Plans until the end of the year 2017!

Posted by DenisJu on 13 October 2017 in English (English)

More accurate informations for the city of Shkodra:

  • buildings: validation, number, level, update (new/old object)
  • highways (more accurate) improvement, names, categories, speed limit, validation, update (new/old object)
  • bicycle line (update)
  • parking area (update)
  • update tourism category (hotels, hostels, guesthouses, camping, attractions, hiking/biking routes around Shkodra)
  • update the POI's (new entries)

More accurate information for "North Albania" (touristic villages like Theth, Valbona, Curraj Epërm, Lëpushë, Vermosh, Bogë, Vukël, Nikç, Tamare, Razëm, Prekal, Shala River, Mazrek, Drisht, Velipojë, Shirokë, Zogaj, Rrjoll, Zadrimë area, Ana e Malit area, around Gashi River):

  • new/update hiking/biking routes (more accurate type of hiking routes T1-T5)
  • new/update guesthouses
  • attractions

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