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Land Use

Posted by Kento Kei on 19 July 2022 in English.

Given I rarely do these ‘diary entries’ and all I do is blabber on something barely anyone will care about, It’s time to talk about something more important than a random small town.

Basically, now that I have the ability to fully use JOSM, I am now in a place where I can begin to add large scale land use. I’ve decided to begin a test, and that’s to try to see how much land use I can add in a limited amount of time. Hopefully, from there, it will allow me to begin the actual big part of this whole entry;

I am planning on adding the natural land use (forests, farms, lakes, etc.) of southern Illinois. Not sure how far I’ll get, but if I can at least get the major counties done (Madison, St. Clair, and Jackson), I’ll call it a win.

My Plans for future Mapping

Posted by Kento Kei on 5 March 2022 in English.

So currently I’ve been taking some time off from mapping due to the upcoming midterm assignments coming from school, so as the end of the 3rd quarter nears, I do have plans for what I will be doing next.

  1. Try to map buildings in areas with worse quality imagery, thus so when I get to better quality areas, progress would beable to be sped up.

  2. Map out the urban areas of the Metro East. By doing this It will give more incentive for me to 1. map, and 2. work in those regions more often

  3. Finally, I plan on beginning work on Alton hopefully by the end of the month, and if not then definitely before the summer.

Beginning a long awaited project

Posted by Kento Kei on 29 October 2021 in English.

For months now I’ve been wanting to properly do the Zoning and Land use of Madison county, but I’ve finally got around to doing it. I plan on beginning with farmlands around the northern half of the county in order to fill up a lot of the empty space. I do hope that once I begin to add in residential, commercial, industrial, and retail areas into the metro east, More people would begin to add things in the region, seeing I want to get the region to be more active by adding things that people would not really know how to do first thing.

New Mapping Project

Posted by Kento Kei on 7 July 2021 in English.

I’m about to begin working on mapping out every building, Business, and missing information to Wood River and Bethalto.

Currently I’m going to switch between working on Wood River, and Bethalto, mostly focusing my efforts on getting zoning areas and buildings in place. Thus I will follow those by adding the smaller details, like shop names, addresses, and trees.