Mapper since: December 06, 2009 | Contributor terms: Accepted over 5 years ago

You contact me through the OSM messaging system or email me, skorasaurus at

my blog, github, twitter Me on OSM help mapillary

Currently live and mostly edit in Lakewood and Cleveland, Ohio

If you have any questions about Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, feel free to ask me.

I also coordinate Open Cleveland, an organization that advocates for open data and civic technology.

On peut communique avec moi en angalis ou français.

other notes: My GPS unit reports my traces are accurate within 15 meters. my user id: (uid) "205523"

my tagging for ways is a combination of functional [does it carry a lot of traffic, Is it the only main road out of an area ? ] and technical [what's the speed limit ? # of lanes ?] classification.

I like to use OSM to make custom maps

Participated in the field with HOT (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team) in Senegal (May-June 2012); Haiti (May-June 2013).