Sitges, Spain

Posted by zut on 14 June 2009 in English (English)

Two weeks of working near el Vendrell (sleeping in Sitges) left me some time to walk / drive and record tracks. It is long since I was in such nearly unmapped area. Even C-31 was only done partially.
I wonder if C-31 is really to be mapped as trunk like
tells me to. If you are a spanish mapper, please send me a message. I plan to make C-31 a part of a relation. Still, there is so much more to map in Sitges, as I have 130 more lines in my notebook.

Location: la Gavina, Mas d'en Pedro, Cubelles, Garraf, BCN, Catalonia, 08800, Spain

Comment from PerroVerd on 15 June 2009 at 07:31

Its strange, usually all the trunks are N-* instead of C-*

┬┐What color has the C-31 indicator? i think its likely to be a primary instead of a trunk, and probably with the motorroad=yes tag.

Anyway, I will ask the spanish list for a nearby mapper

Comment from Jaume Figueras on 15 June 2009 at 09:02

Hi! It is quite difficult to tag 'correctly' road types in Catalonia, lots of discussion have been talked in the Spanish list. This is due to big differences between administrative classification and physical properties of the road. Specially in Catalonia many roads changed its name from Spanish classification to Catalan classification. C prefix only implies that the road is full administered by Catalan government. So there are C roads that are motorways and C roads that are ternary. Also with B, T, G and L roads.

Also political and cultural problems between Spanish and Catalan governments have made that N roads considered trunk roads in the rest of Spain (physically and administratively) are more like ternary roads (physically) than trunk in Catalonia.

Since this subject is much sensitive by so many people in Spain and Catalonia I beg you to tag with your unbiased common sense. Physically, C-31 south is like a motorroad trunk from Barcelona to Castelldefels, like a secondary from Castelldefels to Sitges (costes del Garraf - costes in roads mean in Catalan many many slow curves). I don't use this road further from Vilanova i la Geltr├║ but from aerial imaginary it seems more like a Spanish trunk with no motorroad tag than a primary (physically talking).



Comment from Jaume Figueras on 15 June 2009 at 09:06

Edit... but sincerely, I have no clue if it is trunk or primary.

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