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Posted by ruthmaben on 5 May 2016 in English (English).

Last week we conducted a workshop at CIT University, which is in Gubbi, Tumkur District. We do such workshops at universities to introduce students to fundamental concepts of open data, open source software, and OpenStreetMap ecosystem.

In this particular workshop, students were introduced to OpenStreetMap, iD editor, the OpenStreetMap Tasking Manager, and Mapbox Studio.

Running the workshop

This was an introductory session - we began with a quick history of the OpenStreetMap project, basics on adding data and tagging various feature using the iD editor, and tying these concepts around fundamental on geography to enhance the understanding of the data on OpenStreetMap.

screenshot 2016-05-04 11 40 16

Next, we turned our attention to the OpenStreetMap tasking manager task, and tied it in with how the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team mobilises during a crisis. We asked students to use the tasking manager to make edits with a team of experienced mappers guiding them all along. Our thinking here is, by introducing students to tools like the tasking manager with a focus on fundamentals will pave the way for them to get involved and potentially contribute to OpenStreetMap when there is a HOT activation.


For the CIT workshop, we created a task in Tumkur and here is the outcome


We noticed a few errors were being made when our team was validating the edits during the workshop to ensure quality edits on OpenStreetMap.

Basic interactive style options using Mapbox Studio

After diving into OpenStreetMap, we turned our focus to showing students how they can visualize data from OpenStreetMap using the Mapbox Studio interface. The goal here was to introduce student to the basics of styling, creating multiple layers using OpenStreetMap data.

The outcome

cit studio

cit studio 2

During these workshops, what’s thrilling to see is the response we get to tools like OpenStreetMap. The experience of adding the first building or road in your village, and knowing that it is now a part of the global canvas used by millions of people is powerful.

Comment from Rps333 on 5 May 2016 at 12:26

Great story. Thanks

Comment from robert on 6 May 2016 at 19:50

It looks like a decent start, and imperfect mapping is better than no map. for anyone curious.

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