Kento Kei

Mapper since:
May 12, 2019

Hello, I’m John! I’ve gone by Kento on the internet since 2018, and since 2021 I’ve been somewhat active on OpenStreetMap.

In my years both in and outside of the OSM space, I’ve become a large supporter of open source data and information sourcing. My goal is to make the region I live in be a detailed and informationally sound space, so that up-to-date information is able to be shown without the hassle of having to wait months to years for your normal everyday maps to update.

In recent times, I’ve become more active within the general OSM community, and even joined the OSMF. And as I get better in mapping and learn how to use tools such as JOSM, I have been working on areas mostly outside of where I started, Bethalto.

My Main Focus is currently Wood River, though I am also sort of in the process of adding land use to the areas near Highland in the southeastern corner of Madison County.

  • Continue filling in building data
  • Survey businesses within my area
  • Continue expanding land use
  • Complete unfinished projects such as: Edwardsville land use, Wood River building data, and land use near Bethalto.


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