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In May the last bug in OSB has been closed. What happend with the bugs that have been moved to OS-Notes during the phaseout?

Grant provides a dump of OS-Notes (

I’ve created a small stat now, looking for bugs that have been opened with a comment that relates to OSB.


  • Moved from OSB: ~9800 Notes
  • Already closed: ~3800
  • Remaining: 6000

source of the stat script: (

yesterday I’ve closed the last open bug in Openstreetbugs.

Russia and especially Moscow contained lots of short bug messages. Hard to review/fix and sometimes much to short to guess it’s meanings. [1]

The bugs moved to Notes in Moscow may not be that usesful for all mappers. Sorry, but I’ve tried to sort out all bugs that had only little information.

The open bugs graph of Russia looks like this and finally reached zero:

bugs in russia

While most of the countries finished the transition in February, there wasn’t much progress in Russia.

I’ve started to create some final OSB statistics [2]. We’ve moved about 9000 bugs to Notes, while we fixed/closed about 34000 bugs. I think that’s ok.

I’ve the feeling that the bugs get fixed in Notes much quicker than in OSB. Need now some new stats about how many moved bugs are still open in Notes.

Regards Werner

[1] Moscow:

[2] final statistics:

since my last blog entry, many bugs have been reviewed/fixed.

In January, Germany and Great Britain finish the transition to OS Notes.

Here the stats of Germany:


And here from Great Britain: stats

Only 12 countries with bugs are remaining. Most of the open Bugs are in Russia:

  • [RU] 5679

Italy has only fixed few bugs. I’ve just mailed the major contributors:

  • [IT] 1010

In France, geovelo has replaced OSB with OS Notes now on their page:

  • [FR] 854

Other countries with fewer bugs but still not finished:

  • [NL] 338
  • [FI] 309
  • [SE] 289
  • [BE] 285
  • [HT] 270
  • [ES] 270
  • [RO] 252
  • [UA] 221
  • [BY] 201

I think all bugs (except of russia) can be reviewed/fixed in February. Please help to finish the transistion.




In Deutschland wurde vor einer Woche der letzte Fehler behoben. Herzlichen Dank an alle, die mitgemacht haben.

Hier eine Graphik über die Bugs in Deutschland:


Insgesamt sind noch 12 Länder übrig. Aktuelle Statistik s. [3]

In Russland sind noch die meisten offenen Fehler (mehr als die Hälfte):

  • [RU] 5679

Italien und Frankreich haben noch um die 1000 Fehler. In Frankreich wurde kürzlich die letzte aktive Homepage (geovelo) auf Notes umgestellt.

  • [IT] 1010
  • [FR] 854

Die restlichen Länder haben zwischen 200 und 350 Bugs. Diese lassen sich, so hoffe ich, im laufe des Monats beheben.

  • [NL] 338
  • [FI] 309
  • [SE] 289
  • [BE] 285
  • [HT] 270
  • [ES] 270
  • [RO] 252
  • [UA] 221
  • [BY] 201



many bugs have been fixed already. The current stats [3] show, that now Germany has fewer bugs remaining than Russia, now.

The remaining bugs (22540) are distributed over 23 countries. Here’s how bug count proceeds.

[RU] 6136

Most of the bugs are in big cities. About 3000 bugs around Moscow. No new bugs are added. I’ve talked to the mapper that added most of the new bugs since November [1].

Only few bugs have been fixed during phase out.

[DE] 5688

Great progress in Germany. We startet with about 14500 bugs. I guess we will finish this month.

[GB] 2517

Very little progress. (70 Bugs fixed). Can anyone promote it to GB mappers?

The bugs are distributed over the whole country.

[IT] 1152

Very little progress. Large bug clusters in Sicilia and Milano. Can anyone promote the phase out to IT mappers? I will ask the major contributors of bugs, too.

[BE] 1003

Very little progress.

[FR] 943

Very little progress.

France is currently the only country, where still a few bugs are added with the geovelo website. (

[NL] 765

Very little progress

[ES] 737

Very little progress. Most bugs are around Barcelona.

[UA] 499

little progress.

[SE] 367

one third is gone

[FI] 309

some progress

[BY] 274

no progress at all

[HT] 270

most of the bugs are mapping notes. I’ll talk to the mapper.

