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After Holiday Fun 3 days ago

ja, in der Tat

post-vacations map editing 10 days ago

I'm actually editing OSM during the vacation. Should I seek help for this behaviour ? :-)

People who blindly "fix" things in OSM 16 days ago

I've met many things like this during my virtual tour around Belgium. A couple of other things: I see at least 1 place that need a couple of turn:restrictions (the node just south of the bridge), as there is a continuous white line that prevents turning left when you come from the right "circle". And you cannot turn onto the left "circle" when you come from the south.

Also the connections of the links with the motorway are in the wrong place. Exit points should really be at the end. While the entry should be at the beginning. The rest has to be "solved" with turn lanes. Please at the correct number of lanes and turn lanes as well, this helps the navigation aids given by e.g. OsmAnd.

happy mapping

Stargardzka w ciągu DK10 19 days ago

Sorry for the English: in general only 1 way for both directions if there is no physical separation. White lines as in your example are no reason for 2 (osm) ways.

Do you need to switch between 2 ways to 1 and back for short sections ? I wouldn't do that. The same is through for small traffic islands that can be mapped with "traffic_calming=island" So you do not have to switch from 1 way to 2 ways there. If you do split, please add turn restrictions as well if you are not allowed to turn back.

Automatyczne tłumaczenie na polski powyżej: w ogólnym tylko jeden sposób, w obu kierunkach, jeśli nie ma fizycznej separacji. Białe linie, jak w przykładzie I to nie ma powodu, dla 2 (OSM) sposobów.

Nie musisz przełączać się pomiędzy 2 sposoby na 1 i powrót do krótkich odcinków? Nie zrobiłbym tego. Podobnie jest w przypadku małych wysp poprzez ruch, który może być odwzorowanych z "traffic_calming = Islandii" Więc nie trzeba się przełączać z jednego sposób się tam dwa sposoby. Jeśli nie podzielić, proszę dodać zakaz skrętu oraz, jeśli nie mogą zawrócić.

Improving the OSM map - why don't we? [10] 22 days ago

Because we have a free tagging system, we just need more powerful query languages that e.g. ignore upper/lowercase and search for parts of key instead of exact matches. The latter might not be wanted for every query though.

In the software I develop for a living, we also have to ignore the lowercase/uppercase differences for almost all user input. I know low level calls in programming languages like to threat them differently, but in many real life scenarios people just want to ignore it. I think OSM is not different for this.

Furthermore, any query language on OSM should be able to deal with suffixes like that indicate languages. e.g. I see a couple of fix:jp, fix:de etc.

Busy learning openstreetmap 28 days ago

Hallo Stefaan,

welcome to OpenStreetMap. In case you are stuck with something, there are a number of ways to get help

happy mapping

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap about 1 month ago

Actually, Aury88 your example is almost trivial, depends on where the 2 lanes for the way towards 1'o clock starts. Suppose for a moment that that road actually starts as a single lane. Then the number of incoming lanes equals the number of outgoing lanes and is lanes=6 enough for a router to divide the lanes properly over the outgoing roads. That's a technique explained by a Dutch mapper name It's so Funny, which can reduce the number of required turn:lanes that you have to map.

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap about 1 month ago

@Aury88 for this scenario a relation might be easier, but not for the +95% (very rough estimate as most cases are pretty trival) of the other crossings & highway exits and entrances. So why should you complicate those cases ?

On the other hand I think that even your example can be done with turn:lanes and change:lanes, it depends a bit on how the way are connected in OSM.

Assuming that the top three ways join in 1 point, and the button three as well and there is a way between those points, I think it is feasible.

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap about 1 month ago

@Aury88: please add turn:lanes forward and backward to your numbers, it almost doubles. I spend over a year to add turn:lanes to half of Belgium. I hope almost all primary, link and trunk roads are done. Germany might be covered for 90% I don't know. In order to know what 200.000 means, you need to know how many they are in reality.

Joining road by newbies A good editor will warn that both parts have different tags. JOSM already does this and I assume the other editors do this too (or to a certain degree). None of them supports length-tags. Adding length is just a stupid idea. Length has to be calculated from the length of the ways. How do you measure length in a curved road ? It is much easier to split a road where the turn:lanes changes than to try to measure this in the field or on a aerial images.

The scheme might look flexible, but what can you map that you cannot map with turn:lanes ? Did you ever do any turn lane mapping ? Did encounter something you cannot map ? I'll agree that this plugin might make it more appealing, but that doesn't mean that the underlying schema is better, more flexible, etc. Please do not be attracted by some shiny toy.

As for Osmand, I've read somewhere that the lead developer does not like relations, e.g. there is no support for the destination-relation, while there is limited support for the destination tag. So I would not bet on them supporting this scheme.

private bookmarks on new lane marking for complex layouts and junctions about 1 month ago

In case you use JOSM to edit, I suggest you install the style, which visualizes all the tags you mention above (except the waterway-relation :-) )

Also consider to map and

Both proposals are also supported by the above mentioned style.

Happy lane mapping

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap about 1 month ago

@mvexel: As you can see in the above comments, there are already 2 navigations apps that support turn:lanes.

As a user of OsmAnd, I have to say that in general this works fine. I know of one case where the instructions of OsmAnd based on the turn:lanes is a bit confusing. And even that one could be solved by slightly modifying the value of the turn:lanes tag. No relation needed.

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap about 1 month ago

It is not clear for me how this relates to turn:lanes, change:lanes and placement tags.

The turn:lanes tagging is done all over Germany, it was a "week assignment" in November last year, but people continue to add them.

In Belgium, I have been mapping those things since April 2014, and according to the last statistics I saw on the German forum turn:lanes have been added extensively in Austria, Switserland and some other countries as well.

So if it is a "competing" proposal, I don't know whether it will be successful in Europe.

One of the problems I see now is that you map the length of a lane as a tag. It should be mapped by splitting the road and tag the number of lanes on each part. There is no need to map the length as an attribute. Mapping the length of something as an attribute is always a bad idea, as the way might be split or merged and nobody will pay attention to adapt those length attributes.

I might have to study your proposal more thoroughly to see whether it bring additional benefits to the current model, which btw is also supported by OsmAnd.

Starting up again about 1 month ago

Welcome back. I hope you will enjoy the walks with your dogs. Hopefully your dog will like the survey stops (makeing notes or pictures) more than mine :-)

Historyczne grobowce about 1 month ago

Sorry for the English: there is a nice map on which historical information from OSM is displayed:

Improving the OSM map - why don't we? [6] about 1 month ago

Also, what is shop=printer ? Does it sell printing devices, or should it be shop=copyshop ?

- about 2 months ago

Don't think that this guy is a bot: :-) ranks Node: 32, ways; 23, relations: 848

New road style for the Default map style - the first version about 2 months ago

As someone who grew up with Michelin and Falck maps, I still have "problems" with the current colour scheme of OSM. I find the German style (yellow with red for highways) much more familiar. One's personal favorite will be highly influenced by this. So depending on whether a lot of Brits, German or French people react, the pro's and contra's for the blue (current) might be different.

That's the problem with those types of polls, the results are biased towards the (English) speaking community (I fear).

Navigation roadwork problem about 2 months ago

While you have used a correct tag, I wonder which navigation software honors this tag. And where have you tried the navigation ? How long did you wait after you uploaded your change? It can take 2 days or so before the routing data behind the different routing engines on is updated

New ScoutSigns release - now with Mapillary power! about 2 months ago

Nice, especially because there's more Mapillary data in Belgium than Telenav data (I think).

Belgian Mapper of the Month: Escada about 2 months ago

Thanks for the compliment. Dacor