin ways, added slip roads primary links and added directionality one way.) ?

On aerial imagery I see that at least part of that road is separated by a physical obstacle (grass, ..). I’m not familiar with the location, so it’s hard to tell whether the intermediate sections with just white markings should be mapped as 1 OSM or not. What’s the ratio of the length with a physical separation vs. lane markings ?

OSM 0, Google 1 about 3 years ago

That’s why I have Magic Earth and OsmAnd on my phone. No need to go on-line.

Crimea dispute about 3 years ago

If you would follow the tagging mailing list, you would see that there are currently 2 proposals. BTW, one of them started from an earlier proposal that was not “finished”. This means that the community is aware of the problem for some longer period, but it is difficult to define a solution that covers all kind of claims.

Mapping infrastructure worldwide with OpenStreetMap about 3 years ago

Your tagging proposals have influenced my mapping work. I try to map minor power lines and street cabinets now. A few weeks someone wrote the following remark “I’m editing the street cabinet (telecom ones) in Belgium and that’s funny how I can detect the places where escada went for survey ahah”

This can only mean that my changes do not blend in with the rest of the map and that “PR”-articles like this one are needed, so more people start mapping infrastructure.

Neutral ground about 3 years ago

@Kilkenni, I had seen/heard the explaination of “recognized physical control” being used “long” before this case. Not only by Andy, but by other members of the DWG (and perhaps of the community at large) as well. (see e.g. from August 24, 2017). My comment above that was based on something that I read/heard before that.

It might not have been part of the disputed territory document, but the concept circulated before it was added (last week ?) to it.

Neutral ground about 3 years ago

@Tomas Straupis, @Poliakoff Mykhailo

Do I understand it correctly that the “previous” situation had overlapping admin-level=2 borders ? Well then I do not understand how this data can help a geocoder decide in which country a city is located. It will always have to return 2 replies. The geocoder would need dedicated code to return the political correct answer for the request (depending on the IP-address, as Google does) if the request come from one of the involved countries or it’s allies.

If Nominatim returned 2 replies, that would be a feature I’ve never heard of. Try to get a response that return all segments of a street, when the street is split. That is (or was) not possible. I have read that Nominatim only returns 1 answer if there are 2 entities at the same level.

Neutral ground about 3 years ago

@Tomas Straupis, I wonder what Nominatim did in case a city belongs to two admin_level=2 areas. AFAIK, it randomly picks one. This would mean that when you did a search for a town in Crimea, you might either get a response that it belonged to Ukraine, or to Russia.

Did you ever tried that ?

Neutral ground about 3 years ago

Instead of threatening volunteers of the DWG, you should work together with the community to change the policy and work on a tagging schema for situation such as this.

I feel sorry that your country is under attack, but that is no reason to attack the volunteers of the DWG.

Ayın Haritacısı: Aylin Kızılaslan (Türkiye) about 3 years ago

@filipecuncha, the aerial images are donated by a number of agencies and companies. The OpenStreetMap community has no impact on when and where they are updated. Furthermore, OpenStreetMap is not about aerial images, we only use them to trace features. They are not meant for end-users for navigation or so. During editing, there are typically a number of sources available: Bing, Digital Globe and depending on the area, images from local agencies.

#DigitizeRacine begins! about 3 years ago

@LeifRasmussen not true: see and

they are mapped as separate area:highway’s from the road area, but still as area:highway