Spreading the credit

Posted by pnorman on 3 January 2017 in English (English)

As one of the more visible people in OpenStreetMap rendering and styling, I get a credit for a lot of the work done in projects like osm2pgsql, OpenStreetMap Carto, and other associated projects, sometimes undeservedly. A lot of people are less visible are doing work that we should be thankful for when looking back over the year, and deserve more credit. Here are three:

Sarah Hoffmann (lonvia)

Sarah is not just the administrator of the OSMF Nominatim server, she is the other maintainer of osm2pgsql, and has been responsible for many of the recent changes, and cleaning up and modernizing the code.

Matthijs Melissen (math1985)

As I’ve tried to step back from some of the maintainer tasks with OpenStreetMap Carto, Matthijs has stepped forward and kept up with the reviews, merges, and coordination.

Bas Couwenberg (sebastic)

Bas does most of the Debian packaging work for OpenStreetMap related software on Debian and Ubuntu. Most OpenStreetMap-related servers out there rely on his packaging work in some way. In 2011 setting up OpenStreetMap servers was a lot more complicated as you had to install many of the components from source

I can think of others, both within projects I contribute to and outside on other projects, but I wanted to keep this list short. Also, like many of my blog posts, this is ending up late and was supposed to be vaguely Christmas themed.

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