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AFK almost 5 years ago

Well, Andy, first I overlooked your comment.
The same answer as to Zverik applies: In purpose this is no OSM-holiday. When I made such holidays I spent half the time collecting data, the other half mapping it. This time I will travel full time and only now and then fix stuff if I feel like it.

I am glad to hear my contributions were worth something. ;)

AFK almost 5 years ago

Vielen Dank.

AFK almost 5 years ago

Maps. Me and two other OSM based MSP apps are installed - but in purpose I try to avoid too much technology etc. If I’d start mapping there would be no end.

Guessing A Known Name about 5 years ago

Good idea!
No clue why I didn’t think so far myself.
But at the moment I don’t have the time to do this properly.

Einen bekannten Namen erraten about 5 years ago

So geduldig war ich nicht. Im Februar habe ich einer Bekannten, die als Journalistin arbeitet, einen entsprechenden Tipp mit allen Quellen gegeben. Als regionale Notiz taugt die Geschichte allemal.
Aber: Getan hat sich hier auch nichts. Bei einer früheren Geschichte geschah eine Veröffentlichung innerhalb von 14 Tagen…

Arme OSMF about 5 years ago

Aufschlussreiche Aufstellung, vielen Dank dafür – allerdings müsste sie fairerweise auch die älteren Budgets der OSMF zeigen.

Meine Meinung dazu: Es läuft doch. Klemmt es denn irgendwo?

Ich finde es ist beser, das es mit wenig Geld zufriedenstellend läuft als das die OSMF von etlichen Vereinen Geld bekommt und dafür deren Interessen versucht zu bedienen.

Five years and 10.000 EUR – Thank You! about 5 years ago

Thank you – but without all the fellows my efforts would have been in vain.

show off (your accounts) :) about 5 years ago

Thank you for your help.
I fixed my profile and the entry above regardingly.

Mapbox's probably fragmentary "Tracking conversations" tool over 5 years ago

sanjayb, your first comment explains the current behaviour correctly, thank you for that one.

For searching changeset discussions I only know Pascal’s and your tool. Yours promises far superior results so I hope you will enhance it soon.

Mapbox's probably fragmentary "Tracking conversations" tool over 5 years ago

Hi PlaneMad,

thank you for the quick response.
The changeset discussions I started during the last 7 days are these:

I think it is safe to assume I started more than three this year. :)

another way to make good pictures for mapillary over 5 years ago

Thanks for the F-Droid link. Somehow I didn’t look there and was sad finding it only on Google. (Enhanced the diary entry and installed the app from F-Droid.)
This app only works for some Sony cameras so it is only a solution for a small group of people.

For people wanting free apps maybe MobileWebCam may be helpful – to use with their phone.

Re: Stamen, Patrolling Trails in OpenStreetMap over 5 years ago

Thanks for pointing out. I didn’t manage to link that discussion here as I was pointed to it yesterday evening, luckily you did. :)
Frederik asks the IMHO more important question. My point is only looking at the single-mindedness of the editing mapper who edited the data only in regard of his problem but not in regard of “having a reasonyble tagged way”.

Strange GUI issues with JOSM and Ubuntu/Debian over 5 years ago

Hint: When I search the JOSM issue tracker I always also look for closed bugs. One never knows… :)

OpenStreetMap POI finder over 5 years ago

Sorry if I didn’t say it clear: I don’t get to see a single POI because I cannot select any category. The site looks like this when I try to do that:

Additionally: A permalink would be nice, too. At the moment I have to scroll&zoom to my region each time I open the site.

OpenStreetMap POI finder over 5 years ago

Well, in Chromium and Firefox the layer button on the top right just minimizes when I try to look for POI. IMHO it would be better to have a responsive search filed instead of a long category list to click around.
And that it only works for POI on nodes not ways is a serious drawback.

Sizes of various map formats over 5 years ago

Thank you for the hint – I knew I should have looked for primary sources. *sigh* Though that OSMAnd page shows me 67,2MB.
I updated the posting accordingly.

My christmas gift for the OSM Community - JOSM Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet 300 DPI over 5 years ago

@baditaflorin: I have been a little too enthusiastic –
ctrl-“D” duplicates objects which is a JOSM core feature “Y” is a JOSM core feature as well.

My christmas gift for the OSM Community - JOSM Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet 300 DPI over 5 years ago

Nice work. Why don’t you just save it at the OSM wiki or Wikimedia Commons?
Stuff I miss:
“X” stems from eXtrude – extruding a line - be it from a linear or closed way
“D” duplicates selected Objects
“B” switches to buildings_tools draw mode when the plugin is installed
“Y” toggles the viewer of geolocated images if loaded

About Huts over 5 years ago

A faster way of correcting the huts (utilsplugin2 required):

  • draw a way with the diameter of a hut
  • make it a circle by pressing Shift-O (maybe set the circle node count to an appropriate value previously)
  • select this newly made and the old, oversized hut
  • press CTRL-Shift-G to replace the old way with the new one (this keeps the history of the already existing way)

Instead of always drawing a new hut I often just copied and then pasted one since a lot of them have the same size. Thus you would need even one step less – three instead of six.

For way vs node: What would you do if there was a rectangular hut instead of a circle shaped? Still use a node with radius, width or length? I find it easier to map the length of the way instead of describing it.
Additionally: It is surely more rewarding for (new) mappers to see their added buildings show up on the map instead of it remaining blank. (afaik building on nodes aren’t rendered)

Mapping my hometown Rajahmundry over 5 years ago

Have you tried using Mapbox Imagery?
Though its resolution isn’t as good highways should be easy to map. Contrary to Bing Imagery there are only two sets of imagery end the offset is nearly zero (at the places I looked at). After you are done wit the highway grid based on Mapbox you can align Bing to the highways.

In case you use JOSM it may be easier to draw highways on an empty layer, then download the OSM data and use “replace geometry” to move the existing tags and object IDs vom the misaligned to the newly made, enhanced ways. “replace geometry” gets provided by the utils_plugin.