# Impact of HOT Micro Grant 2018 on #UniqueMappersTeam’s Mapping Contributions on #OpenStreetMap

Posted by vicksun on 1 September 2018 in English (English)

With the progressive receipt of the HOT micro grant 2018,our 2018 project objectives are being met.The amazing and striking impact of the grant on our project is the continuous and exponential increase of total edit contributions of geospatial data on OSM from UniqueMappersTeam with hashtag #uniqueMappersTeam which rose from about 4000 to 31,000 within the last three months of the microgrant project.HOT Microgrant 2018 is so impacting that we can now boost of 500 edits as average daily contribution checking from the missingmaps leader board. There is greater enthusiasm and passion to map for people in need ,not just as fun but as a necessary task by community members with availability of laptop,phone device and data subscription. It is also amazing to see the pulling effect of new members to the community and so our focus shifted to giving attention to new members ,who needs training and guide to start mapping on OSM .and existing members who are regularly engaged into OSM fight and mapathon to keep tracking their contribution.We now have our female community members as the global leading contributors on #letgirlsmap leader board : 1)Valerie143 with more than 8000 edits (5000 edits contributed in a 2-weeks Community OSMfight to emerge as the mapping queen of UniqueMappersTeam)as the 2)Geogeous Ella with more than 5000 edits taking second position on Leader board of Letgirlsmap globally 4)lovel4all with more than 2000 edits taking 4th position on the same leader board of letgirlsmap and the leaderboard of UniqueMappersTeam 5)Emmanuel Chidera ,a current final year male student of Computer science and the director,technical of UniqueMappersTeam takes 2nd position on the UniqueMappersTeam leader board with more than 5000 edits. These Micro grant induced OSMfight has impacted on the community such that the missing map leader board has become a daily watch for ranking of our daily, weekly and monthly contributions as well as knowing identifying active mappers of our team.The impact is so glaring ,that,even ,our senior friends,mentors and university dons have joined the mapping race ,with targets of beating those ahead.I was so excited ,when,Professor J.E .Umeuduji(our faculty Advisor) came up ro join the mapping race and currently rose from less than 50 edits to more than 1600 edits within the last two months of the Micro grant impact. Everyone is eager to be part of this Unique Team of OSM volunteer mappers-UniqueMappersTeam of Africa!!!!Everyone is eager to map for people in need ,vulnerable communities are being mapped and placed on a globally accessible web map of #OpenStreetMap, Thanks to #HOTOSM #Microgrant 2018 #Mapthediference2018#Pete Masters#Rebecca and Amelia for this amazing support!!!to expand and grow a passionate unique team of OSM mappers in Nigeria!!!!

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