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Celebrating Open Data and Women Empowerment: Reflections from OpenStreetMap Rwanda 2024 march 9th.

Amazing 👏

The State of OpenStreetMap in Africa 2023

This is really amazing 👏

From Local to Global: Bringing Voices to the Map

Great one Letwin, Keep up the good work Keep inspiring.

My progress on Mapping.

Congratulations, I am proud of you Nulu

My First OSM Experience

Thank you for making one of the best decision to join OpenStreetMap Welcome Neky


Beautiful, Great 👍 diary and strong Aspiration

#RwandaMontlymapathon #UniqueMappersNetwork

Great work, Keep Mapping


Great work, Keep Mapping

My First Mapathon Training

Great work, Keep Mapping

My Week 1 as HOT Data Quality Intern 2022

Thank you so much @Letwin

#Mapmyvillagecampaign #Uniquemappers

I am a witness, you are doing really great you are so passionate and your passion is inspiring.