admin boundaries: school districts in CA, US

Posted by rayKiddy on 25 August 2015 in English (English)

My continuing effort to learn, before I start adding a bunch of data, the proper way to get relations for the school districts in CA into OSM is making me aware of some interesting issues.

Question: Is there a tool that takes a relation id (or presumably a node or way id) that allows you to add or edit a key-value setting? In the relational db, this would be a simple update statement. Is OSM, you download the entire relation, add the value and upload all (I think) the data. This to change or add one key-value pair. It seems a command-line tool for doing this would be an obviously useful thing.

I recently spoke with someone at the Santa Clara County Registrar and found out how they use GIS data. Or rather, how they do not use it. They have to run elections, such as school board elections, and also state or country races. The state gives them district boundary information as TIGER data. The county gives them something else. And school districts provide them, basically, with textual lists, like narrative maps. Apparently they list streets and which side, or both sides, in a completely non-standard ways. So, the Registrar has to manually sync this up with their data. Could these government entities be using OSM data? I think they could….

That being said, TIGER says this:

 ELSDLEA: 38460
 GEOID: 0638460
 NAME: Sunnyvale Elementary School District
 MTFCC: G5400
 ALAND: 35549740
 AWATER: 9341
 INTPTLAT: +37.3897355
 INTPTLON: -122.0247588

Obviously there is TIGER meta-data in the OSM map. But locating the ways defined via TIGER for “GEOID” = “0638460”? I am still trying to figure out how this works. Maybe the Overpass syntax for this will one day be obvious. (sigh). I hope so. For now, I can re-use and extend queries that people are handing me, but I do not grok enough to actually write any query that works as I expect.

It would be good to be able to go to government entities and say: “If you verify your geographic boundaries in OSM, you will be able to use this set of lines defined by this tag and track/verify/ignore changes to them so that your internal systems can use OSM.” I can’t say that yet. We will see.

Comment from seav on 25 August 2015 at 22:50

For the quick key-value editing, the Level0 editor might be what you need.

Comment from joost schouppe on 26 August 2015 at 07:02

This doesn’t seem to be in OSM yet, right? If it were, here’s how you’d get the members out of Overpass Turbo:

I think the editing you want to do, can easily be done in the old standard editor Potlatch2. See .

If you need an editor for just editing tags, as said above, Level0 could be it; Here’s my experience of using Level0 to work on some stuff collected with Overpass-Turbo:

If governement is to use this data, they will need to do quality checking that’s for sure. Admin areas are OFTEN damaged by uncareful mappers.

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