The Power of OSM Networking and Connectivity:Rebecca Firth Connects LetGirlsMap(UniqueMappersTeam) new PhD Student member to Malaria Research links-22Jan.2018

Posted by vicksun on 23 January 2018 in English (English)

As a positive result from the GIS/Remote Sensing Semina,Miss Salome,M.Sc Student,Animal and Environmental Management Biology,went back to her department and informed others about UniqueMappersTeam of Africa!!!!! And there comes immediately,Sylvia Ezinne Egbom,a Phd Student,Deaprtment of Animal and Environemtal Biology,University of Port Harcourt,who is working on:Mapping of Malaria Parasitaemia/case events to join UniqueMappersTeam as a members ,being excited and ready to learn and start mapping. I had to add her to our whatsapp chat:LetGirlsMap for ladies’ mappers and then Let’s Map our World Chat group-our general chat group.Sylvia introduced herself and was welcomed by many of the ladies and female students in the LetGirlsMap chat group. It was not long when, Rebecca Firth,OSM-Working group and HOT Community Partnership Relations Mananger,came on board to create excitement in the chat group as she welcomed the new female Phd researcher,and started giving her links to facilitate her research on Malaria mapping!!!! starting with the team in Colombia doing malaria mapping: and lots more!!! You can imagine the excitement as students of Animal and Environmental Bilogy thumbed up in the chat group with this power of global networking and connectivity provided by OSM community and UniqueMappers of Africa,University of Port Harcourt. Thank you so much Rebecca Firth for being there for us in the chat group:LetGirlsMap ,You are doing a great job!!!!Keep the good work!!!!

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