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"JustGo" : a new map for OSM (local) public transport data visualization about 2 years ago

Very nice, tried it for India and shows the metro networks very well!

vacation mapping #2 over 2 years ago

Wonderful! Reminds me so much of Mumbai, another city run by humanity.

. over 2 years ago

Hi amvresh, it sounds like you are a local and can really help improve the map.

Is the location of the village correct?

Have you tried to edit the map? If you need help or want to discuss some change do join other Indian mappers on telegram

The new OSMF survey - my answers almost 3 years ago

Very nice to see the transparency in your replies that is always useful for communities to have discussions over.

You have rightly said that that the longterm challenge would be for the grassroots community to push back on organized corporate interest which will only strengthen with time as OSM data becomes more commercially valuable.

In that regard its unfortunate that you feel not attending SoTM in future might help. If anything its more important that the community which has deeper and stronger roots to the project be present to bring forward the culture that kept us together.

Inspite of any differences one may have in how the event is organized, having people who touch the project physically together under one roof is invaluable in breaking boundaries of differences and lay the path forward for collaboration. I sincerely hope that i would get to meet you at a future SoTM.

Going Back to School almost 3 years ago

Beautiful work! It would be great to see more initiatives to spread geography literacy at a young age which really opens up the world for the child.

Having taken such a geography class in the Himalayas, i can assure you for all the students this will be a class that both the students and you will never forget :)

Can you share the location of the school, was it in Hyderabad?

Worst mistake: straightened and upload almost 3 years ago

Ouch. Hope you could hit undo and save a copy of the good data. JOSM give humans way too much map superpower.

How to correct India Maps on Open Street Map(OSM) Tile Server to show disputed Indian boundaries almost 3 years ago

Very detailed and useful tutorial! This is repeated question among many folks who want to use OSM tiles in India and also for other parts of the world where the official boundary may differ from what is in OSM.

Have also added a link for the tutorial in the wiki:

Indian border on OpenStreetMap

Modified boundaries matching official map of India

Lupang Arenda drone mapping - part 1 almost 3 years ago

This is amazing, and super relevant for most of the world where communities need to figure out solutions for themselves.

One interesting thing that also seems to be captured is the web of communications cables draped over the buildings.

It would be really cool to have an IR camera and have a high resolution thermal imagery. Maybe useful for vegetation health?

Oldenburg over 3 years ago

This is fantastic! Wonderful work!

Please check NH 930 near Bhadravati over 3 years ago

Looked like the highway was realigned around some coalfields. Have updated using the imagery in the DigatalGlobe layers.

Towards a dedicated public issue tracking/project management system for OSM over 3 years ago

One option is to use phabricator which is the open source project management system used by Wikimedia Foundation and used by the community as well.

Its worth looking into how its used by WMF to get an idea of what could be possible on the platform:

Viewing OpenStreetMap tiles in GL over 3 years ago

@mmd Updated the code to not use the Mapbox API. One just needs to use the empty style from

Overlaying different boundaries over OSM's standard map style over 3 years ago

Have made an updated demo that shows how to include Crimea as part of Ukraine with the OSM mapnik tiles:

DWG authority on decisions over territorial disputes over 3 years ago

As someone from India where we face similar issues of disputed territories, I can only empathize with the Ukraine community over this decision. The boundaries of a country represent the mental model of the nation we live in and is strongly linked to our national identity. It is inevitable that there will be a deeply emotional response to such a change from the countries concerned and Its important that those from other countries understand how this is not merely a change on an online map.

The decision that the DWG took is not at all surprising - to remain neutral and objective with established principles regarding such disputed boundaries. The result is that Ukraine joins a list of countries where the de facto world map is not aligned to the world view of its people.

There never is going to be a single map of a world view that will satisfy everyone, and affected communities need to figure out how to work with that reality, while OSMF needs to figure out how to technically support such communities better. For India, we have a customized OSM slippy map code which alters the boundary of Kashmir as per official requirements. The boundaries shown on the OSM website are illegal here and often leads to very negative response to the project. The situation in Ukraine will be very similar now.

If the OSM website automatically switched disputed borders based on viewers country and various data tooling supported working with disputed boundaries easily, this would be much less of an issue than it is.

GSoC'18 Final Report almost 4 years ago

Congratulations, these are some fantastic new features that will make it much easier to contribute transit data.

KeepRight - The start of Q/A in iD almost 4 years ago

This is brilliant, so good to see all that various amazing map tools are slowly coming together in a singe interface

How to find the changeset details of any OSM map feature almost 4 years ago

Thanks mmd, updated!

RoboSat ❤️ Tanzania almost 4 years ago

Can’t believe its so simple, thank you for the tutorial!

Vector Tiles for iD Editor : Playing with mvt and pbf files. almost 4 years ago

This is an amazing extension! Thank you for the work.

Rendering non-default language in OSM-Carto standard map almost 4 years ago

Wonderful to see maps in Tamil! Even the city and local government don’t have maps in the local languages, and they would be really excited to see this.