#UniqueMappersTeam of Africa Secures Best Mapper's Annual Prize Award from Local Partnership MOU with Transparent Earth Nigeria Ltd

Posted by vicksun on 22 May 2018 in English (English)

After Several weeks of booking for an appointment with Transparent Earth Nigeria Ltd,to formally negotiate for a partnership Memorandum of Understanding(MOU),today was a great day for me and my team members as we visited the company .Earlier on we forwarded an MOU draft for mutual benefits and partnership .The MOU was granted which includes a request for Transparent Nigeria Ltd to provide support that encourages active and sustainable humanitarian mapping using openstreetmap,in form of annual prize award to best mapper of the team. It was exciting to hear the Lead Consultant/Managing Director,D.C.L.Eze,making a pronouncement to grant that annually,his company will be giving a prize award of N30,000(about $80) to the best mapper of UniqueMappersTeam. With this feat,UniqueMappersTeam members mostly students of University of Port Harcourt,Nigeria,will enjoy this benefit as humanitarian mappers of OpenStreetMap. I am so excited that my targets for UniqueMappersTeam local partnership collaboration is being achieved with Transparent Earth Nigeria Ltd.In addition to this ,Transparent Earth also engaged our director,LetGirlsmap as a graduate trainee and today promised to permit her carry out her national service with the company and thereafter,employ her as GIS officer.The Company also accepted our team members for a six months internship starting from June 2018 . We had no budget to hire a bus to take our team of 9 leaders to the company,but had to source for it this morning,so we hired a bus that took us for the outing. Surprisingly,the MD also gave us a cash of N10,000(about $27.78) that took care of the bus hire!!!!!! What a glorious day for UniqueMappersTeam for #UnqueMappersTeam(UMT)Port Harcourt.We look forward to sharing with the global community of OSM,especially,Youthmappers Network and HOT community details and benefits of Local partnership MOU for humanitarian Mapping. We do appreciate Transparent Earth Nigeria Ltd(a private sector company that relies on geospatial mapping o carry out environmemental monitoring busness in Nigeria)for using this MOU to collaborate with UniqueMappersTeam in #Mapping the Difference.Thank you for supporting humanitarian mapping for disaster response,thank you for donating to sustain UnqueMapperTeam of Africa to keep mapping!!!!! #Victor N.Sunday Founder & Team Coordinator/Mentor UnqueMappersTeam-Port Harcourt,Nigeria YouthMappers Nigeria OSM Nigeria

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