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Me and my Team organised a Mapping Competition which held on 9th August 2019 at University of Nigeria Enugu Campus At A109 Geoinformatics and Surveying from 12: 37pm to 4; 15pm with the total number of 14 Mappers, . the mapping competition was to map; #6358 - Mapathon Battle for Vulnerable Oil Spill Disaster Communities in Niger Delta Region,Nigeria-Tai LGA

Ogoniland is a major oil spill disaster vulnerable area of Nigeria,being the host communities of crude oil exploitation in the Niger Region of Nigeria.Ogoniland land consist of four local government which includes Khana Local Governemnt Area of Rivers State. Following hazardous impact and damage of ogoniland by oil Spill disaster, UNEP assessed that the environmental restoration of Ogoniland would require coordinated efforts on the part of government agencies at all levels, industry operators and communities. UNEP also presented its recommendations as a major opportunity to bring new investment, employment opportunities and a culture of cooperation to Ogoniland in addition to driving improvements in the environmental and health situation on the ground.To effectively implement the UNEP recommendations for restoration of ogoniland,there is a need for a geographic data that provides critical building footprint in the area,especially,to identify and access the vulnerable oil spill communities. Maps produced would be used by government agencies and other stakeholders working to implement UNEP report on Ogoniland restorartion.

Created by: vicksun Changeset Comment #hotosm-project-6358 #osmnigeria #uniquemappersnetwork #VictorNSunday #NGDisasterRiskReduction #ogonilandoilspill

the competition was a successful one.

Credit: Victor N. Sunday, Team Coordinator and Mentor

Chukwu Kingsley Chika

Team leam of LionMappersTeam Enugu Campus 10/08/2019

Location: Independence Layout, Enugu North, Enugu, 400261, Nigeria

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Best of luck

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