Desde hace varios años, yo he estado interesado en fotos georeferenciadas disponibles con una licencia abierta. Escribí un par artículos hace años en uno de mis blogs sobre cómo sería un portal (, e inclusive apoyé en el proyecto phpmygpx ( De manera paralela he adquirido equipo para captar fotos. Inicié con la cámara Sony DSC-HX5V, pero era muy básica para tomar fotos masivas. Después salió el proyecto Mapillary, y eso era lo que yo quería, un lugar dónde dejar las fotos georeferenciadas para que estén disponibles para la comunidad. Desde ese entonces me he interesado aun más, y he logrado configurar mi bicicleta para que cada trayecto pueda tomar más datos.

Aquí comparto una fotos en donde muestro mi montaje:

  • Bicicleta todo terreno GW -
  • Parrilla para rueda trasera
  • Monópodo Yunteng
  • Tornillo de extensión de soporte para cámara - Koroao 1/4 Expansion Screw Adapter with 1/4 Screw & 360-degree Panoramic Camera to Enable The USB Terminal/HDMI Terminal
  • Cámara LG 360
  • Cámara Garmin Virb XE action cam (con cable de carga)
  • Soporte GoPro para bicicleta (para la cámara Garmin)
  • Battery bank TPlink con dos puertos de entrada
  • Cable de 2 m USB-C


Soporte y cámara Garmin Virb XE. 3


Soporte monópodo y cámara LG 360. 5

Detalle montaje monópodo. 1


Soporte extendido. Así es como capturo fotos mientras ando. 7


En el siguiente link se pueden ver las fotos 360 que he tomado (principalmente en bici al norte de Bogotá):

Location: RAP (Especial) Central, 111111, Colombia

Comment from philippec on 20 January 2019 at 15:17

Normally, I would say = “Return that Garmin VIRB XE to the shop if still possible”. But on the other hand, I could not find pictures of you that are as bad as mine.

The VIRB XE is known to adapt very badly to changing light and to show little or no contrast in the shadow. One good VIRB XE has not emerged yet.

But in your country there is always sun and the streets are wide. But I think a Gopro would give a better result in following pictures :

There is also a better Gopro tube mount that allows panning. I don’t think your brake cables would be in sight.

A 2 meter USB cable, that must give a lot of loss.

Comment from philippec on 20 January 2019 at 15:24

The VIRB XE has three advantages compared to the Heros = - people recognise it less as an action camera - the battery is easier to exchange - because it has no back screen, it is possible to press it against a tube.

Comment from philippec on 20 January 2019 at 15:58

edit :

  • The ANT+ sensors for the Garmin work very well.

  • the VIRB XE does not achieve its promised two pictues a second. This means that on a bike you have to turn slowly and on the highway you cannot drive slowly enough to cover the highway.

Comment from AngocA on 22 January 2019 at 12:49

About the Garmin photos, they are not good in indoors or with low light, otherwise I am satisfied with the result. About the speed, I do not take at that rate. However, it seems a SD card problem, instead of the camera. I have a high speed and card and I have not had any problem. The 2 meter cable was to keep both cameras an cell phone with energy for long time. Finally, the main purpose of this entry was not talking about the Garmin camera, but about a bike with 360 photos.

Comment from JJIglesias on 27 January 2019 at 14:19

I tryed the same with a cellphone and a Virb Ultra 30, in a Buggy at the highlands of Bolivia and was very dissapointing. The vibration makes dozens of pictures useless plus the fact that the GeoTagging either in cellphones and the Virb is not good at all, Perhaps a degradation in the GPS signal… But Nice Rig. Greetings from Bolivia

Comment from gnesss on 7 February 2019 at 11:41

I like your rig. Getting these things set up is surprisingly complicated on a bicycle, compared to on a car - which is also not trivial.

I’ve yet to find a satisfactory way to easily use my 360deg camera for casual map captures on my bike. As such it is only used when I specifically go out to map and I hold the monopod.

You’ve given me some inspiration though!

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