Following our planned schedule to host a forthrightly webinar training session for all the teams I created and OSMNigeria Community,we successfully held our first webinar today. Agenda for the meeting include: 1 . Briefing from OSMNigeria Coordinator (Victor N.SUnday) 2 . OSM Communities-Local and global 3 . HOT Working Groups 4 . OSM Africa 5 , Mapping Tasks 6 . Brief from HOT Community Staff /Board Representative available 7 . Questions and Answer Session 8 . Review of past topics

It was great having participants and team coordinators/leaders of the various teams/local communities in attendance. Thank you so much Trudy Hope for showing up with a short notice via whatsApp message ,your presence and briefing were inspiring !!! Trudy Hope ,being a board Director of HOT was able to share good ideas to boost our growing community..And to my brother from another country Peter Johannes,you are always amazing ,showing up as a senior mentor so close to OSM activities and progress in Nigeria,thank you for coming on board to make our day. And to my OSMNigeria Community assistant ,Chukwuma Okolie, of Unilagmappersteam,you did a very nice and brief review of our previous webinar training.Thank you @Ikenna of AbsuMappersTeam and Saviour of UniqueMappersTeam Network.You all did a nice job!!! Look forward to working with you guys always to impact and grow #UniqueMappersTeam Network and #OSMNigeria.Cheers

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