My Plans for future Mapping

Posted by Kento Kei on 5 March 2022 in English.

So currently I’ve been taking some time off from mapping due to the upcoming midterm assignments coming from school, so as the end of the 3rd quarter nears, I do have plans for what I will be doing next.

  1. Try to map buildings in areas with worse quality imagery, thus so when I get to better quality areas, progress would beable to be sped up.

  2. Map out the urban areas of the Metro East. By doing this It will give more incentive for me to 1. map, and 2. work in those regions more often

  3. Finally, I plan on beginning work on Alton hopefully by the end of the month, and if not then definitely before the summer.


Comment from zluuzki on 6 March 2022 at 09:08

Building mapping: Do you know about the Rapid-Editor?

This is an modified version of the normal iD-Editor, and it puts an overlay with AI-generated buildings over the editing area. You can select buildings, check if they are accurate and press “A” to copy them into the map and upload them. This is so much faster than tracing manually and the quality of the buildings is in urban areas with high-resolution Bing imagery very good. The building footprints are generated by Microsoft and have been donated to OSM.

If you want, i can also upload these buildings in St. Louis for you (will be manually checked through).

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