UniqueMappersTeam-Port Harcourt kick start 2018 with a Seminar:Solving Practical Problems Using GIS and Remote Sensing-20th January,2018

Posted by vicksun on 23 January 2018 in English (English)

Its so exciting and encouraging to start the year on a launching pad of a Successful hosting of UniqueMappersTeam-Seminar on Saturday 20th January,2018,at the Faculty of Social Science Hall,University of Port Harcourt,Nigeria. I coordinated my team leaders to organize the seminar to showcase their skillls in GIS/RS application and mapping /It was an opportunity to share with other students in the campus the need for mapping ,especially,with OpenstreetMap. I gave the opening remark to kick-start the presentations,and so i made our audience understand the key vision and goals of UniqueMappersTeam,which,includes: Crowdsourced Mapping,VGI,Citizen Science and others Then our Motto:Let’s Map our World’’ which also is our chat group name. We had 7 presentations in all featuring: ++++Getting Started with OSM presented by Israel Johnson,our Director,Research and Training ++++The Power of GIS by Chukwudubem Nzewi ,Our Team Leader ++++Geospatial Assessment of Landfill Site suitability by Emmanuel Ewa,Our Director,Projects ++++Assessment of Oil Spill Remediation Sites using Vegetation Indices; A case study of Ibaa in Emuohua LGA by Baridapsi Nyiaghan,Our LetGirlsMap,Director ++++Multi-Temporal Assessment of Land Use Land Cover Dynamics of Opobo/Nkoro L.G.A, Rivers State, Nigeria. By Saviour Owujie,Our Director,Technical & Media +++++Buffering as an analysis tool in GIS by Ifeoma Faith Ononiwu,our Director,Finance +++++Solving practical problems of mining industries; Analysing air quality and Noise level by Johnson Israel.our Director-Research and Training We had reactions,comments and questions from our excited audience of students and staff from different majors.Our Faculty advisor,Professor J.E.Umeuduji encouraged the team to do more excellently,this year with all the activities of the team and pledged his availability and support to UniqueMappersTeam and OSM mapping activities. I gave the vote of thanks to cap up the success of the event and also gave a preview of upcoming activities,OSM Training workshop,Mapathon and State of The Campus Map Conference and workshop for University of Port Harcourt.

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