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Thanks for stopping by. Apologies, there’s not really much to see here, except for a few links to some of the projects I worked on in the past. In case you wonder why there isn’t much mapping activity in this account, well that’s intentional. I’m also known as mmd2 on the dev instance, and a few others on

A few hints you might find useful:

  • Overpass API has a number of public help channels. Please use them so that everyone can benefit.
  • Report software issues on the respective GitHub repository. Private OSM messages might go unnoticed for quite some time, which is probably not what you want.


Project Year Comment
JSON support for OSM API element endpoints (Rails, CGImap and iD) 2019/2020 In production since March 2020
CGImap Bulk Changeset upload 2018/2019 In production since May 2019:
Overpass API performance project 2017  
Overpass API performance project 2016  
maxheight map 2012  

Other accounts

Z-Order Room filling curve

(Image: Room filling curve visualization, used in Overpass API, source: own work)

Avatar: reminder to spend more time outdoors 😎