CGImap 0.8.0 released

Posted by mmd on 16 February 2020 in English (English).

A new version of CGImap, the rails port acceleration layer written in C++, has been released!

With the addition of endpoints for changeset create/update/close, it is now possible to run (most part of) an OSM editing session on CGImap only. We will probably not use this feature in production, still this may be interesting if you’re running your own local OSM instance.

In previous versions, CGImap supported four different backends (Read only, Write, Pgsnapshot and StaticXML). For end users, this had very little significance. However, it contributed quite a bit to the overall complexity and technical debt of the solution. For this reason, two out of those four backends have been removed in this version:

  • Write backend: replaced by Read only backend. Use of temporary tables to store intermediate results offered no real performance benefits. This backend wasn’t in productive use for a few years anymore.
  • pgsnapshot: removed due to lack of demand, also not used in production.

Besides, a few remaining OSM API endpoints for element calls have been added:

  • node/nnn/relations
  • way/nnn/relations
  • relation/nnn/relations
  • node/nnn/ways

Deployment to production is still TBD.

Full release notes:

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