iPhone apps to record, share GPX tracks using OSM maps ? (Cleveland Mapping Party preview)

Posted by skorasaurus on 16 August 2012 in English (English)

Getting ready for the OSM Cleveland Mapping Party this Saturday.

Like any mapping party, one of the things we’ll be doing is going out and mapping the Ohio City neighborhood.

For android users, there’s osmtracker or osmdroid which allows you to record a GPS tracks, make a voice recording note (which is my preferred way of recording information), make geo-encoded photos, and see where you’re at using an OSM map.

One of my friends who’ll be in attendance was wondering about recommended iPhone apps and I was clueless.

There’s numerous apps on Iphone/ipad that use OSM apps according to the wiki, but it can be a bit overwhelming (And outdated…) to figure out what ones are most popular and robust with features.

Are there any great apps for iPhone and iPad users that utilize OSM and have features including:

  • GPX recording

Recommended, but not required would be: - Geotagging Photos - geotagging recordings - easy POI recording

  • There is the table on that wiki, but as I mentioned, it appears to be woefully outdated, incomplete, although I’m trying to update where I can (although I don’t have an iPhone to verify whether such features exist in the applications and their websites don’t include that information). For example, GPS Kit is listed in this table, but the app’s website shows screenshots which include google maps loaded … Unfortunately, I found a couple apps listed which dropped OSM support (endomondo, sports-tracker). =(

On a related note, I know a few fellow cyclists in cleveland who use apps (like endomondo - Gmaps only) to share their routes with friends, gives stats (miles rode), set workout goals, acts as a speedometer, etc) for their workouts…

It would be great to see an iphone app that uses OSM and acts like endomondo.. Does such an app exist ? If it does, it would be a great selling point for those cyclists to start editing on OSM.

Comment from Sanderd17 on 16 August 2012 at 06:35

There are some problems with the license Apple forces on apps in their store.

This is probably why some apps dropped OSM support. I don’t own an iPhone, so I can’t help either.

Comment from aseerel4c26 on 17 August 2012 at 01:49

Hope it helps: On Symbian(!) I like ViewRanger (itunes) which is also available for iOS and according to the screenshots is not a totally different product. It is really nice and/but feature-heavy (takes some time to understand but it is worth it). E.g. you can set up the threshold for gps signal quality. You can export/import gpx files, organize POIs, … The only option I am missing is to average out some gps errors for POI creation. It offers several maps to display (over the air) - one option is OSM (direct) or OSM from some other server. And it is free (but not open source). However, again, it is not easy - the user has to be geek-ish. ;-)

I use it on my smartphone (e.g. for taking notes / POIs) in addition to a “real” Garmin gps device. I cannot see at the Apple website if it is free or has to be bought, sorry.

If you need something easy to just record tracks as a first start, one of the several sports trackers may be an option.

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