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Not Yours, OpenStreetMap 11 days ago

I mostly agree with you.

I don't consider that OSM has a free tagging system. If I tag the main road of my town as highway=my-prefered-road, probably someone would complain that it should be a highway=primary. Although we can input any value we want, it doesn't make it a free tagging system. We need to use the established values to make it useful for other people (it's totally different from free tagging flickr photos or blog posts). Paradoxically, we can propose to deprecate a tag and replace it by another, but we can't do a mechanical edit to update all the objects mapped with the deprecated tag. It makes most tag changes impossible. The tag proposals voting system is very strange as well... but in the end who decides which tags will be widely used are the software editors developers, and OSMF has not control over it too.

The Latin American community is very open to contributions, so if you have data from franchises and want to import it, you can do a proposal in our mailing lists or telegram groups.

Long Names of OpenStreetMap 3 months ago

Hi, Harry!!

We've added a filter in OSMCha to get features with very long names:

Mapeando cidades do Estado do Piauí 3 months ago

Excelente trabalho, Francysko!!! Me diz os nomes das cidades sem dados no IBGE Urbano. Posso gerar outra camada pra você mapeá-las.

OSMCha News - January/2018 4 months ago

Hi, Everyone!

We released a new version of OSMCha with some changes to the changeset comment feature. You can know about this new release on my new diary post:

Changeset viewer plugin for JOSM 4 months ago

Great use of OSMCha API and a very nice tool!! Congratulations, Rubens!

OSMCha News - January/2018 4 months ago

Thanks, Mateus!

About the changeset comments... This was supported by some members of the community:

Soon, I'll improve it to give more options to the users. Right now, if you don't want that OSMCha post comments to the changesets that you are reviewing, when signing up to OSMCha, don't give permissions to "modify the map".

OSMCha News - January/2018 5 months ago

@Zverik No, the tag changes summary runs in the frontend when the page is rendered, but it's a good idea to identify some patterns and convert it on alerts.

Reviewing new users edits in Brazil 6 months ago

Hi Clifford,

Thanks for the idea! Another user has already set up a bot to send messages welcoming new contributors in Brazil.

Metro Mapping Proposal (and what's wrong with proposals) 6 months ago

Sorry to not give the attention this proposal deserves, Ilya... I've fixed the Brasilia subway network using your validator and I'm planning to work on some other networks in Brasil.

I would suggest you to improve the first diagram, that shows how to map a station with all its elements (entrances, stop_area, platforms, rail line, etc). Maybe mapping a station on a not crowded area will make it easier to understand the proposal.

Placa Com Mapa e Código QR na Entrada da Cidade 6 months ago

Ótima iniciativa, Edil!! Você libera eu publicar as fotos no Wiki do OSM sob a licença Creative Commons By-SA 3.0?

Falando Sobre OSM no Curso de Resgate Histórico e Cultural de Ribeirão Grande 6 months ago

Muito bom!!

Marcação 7 months ago

Olá, Nando

Teste alguns desses serviços: Uma das melhores e mais fáceis opções é

Idea for Peer review workflow using OSMcha 9 months ago

I forgot to post the link about how it'll work in iD:

Idea for Peer review workflow using OSMcha 9 months ago

We'll have it in the next version of iD and OSMCha is already prepared to read this information. Thanks for the feedback!

Eu tenho, você não tem 10 months ago

Me lembrou esse lugar:

Eu tenho, você não tem 10 months ago

hahaha! Boa!

An open database of inconsistent edits observed on OSM from OSMCha over 1 year ago

Very good ideas, Joost! We will consider it in our future plans!

Mapping bus route in Ayacucho - Perú over 1 year ago

Excelent, Karito!!!

OpenStreetMap Community Statistics Revisited over 1 year ago

Excelent stats! It's missing the data about Caribbean and Central America, isn't it?

Inserção de dados relacionados a questões de Gênero - Mulheres no OSM over 1 year ago

Bem vinda, Camila!