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The state of the mapper's clients for the

Posted by qeef on 12 March 2021 in English. Last updated on 15 March 2021.

I’ve been refactoring the Divide and map. Now. last two months. (No surprise, I’ve plan it.) The most beautiful work was done on the server and the database. I will cover that in more technical diary later.

In this diary, I want to summarize how the clients look like now.

Client + panel


The (lightweight) client keeps with the common mapping workflow: Map -> Review -> Done. It’s meant to load fast with the minimum data transfer. It tries to avoid rushed clicks of newbie mappers by putting the phrases of “needs more mapping”, “is ready for review” or “split the square” into the sentence. Newbie mappers may click “let reviewers know” as I’ve already wrote.


The panel is included in the (lightweight) client now. I’ll stick with that if it’s ok. I’ll re-implement it as the stand-alone client if anyone cares. The panel breaks the mapping workflow just a little bit. It allows the mapper mark the square “needs mapping”, “needs review”, “is done”, or “split” whenever the mapper has finished mapping or reviewing. The panel should just speed-up the mapping process for the experienced mappers.

EDIT: I re-added the panel for iD as standalone client anyway.

JOSM damn plugin

Damn plugin

The damn JOSM plugin tends to be what the panel is for the iD editor. I just added the possibility to set the map/review actions. (I mean–request to map/review recent, random, nearest, or newbie.)



The mappy client is the newest client I’ve wrote. It’s heavy on data, as all the area commits and the background image is downloaded. Let’s be honest–the biggest area (in the terms of the number of squares/commits) on the takes 3.79 seconds to load, downloading 1,195.14 KB. (On 2021-03-11 22:29, just Firefox’s network performance analysis.)

Ok, not all the commits. Only the last commit for each square. And not always, but just for the first time. Then, only new commits are downloaded from the server.

The mappy client lets the mapper do everything what’s possible: lock the square manually, mark the square for mapping/review/done, split the square, or merge the locked squares.

There is background OpenStreetMap image. All the squares are visible. Zoom is possible by push and move left mouse button. (Clicking the left mouse button zooms to the default.) Right click opens the context menu… Just to list the control of the mappy client.

Server API changed

One of the results of the refactoring is the change in the server API. I took this as the opportunity to fix (at least some) mess in the clients. Feel free to let me know if you miss something.


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