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Mapper since: October 06, 2010

I’ve been an OpenStreetMap developer since 2011, and am currently a maintainer of OpenStreetMap Carto, osm2pgsql, as well as various pieces of software I’m the author of.

I’m living in the Seattle, Washington area, but regularly travel between there and Vancouver, BC.


I’m working at Amazon developing map-related software. I used to do freelance consulting work but don’t have the free time anymore. My views are my own, and not those of any current, past, or future employers or clients.

OSMF activities

I’m on the OpenStreetMap Foundation Board and Membership Working Group. If you have a question for either of those groups, please contact or rather than contacting me directly.

Working Groups

I’m a member of the Operations Working Group and Data Working Group.

If you have a public issue for the Operations Working Group, please create a ticket on our issue tracker, or if the issue is private, contact

I’m in the process of stepping down from the Data Working Group because of conflicts of interest with my job and lack of time. If you have an issue for the Data Working Group, please email the entire group. This will automatically create an issue on the internal tracker.

Other accounts

My other accounts are pnorman_imports, pnorman_mechanical and pnorman redaction revert. Doing Data Working Group activities gives me a need to separate out the work more so than most mappers.