Mapper since: August 24, 2015

I am passionate about Volunteered Geographic Information/Crowd sourced mapping.Currently,I am working on VGI access and accuracy mapping in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria,with interest in Oil-Spill Disaster Mapping,Rapid Response Mapping and Cadastral mapping. I am also working towards raising an effective VGI team via HOT campus youth mappers club in the Niger Delta Region and South eastern region of Nigeria starting with UniqueMappersTeam(UMT)Port Harcourt, to be hosted by Geography and Environmental Management Department, University of Port Harcourt,Port Harcourt,Nigeria,where,I work presently, as a Principal GIS-Cartographer. I am currently a PhD Geoinformatics research student of University of Nigeria,Enugu Campus,Nigeria.I am looking forward to impacting on the OSM community efforts in my region,especially,with the emerging youthmappers team,am going to mentor and the research progress and prospects of my Phd work in crowd sourced mapping in Nigeria,using OSM platform. I also undertake Environmental and GIS research,training and application consultancy in Nigeria.