Correcting roundabouts in Spain and Portugal

Posted by edvac on 13 October 2012 in Galician (Galego)


Gracias a Jan Tappenbeck, podemos corregir 656 rotondas erróneamente mapeadas en España y Portugal. La mayoría de ellas tienen la dirección en el sentido de las agujas del reloj, cuando debe ser al contrario.

Podéis descargar el fichero gpx aquí.

Si usáis JOSM, sólo tienes que abrirlo y luego moverte por la geografía ibérica para empezar a corregir las rotondas.


Thanks to Jan Tappenbeck, we can fix 656 wrong roundabouts in Spain and Portugal. Most of them have the clockwise direction, when they should be anticlockwise.

You can download de gpx file here.

If you use JOSM, you just have to open that file and then go around and start fixing those roundabouts.

Up to now, I fix most (if not all) of the roundabouts in Galicia, all the roundabouts in Illes Balears, and many other in Catalunya and other areas of the N of Spain.

Comment from Lübeck on 15 October 2012 at 18:23

thanks for the flowers - update-informations in the future only in the spain-mailing talk-es

regards Jan :-)

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