since my last blog entry, many bugs have been reviewed/fixed.

In January, Germany and Great Britain finish the transition to OS Notes.

Here the stats of Germany:


And here from Great Britain: stats

Only 12 countries with bugs are remaining. Most of the open Bugs are in Russia:

  • [RU] 5679

Italy has only fixed few bugs. I’ve just mailed the major contributors:

  • [IT] 1010

In France, geovelo has replaced OSB with OS Notes now on their page:

  • [FR] 854

Other countries with fewer bugs but still not finished:

  • [NL] 338
  • [FI] 309
  • [SE] 289
  • [BE] 285
  • [HT] 270
  • [ES] 270
  • [RO] 252
  • [UA] 221
  • [BY] 201

I think all bugs (except of russia) can be reviewed/fixed in February. Please help to finish the transistion.




Comment from mcld on 8 February 2014 at 15:27

Congratulations, and well done on this nicely-managed transfer

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