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Mapper since: October 06, 2010

About me

There could be a few reasons you’re looking at this

Local Mapping

I’m based in New Westminster, BC, within Greater Vancouver. I regularly attend GIS events and give talks, and I’m also interested in setting up a regular local mapping meetup.

I also regularly travel between Vancouver and Seattle.

Services run

I run a few services for local mappers, including hosting some imagery.

Data Working Group

I’m a member of the Data Working Group. If you have an issue for the Data Working Group, please email the entire group


I’m an active developer, working on various OpenStreetMap software

  • ogr2osm, a program to convert data to .osm format and tags

  • cgimap

  • openstreetmap-carto

  • osm2pgsql (benchmarking mainly)


I’ve been a consultant on geospatial databases and OpenStreetMap-related issues.

Other accounts

My other accounts are pnorman_imports, pnorman_mechanical and pnorman redaction revert. Doing Data Working Group activities gives me a need to separate out the work more so than most mappers.