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Just uploaded my first track

GPS traces are simply used as one of many pieces of source data to draw a map from. To edit the map in OSM, navigate to that area in the main map view and hit the “edit” tab at the top.

Sharp Turns onto Ramps


Update of M37 from Bayramaly to Ashgabat

Good work!

OpenStreetMap Bangladesh: Upcoming Programs

Sounds like exciting times for OpenStreetMap Bangladesh

Game developer ArenaNet’s lately announced that Guild Wars two serving the Usa are going to be on July 26


Mapping my hometown Visakhapatnam

India’s going to be home to some great mapping (and mappers) before we know it.

Finished the tutorial

Very good keep it up…

Field mapping is so much fun!

Yes, Mapillary has transformed the way I map.

Last Week's Favourite Mapillary Photo

Yeah I notice that my “most viewed” mapillary images tend to be fairly… obscure.

West Africa

If you have a smartphone, have you considered using mapillary to capture imagery at the same tine during your travels?

Carei ... done !

Looking good…

London mapathons: switching the emphasis to JOSM

Though I think it’s important that we don’t go too far with this - we will always have contributors dropping in & out of engagement and we must always make the “onboarding” stream a welcoming thing to replace those who will naturally drop out. We may feel quite volunteer-rich at the moment, but we might not always be in that position.

We don’t want to find ourselves up a mountain with all the sherpas dead.

Not sure if that analogy makes any sense.

I also think there’s an argument to be made about diversity in favour of retaining an iD contingent. There will always be a “demographic” of user for whom JOSM will always be too much (or just the install process, or maybe it won’t install on their computer…) and casting off those users also casts off the friends that they might have told about missing maps, who again might be a broader demographic…

Also having most users start off with iD means they’re all aware that they can edit OSM anytime from just a browser, not requiring any java-install-nonsense.

Conducting workshops for community building

It looks like a decent start, and imperfect mapping is better than no map. for anyone curious.

Mapping Torre Annunziata


Mapping Childhood Memories

Nice results.

Validating the map - Part 1

Couldn’t agree more. Suspicious behaviour detection is particularly something we could do with.

Field Mapping- Indiranagar, Bengaluru

Really nice stuff. There’s nothing more satisfying than a fieldpapers sheet so packed with information it’s hard to fit it all in.

CordAid Resource Mapping Workshop - Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Beautiful results

Tagging sidewalks and crossings

Separate-way sidewalks make me feel a little nauseous.

Osmgeoweek celebrations in Bengaluru!