#mapthedifference2018 in Retrospect: A vote of thanks from #vicksun #uniquemappersteam #osmnigeria OpenStreetMap Nigeria Community

Posted by vicksun on 2 January 2019 in English (English)

A review of my OSM activities for 2018 is noteworthy and sharing .And sincerely,I wish to appreciate all community members who worked with me,assisted me and contributed to these listed moments and milestones of 2018.

1 ..In January,we started with a GIS/Remote Sensing Seminar…Creating awareness of OSM data application.Thanks to Team leaders @uniquemappersteam

2 .March,I successfully hosted the International Women’s Day tagged Geospatial Technology:The Solution for Women Transformation featuring Reasons for International Women’s Day,OSM;the voice for Vulnerable Women,Mapathon Party for Vulnerable Women

3 .In March,I co-founded UnMaidMappersTeam-University of Maiduguri,Borno State with Mamman Ali ,a student of Geography Department ,who visited University of Port Harcourt for one-one training with me and my team leaders.Subsequent training and mentoring continued via webinar and whatsApp chat group for the team that accommodate more than 50 members

4 .I created #AbsuMappersTeam-Abia State University -co-founding with Professor J.U.Ogbonna,the Team Coordinator and Faculty Advisor mentoring via whatsapp chat group,visitation and webinar training

5 . Also in April, we had the emergence of #ImsuMappersTeam-Imo State University,Nigeria in April,with Mr.Lazarus of Geography and Environmental Studies as the Team Coordinator.I mentor via webinar training and whatsapp chat group\

6 . Also a platform was created to establish #FutoMappersTeam and this effort is in progress

7 . In April,I became a HOT-Micrograntee for Nigeria and had the funding support for the purchase of devices (Smartphoines,Laptops and other equipment as well as internet data subscription for community mapping efforts @Uniquemappersteam.

I was also nominated and elected into HOT Voting Membership

8 . in June ,we had our 1st Anniversary mapathon,OSMfight that scaled up edits of uniquemappersteam from 4000 to more than 15,000

9 .Our Team members responded to global disaster events and mapped remotely in more than 40 countries with one month

  1. . I made a presentation at London MSF Mapathon via webner,thanks to Pete Masters for taking us to a global level of interaction ,it so exciting and rewarding!!!

11 . I had four conference papers presented at the HOT/FOSS4G Summit in Tanzania ,thanks to Rebecca Firth and Rachael of HOT for coming to our urgent need to facilitate a fully funded trip for my representative ,Faith Umuokoro,to enable us participate in the conference. Thanks to FOSS4G travel grant committee for the support.

12 . The last quarter of 2018 was full of OSM activities,We had travels to Abuja for failed visa appointment in September,following a fully funded travel grant from OpenStreetMap US to attend state of the map US for paper presenation

We showed presence at the 40th Anniversary/conference of the Nigerian Cartographic Association ,Abuja . We presented both technical papers and training at the annual conference of Geoinformation Society of Nigeria(GEOSON),Abuja,Nigeria ,including Mapping with HOT Tasking Manager for Disaster Response. We hosted and participated in a global mapthon to #endfgm Female Genital Mutilation #map2endfgm I also co-founded #Uzmappers of University of Zimbabwe with Bere and Marbel students of Geography Department and Mr.Ndiamni,the Team coordinator

Closing up the year,#mrchks of University of Lagos came to my assistance,and we expanded #OSMNigeria with additional more than 500 new OSM subscribers ,creating 3 whatsApp chat groups and hosting #mapperswantedtraining.

Then ,emerged the aggresivelly passionate UniLagMappersTeam with Dr.N.O.Uluocha as the Team Coodinator/Facutly Advisor and Chukwuma Okolie as the Team Leader.

Even on 25th December night,we held a webinar training for #AbsuMappersTeam and #ImsuMappersTeam enthusiastic team members,thanks to Ikenna who came on board for Absumappersteam.