[RO] 257

no progress

[AT] 246

little progress. Not a big deal as German mappers can help here ;-)

Other countries with fewer reports:

  • [PT] 108
  • [CZ] 98
  • [LV] 91
  • [UZ] 83
  • [HR] 80
  • [PL] 63 many bugs have been fixed in poland
  • [SK] 55

So. Please promote the OSB phase out to the countries with little progress and help fixing and reviewing bugs. Thanks.




In Deutschland werden fleißig Fehler behoben. Einige Bundesländer sind bereits bereinigt [2]. Falls wir so fleißig weitermachen sind die Bugs in Deutschland bis Ende Januar abgearbeitet.

Seit heute sind in Russland mehr offene Fehler als in Deutschland gelistet [3].

Insgesamt sind noch 23 Länder übrig.




this is a follow up to my last blog post about OSB phase out.

Things happend in the last two weeks:

The bug count has been reduced by 3000 bugs in the last two weeks, other mappers have started to review bug entries in different places (Philipines, Ireland, England, Germany …). Thank you.

But … who is still adding so many bugs to the database?

new bugs

Oh, someone creates bugs with bulk uploads.

Looking into the database, the new bugs look like this.

755253 svet [NoName/OsmAnd633, 2013-10-24 15:00:00 CEST]
755254 svet [NoName/OsmAnd633, 2013-10-24 15:00:00 CEST]
755255 svet [NoName/OsmAnd633, 2013-10-24 15:00:00 CEST]
755256 kr [NoName/OsmAnd633, 2013-10-24 15:00:01 CEST]
755257 SBB [NoName/OsmAnd633, 2013-10-24 15:00:02 CEST]
755258 76 [NoName/OsmAnd633, 2013-10-24 15:00:03 CEST]
755259 mgt [NoName/OsmAnd633, 2013-10-24 15:00:03 CEST]
755260 gvbs [NoName/OsmAnd633, 2013-10-24 15:00:04 CEST]
755261 SBB [NoName/OsmAnd633, 2013-10-24 15:00:04 CEST]
755262 76 [NoName/OsmAnd633, 2013-10-24 15:00:04 CEST]
755263 bul33 [NoName/OsmAnd633, 2013-10-24 15:00:04 CEST]

Wow, 11 new bugs in 5 seconds. Looks like someone is using OSB to collect mapping notes ….

Where are all the newly created bugs? Currently the open bug distribution created after 2013-10-01 looks like this:

  • [RU] 1811
  • [DE] 341
  • [BY] 23
  • [NL] 17
  • [PL] 16
  • [FR] 13

After disabling the OSB homepage 2013-10-15 looks like this:

  • [RU] 716
  • [BY] 22
  • [DE] 5
  • [IT] 3

Looks like the only major creator of new bugs lives in Russia / Moscow.


Please fix as many bugs as possible in your city, your county, country, …

Transition from OpenStreetBugs to OSM Notes

Posted by werner2101 on 16 October 2013 in English (English). Last updated on 18 October 2013.

yesterday the creation of new bug entries on ( has been disabled.

I’m currently tinkering about how to phase-out OpenStreetBug.

  • Where are the bugs?
  • What’s the state of the open bugs?
  • How to organise the change?

The bugs

The open bugs (45k) are not equaly distributed over the world. Most of the bugs are in germany and netherlands. Here is a map that displays all open bugs. Each of the 512 rectangles contains about 86 bugs.

Distribution of OSB-Bugs

The state of the bugs

I’ve reviewed about 500 bugs in the south of Germany and I guess the bugs can be splitted in following categories:

  • 10% useless descriptions
  • 30% already fixed in the map, but the OSB have not been closed
  • 10% can be fixed with the bug description
  • 20% can be fixed with aerial images (Bing)
  • 30% local knowledge required (can not be fixed)

Organise the change

  1. Disabling adding new bugs to the OSB database: Adding new bugs has been disabled by some applications, but there Apps, that can still add new bugs to the database. We have to talk to all App developers to create OSM Notes instead of OpenStreetBugs. see (

  2. Communicate to the users to use Notes: I’ve added a deprecation notice to all the OpenStreetbugs wiki pages. and the original OSB homepage contain that message now, too.

  3. Invite mappers to fix open bugs in their own area.

  4. Prepare and organize a mapping party to do the final switch to OSM Notes (maybe around 31.12.2013). This may include moving open and usefull OSB bugs to OSM Notes. I will collect some more ideas on this topic how to create worklists, gpx-files of the open bugs, or write a special tool for the party …

BTW: This it my first blog entry.

2013-10-18 update:

Please help fixing bugs.