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A good read hun! Keep doing what you do best!


Thanks rorym, I appreciate the help.


Thanks Joe. I’ll try it. I also use some of the editing mobile apps such as streetcomplete and but never used osmand.


Thank you so much. I will go through his YouTube clips for pointers.

OSM Ireland's Mapillary Workshop - Tog Dublin 24-11-2018

Great work you did there DeBigC. I know the feeling of excitement and satisfaction one gets when the white streets suddenly goes green from captured images.

Sharing from my first State of the Map – SotM 2018

Interesting, especially the major four themes of the group.

#My road trip to Milan

Great work Montshy. You learned a lot I can tell😊

Making lots of new data for the community: Mapillary

Mapillary is really helpful in mapping, especially detailing areas one is not familiar with. Welldone DeBigC


We made it this far because of your assistance. You might be here for the last time but that doesn’t mean the end of this team we have, being you guys plus us. We would still need your guidance, we are ready to learn and be independent in all this but knowing that you are there making sure everything is going as you would wish will keep us stronger.