Mapper since:
March 04, 2021

Interested in Roads, Rails, Electricity, Pipelines, Industries…just all sorts of infrastructure. Againest deletionism, but also againest unmaintainable hyper-micromapping where only experts can edit without breaking anything.

Current projects:

  • Power lines in Alabama (details/add/review)
  • Details along Georgia State Routes
  • Central Iowa landuses
  • Railroad start/end_dates in GA
  • Pipelines in TX/MS/LA
  • Detailing industrial sites
  • TIGER/NHD import cleanup
  • …and much more uncategorizable smaller things.

Completed projects/things:

  • Railroads in GA/FL details/review
  • Power transmission lines/generation plants in FL/GA/SC/NC/Hawaii ‘Big Island’/Maui (added/detailing)
  • Pipelines in FL/GA/SC/NC (added)

Import account:

Note to myself: Wait for updated aerial imagery for new power lines around whitepath 46kv

More to do sometimes:

  • Finish Trans-Alaska pipeline details/Alaska LNG project
  • Mexico offshore pipelines
  • US power/pipeline/rail grid
  • Quarry details
  • Matterhorn Express Pipeline Texas (to be opened 2024)
  • Swainsboro-Vidalia track reactivation
  • details from incident reports/ferc reports/eia’s/transmission planning/investor reports/etc

In August 2022, i changed my name from “Hiausirg” to the current one.