Thanks to Ezinne Egbom ,our uniquemappersteam PhD Researcher on Malaria Parasitimea prevalence mapping in Rivers State and all our team members who travellled the creeks and lands of Rivers State 23 LGA’s to collect baseline data to facilitate the research,Honesty,corper Victor,Corper Jonathan,Pastor Emma and others.Chukwudubem,You were brave as a team leader to traverse the volatile creeks and swamps of Rivers state geocoding PHC’s to elimanate malaria!!!

mapthedifference2018 closed up with #uniqumappersteam starting with less than 5000 edits and closing up with more than 130,913 edits of 124,038 buildings and 1128km of roads mapped for 2018.thanks to #hotosmmicrogrant2018

OLODIA AMBROSE closing up with more than 18,000 edits Thank you so much Ambrose for your energy and time to contribute such a huge data as well as your fiend and #OSMFighting mate # Inneh Precious who mapped 15,639 edits !!!

Surprisingly,our emerging #unilagmappersteam mapped and closed up the year with 27,639 edit just in the month of December,2018 .

Thanks to #mrchuks Chukwuma Okolie for this amazing job and wonderful beginning of UniLagmappersTeam

Thanks to Toeby and Samuel Akin of Unilagmappersteam

Thanks to #valerie143 of UniqueMappersTeam for your feats in #letgirlmap leaderboard She is a very mappers that does give way to competitors within level

Thanks to #Emmanuel Chidera for the wonderful website you designed for Uniquemppersteam #

Thank you for taking up the challenge the work under my mentor-ship and supervision for your undergraduate final OSM-Based webmapping research project

Thanks to Cho of OSM Cameroun for hosting out website without any cost,just to contribute to OSM growth

Thanks to Professor J.E.Umeuduji of Geography and Environmental management,University of Port Harcourt for being there for UniqueMappersTeam,for taking out time to map to the level of a Pro-mappers

Thanks to Chukwudubem Nzewi for being there taking all the amazing selfie pictures of uniqueMappersTeam and working as a team leader

Thanks to Mercy Bannu #mercix for being the director of mapswipe coaching and training many on mapswipe via webinar and training seminar.You did an amazing job dear!!!Keep it up

Thanks to Saviour Owujie,Ifeoma,and Blessing Oshoma for amazing team player

Thanks to Godslove Ishola for the amazing graphic designs of all our posters,fyers and prints,you were always there to volunteer as much as motivations were available !!

Thanks to Dr.Shaba Halilu of NASRDA for your support ,connecting us to NASRDA GSI Taining in ort Harcourt

Thanks to Dr.W.D.C Wokoma(Former DG-National Population Commission,Nigeria) for your follow-up and mentoring to the team

Thanks to Nigerian Red Cross,Rivers State branch for giving us the opportunity to reach out to your team with the knowledge of OSM

Thanks to my research supervisor :Professor Chukwunonyelum Okpala-okaka of University of Nigeria,Enugu campus and #lionmapeersteam-Enugu campus,Professor Maria Broville of Politecnico di Milano,Italy as well as Professor Stuart Marsh of University of Nottingham for being my 3rd eye and research mentors!!! and I cannot forget Professor Haklay Muki of UCL ,my distant Participatory Citizen Science and VGI mentor!!!

Thanks to #Kingvik of 3lionmappersteamenugucampus,you did a great job supporting my mentoring and outreach effotrs to Uzmappers and lionmappersteam

Thanks to Daniel of Netherland Red Cross ,who came to our help to response to Joinkrama floods in Rivers state

Thanks to Transparent Earth Nigeria Ltd for granting us local partnership MOU and annual mapping wards of N30k for uniqueMappersTeam best mapper

Thanks to Pete Masters,Rebecca Firth ,Peter Johannes and Geoffery Kateregga for all the amazing support to help us #mapthedifference2018 Thanks to #HOTOSM #microgrant2018 donors Thank you thank you and thank you everyone for being there for me in 2018 growing and expanding OSM community!! Let’s donate and work together to #mapthedifference2019 !!!

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Thanks for the comments!!! I I made them bold to highlight some of the interesting points

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