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December 05, 2017


I am Kingsley Chika CHUKWU.

  1. Team Leader/President of LionMappersTeam Enugu Campus of Youth Mappers.
  2. Youth Empowerment, Training & Mapping Associate-Unique Mappers Network Inc. Nigeria.
  3. State Coordinator (Ebonyi and Enugu) and Mapping Supervisor- Unique Mappers Network Inc. Nigeria.
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It is a privilege to be a member of LionMappersTeam-Enugu Campus because it is a platform where I can contribute to a global mapping initiative and humanitarian service that helps respond to resilient communities. It also gives me the opportunity to show my skills and talent, already acquired before gaining admission to study Geoinformatics and Surveying at the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. I had a life which introduced me to GIS early and I was able to produce a map at my previous school; Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic Unwana, Afikpo Ebonyi State(AIFPU) showing all the natural and artificial features. I have always had a self-driven passion for GIS which is engraved in my heart.

I was so excited when our Team Leader and Mentor, Victor N. Sunday, introduced YouthMappers to us in a recent training at the University of Nigeria -Enugu Campus. I am so happy because this team gives me a training platform as well as the opportunity to map and place my community on global web map of OpenStreetMap. I would gladly volunteer my service though my chapter to contribute to this critical global geospatial database to solve the world’s special needs. I would also ensure that my friends and fellow students join this team to map our University of Nigeria, Enugu campus on the worldwide web of OSM because if a building or road is not found on a map, it does not exist!

I want to be a GIS expert, to help people quench their curiosities and better understand the world around them. I believe GIS is a tool for solving problems. This is something I want to do for the rest of my life - I want to provide a safe world using GIS where one can access any location at any given time.

As the formal Media/Technical director and now the Team leader volunteer of LionMappersTeam Enugu Campus, I hope to unveil continually the untold vision of YouthMappers on the campuses and to give everything possible to see that the dream and vision stand using every available media platform. I am looking forward to ensuring that more than 40% of students on campus give their best and to see that we take this dream beyond this sphere. So sign up to and let us together solve problem globally. Let’s locally solve global problems as we come on board to map

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