Finalizado Santo Domingo Distrito Nacional (calles)

Posted by renesigma on 27 January 2013 in Spanish (Español)

santo domingo distrito nacional

Finalmente casi todas las calles pertenenciente a Santo Domingo Centro, Distrito Nacional, han sido trazadas y nombradas. Ardua labor. Pero faltan Santo Domingo Este, Santo Domingo Oeste y Santo Domingo Norte. Pero esa es otra historia. Gracias por leer.

Finally almost every street belonging to Santo Domingo Center, National District, have been mapped and named. Hard work. But others districts remains, Santo Domingo East, Santo Domingo West and Santo Domingo North. But that's another story. Thanks for reading.

Location: Proyecto 5to Centenario, Don Bosco, Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo De Guzmán, Distrito Nacional, 10413, República Dominicana

Comment from jaakkoh on 15 February 2013 at 21:37

Great work Rene! I'm so happy to see your (and also others') new activity in the area -- makes me feel that the push I + friends here on the Western end of the island did before the license change (redaction) bot ran over last summer was well worth it. Happy mapping from PaP! -Jaakko Ps. Have you been adding also the short name to calles (and possibly other road types) when you've been mapping? .. That would make it pretty easy to create an extract/conversion for Garmin and other purposes with only the "short names".

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