Mapper since:
January 04, 2009

About Andres

He is currently the lead member of MaptimeBogota chapter, a group that organizes Mapping Parties (in person) and virtual conferences about the map of Bogota, the capital of Colombia. The purpose of this chapter is to share knowledge about mapping techniques and create a community of mappers to improve the data.

He is also leading the OSM Colombia community and helping the OSM Latam community to work together.

Andres has solved many notes in Colombia, and he is promoting the notes resolutions in other Latam countries.

His nickname is AngocA which comes from the initial of his complete name: Andres Gomez Casanova.

You can find more details about his activities in the OSM Wiki profile.

You can reach Andres on Twitter or mail: angoca a t yahoo d o t com.

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