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New demo for changeset upload available

Posted by mmd on 4 July 2018 in English (English)

Changeset upload is in production since May 2019, as part of CGImap 0.7.5

the changeset upload is known to take quite some time for larger changesets, sometimes resulting in timeouts and unclear overall status. Luckily, JOSM already covers some of those issues via its chunked upload, still there’s always room for improvement.

Test period ended

Thank you for your interest. The test period on a dedicated server has come to an end. There will be a separate announcement once this feature is available again for testing. Thanks everyone for participating in the tests!


(Image by zerebubuth, original source(defunct), mirror)

Download along my own virtual way in Overpass API

Posted by mmd on 12 August 2017 in English (English)


Again a bit of prototyping today.

I always wondered what the best way to download all objects along some GPX track (more generally a list of lat/lon pairs) in Overpass API might be.

Usually, you don’t want to create some complex poly-filter for this, or even worse upload your gpx track as OSM way just for the sake of finding out what’s close by.

You might have come across the around filter, which comes in handy to find objects around a center point. I have extended this idea a bit to also handle linestrings.

Here’s a first result: a turquoise circle in the middle is our great made up GPX track, consisting of about 20 points. All the yellow stuff in the background is what Overpass API returned as highways up to 500m away from our circle. Obviously, that circle doesn’t exist in OSM, so we’re really looking at what’s close to our virtual way.



Live demo:

Road trip

Imagine you want to create a map with only minimum features (motorways, some important nodes), and some place names along your own lat/lon pairs. Here’s an example for such a trip from Frankfurt to Basel, downloaded as 10MB PBF file, processed via osm2pgsql and rendered by Kosmtik:

Image 2

Live demo:

Github issue:

Clickable roads demo

Posted by mmd on 7 April 2017 in English (English)


I put up a small proof of concept to demonstrate @jotpe’s proposal on Github:

Link to Clickable Roads Demo

Just click on some street with a name and see all parts of the street highlighted, regardless of how fragmented the underlying OSM data is. Small gaps are also ok.


[demo] Emojis in overpass turbo!! 😍😈😃

Posted by mmd on 7 January 2017 in English (English)

Emojis are only a fingertip away on your iPhone… it was only a matter of time until they show up on OSM as well. The following query finds all those emojis - worldwide:

Thanks to tyr_asd for the MapCSS enhanced version below

A bit more serious: how about searching for mixed language names like name=Vinh-Loi Asien-Supermarkt 榮利市場 : check out the following query!

Do you find regular expressions with full Unicode support useful and want to see them in one of the next official Overpass API releases? It’s your turn now, vote for it on Github or leave a comment here!

Overpass API - pre-release test drive (no longer available)

Posted by mmd on 30 September 2016 in English (English)

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, the test drive period has come to an end.