The second year of the Divide and map. Now.

Posted by qeef on 1 January 2022 in English.

It’s two years since the Divide and map. Now. has been published. I would like to summarize the second year of the development.

What is it about? Divide and map. Now. – the damn project – helps mappers by dividing some big area into smaller squares that a human can map.

Why should I care? Divide and map. Now. is proven to handle a mapathon with 200 mappers. There are four clients available for mappers and multiple mapping workflows. There is deployment guide for admins. You may create new or modify existing areas, use RSS to track areas’ changes, and check abandoned or overlapping areas by Python3 scripts.

In 2021 I’ve refactored the server and load tested it. There is the API documentation that is stable for more than half a year now. The web clients were also refactored: the light is text-only web client for beginners, the panel is for advanced mappers and looks like it’s integrated into the iD editor, and the mappy web client has square-based graphical interface. The web clients include improved statistics that can show OpenStreetMap contributors that haven’t used Divide and map. Now. when mapping in the same area. The damn JOSM plugin was updated to the new API and loads temporary data stored in the server when available.

I’ve got inspired by the Tanga Building Footprints Import, mapping highways’ radars and mirrors, and documented the mapping workflows available in the different clients.

I’ve implemented Python3 client with the scripts to find abandoned or intersecting areas based on the potential HOT tasking manager improvements and looked at the competing HOT Tasking Manager and SimpleTaskManager issues from the damn project point of view.

I’ve created the finished areas read-only service and announced the policy for finished areas.

There is some work for 2022. Web clients need translation, but I want to stick to the damn project philosophy when implementing it. Also, I want to refactor the damn deploy. Of course, the refactored guide must be at least as simple as the current one.


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