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January 04, 2009

About Andres

Andres is dedicated to collect and release data as free. He is currently the lead member of MaptimeBogota chapter, a group that organizes Mapping Parties (in person) and virtual conferences about the map of Bogota. The purpose of this chapter is to share knowledge about mapping techniques and create a community of mappers to improve the data

His nickname is AngocA which comes from the initial of his complete name: Andres Gomez Casanova.

All his profile information can be read in or from LinkedIn:

Currently, Andres is part of the BogoMap project that aims to provide a free map of the public transport system of Bogota. Andres and his team has collected a lot of information and they are continuously uploading that to OSM.

You can reach Andres in Twitter or by mail: angoca a t yahoo d o t com

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